12 moments in your relationship

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12 moments in your relationship

I genuinely do applaud you (and feel very jealous of your open heart). Here are 12 moments you definitely shouldn't say "I love you" to your partner "I love you" is to be said when it's felt, not as a next step in a relationship. That moment when you have a make or break kind of fight and, instead of breaking, the relationship strengthens and things change and you. Well, hopefully your first time was a great moment. it beats the family trip you took to the Grand Canyon with your parents a few years ago.

This time apart will help you re-find yourself and also give you both a chance to miss each other. When you finally get back together, it would feel like a whole new start! When you start to lose contact of the people you knew before your partner, you can feel like your entire life is devoted to your partner — and that can be stifling. You should hang out with the guys a few times a week; drink booze and watch football.

This will remind you of the person that you are. When you have to direct yourselves to a new place or follow the directions of a map, you will have arguments that may resurrect other issues that have been lying beneath the surface.

You would be forced to face your fears and discuss anything troubling you.

12 moments in your relationship

You may even have big fights over the hotel to sleep in, the souvenirs to buy and other stupid stuff. A road trip is truly a test! You should try it someday or today! Too often we let our lives get in the way of our relationships, when it should be the other way around. No matter what happens, remember to show your partner every day that she is important to you.

Prove to her that you genuinely care for her — this step alone can keep your relationship healthy and strong.

12 Moments In Your Relationship That Make You Realize The Power Of Love

When was the last time you went on a picnic with your partner? Instead of eating your lunch at home, pack up some sandwiches, cold drinks, a blanket and maybe some hats too and head out to the park to have some swell time together.

You know I had to add this right? Whatever stage you are in your relationship, always make out time for intimacy. Stop being too tired or uninterested all the time.

12 Creative Ways to Rejuvenate Your Relationship

Create time to show your partner the love you profess for her. Give her a massage or a foot rub, take a shower together and make love under the moonlight.

Just do what you both want! All massage techniques are designed for couples to use in the comfort of their own home. No specialist equipment needed. Learn in your living room. Just add oil and massage away.

Are you in an exclusive relationship? Are you in an open relationship? Conversations about Exes You may have some knowledge about his ex, but you feel like there are some parts of the story he has been leaving out.

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Conversations about exes can make for very awkward bedroom talk. But how comfortable do you have to be with your boyfriend in order for you to be able to fart in front of each other? It means he can tolerate even the gross parts about you because he loves you. You try your best to be yourself, because you want them to accept you for who you are, but you also try your absolute hardest to impress them. Becoming Facebook Official In a modern world so heavily dominated by social media, becoming official on Facebook can be a big deal.

So how do you go about it?

12 moments in your relationship

Oh how awkward the lead-up process is. Forgetting Important Details Imagine how awkward it would be if you forgot important details about each other at important moments. The First Gift Exchange Be it birthdays or holidays, the first gift exchange can be incredibly nerve-wracking. Should you be buying something expensive? Should it be something sentimental? How will she react when she gets it? The key to getting over this awkwardness is to just not overthink it.

The Discussion about Using Protection Things are getting steamy and you want to take your relationship to the next level. You have to have that talk, no matter how awkward it is.