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The TB48 swap in progress, running great so far. . Well, I will subscribe back if the new one meets the standards of the last one. But congrats. The Datsun was one of two TB48DE-swapped vehicles at the show, the .. I would like to see the details where the door and chassis meet. Hello! I have a Nissan Patrol pick up Y61 with a TB45S which is a carburetor engine. I am looking to swap a TB48DE (VTC).

Presenting coverage of a show that spans several halls within the confines of a single post presents somewhat of a challenge, but dividing the coverage up by the two pillars of this site — speed and style — seems most appropriate.

Game for a bit of both? Then read straight through. Either way, much like Motorama there should be something for everyone in this post. Being built for the quarter mile, the L-series motor is long gone destined for an S-chassis perhaps? The car has to be able to compete in the half mile and two seperate road course events fastest three-lap average and fastest average session time. If your eyes still roll at an LS swap no matter how ridiculous, then allow me to present a different V8 swap.

Each car puts down over horsepower on race fuel. Hunting For Style As touched on in the intro, style is very much a subjective thing, and this made picking for the second chapter a little more challenging. After emitting steam from my ears my brain failed over to my favorites: Hot rods and low cars. A younger Dave was a street rod guy, but these days traditional is more my style. Keeping in the traditional styling realm, Ontario-based Binbrook Speed and Custom had their outstanding T coupe in the front hall, an area reserved for the finest vehicles of the show.

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The factory CPU is not all that performance-friendly Get bigger injectors: OE ones top out at around kW Upgrade your valve springs: Not really a performance mod, but a known weak point More fuel: Get a proper fuel pump, not the wussy stock unit High-flow catalytic converter: See above… Barra power, baby!

Heaps of power, mountains of torque and economy on par with a four-cylinder with less than half the capacity. When a Duramax comes up for sale near you for a good price there are only two questions you need to ask: How much and give it to me! The first of the Duramaxes with no emissions gear and hence favoured by tuners. They did have injector issues — in fact, replacing the injectors is probably the first thing to do.

The biggest turbo of any Duramax is on the LLYs, no injector issues but prone to overheating and head gasket failure. They also did away with the factory lift pump on this model. Came with a strengthened Allison transmission and capable of HP with a tune. Also had a new CP4 injection pump added, again for emissions, which is not as well supported by the aftermarket.

With all the emissions junk and less power, there are probably better options for a conversion.

1,700 Horsepower 6-CYLINDER Mustang!

Legions of fans from all over the world have made this one of the best supported powerplants on the aftermarket, and people are turning up the wick on them, taking them to the drags… and winning. How does a reliable 1, HP sound? Yep, return pretty good economy in stock form too. Just about any 4X4 will benefit with one of these in between the frame rails.

A four-cylinder version of the 6BT.


The VE gets marginally better economy; the P-Pump can be wound up a lot further and make a lot more power. Horses for courses, really. Old School Meets New School: Automotive Etcellence in Western Sydney is now making adapter plates to suit the new-tech Cummins 4.