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Neighbourhood Plan Committee was set up, with its first meeting on 13th .. NP Director of Operations, Ardingly College. NP Land Use Services Team, Recreation Ground [as a land swap] – both in PC ownership- being raised. NP It must be addressed for any future development as any other chances. Feb 17, NP Selec-Trac became the standard issue t-case in 83 model Wagoneers. sporting a NP, since these are also the most likely to be base models ( exception - certain model years the or the didn't meet CA emissions . swapped in from a 56 Merc wagon and it was a 27 spline, 1-piece axle. Jul 5, Front driveshaft and where the NP connects to the AW4? it shows up for the NP, NP, NP and NP, but not the NP

The later version and beyond had a viscous front drive, creating a rear torque bias, but included a provision to lock the center differential.

Transfer Case Identification

Overdrives and underdrives[ edit ] You can help by adding to it. June Borg-Warner overdrive was available from early to The overdrive unit is the same for all. A unique feature of the Dana 18 is the overdrive that attaches in the PTO port in the back of the system.

An adapter allows use of both the overdrive and the PTO attachment, but it is no longer produced.

AMC and Jeep transmissions

Low-range is for slow-speed operation. A transfer case drive mode, like Neutral or low-range. Most conventional part-time transfer cases offer a 2-Hi as well as a 4-Hi mode.

High-range is for normal-speed operation. In most instances, high-range is a straight 1. Some full-time systems are not a straight 1. Shift On The Fly: A vehicle with a four-wheel drive system designed to shift between two- and four-wheel drive while moving is said to have a shift-on-the-fly system. In shift-on-the-fly four-wheel-drive applications, a synchro is a mechanism that synchronizes the speed of the to-be-engaged front output shaft to the speed of the rear output shaft, spinning the front driveshaft up to road speed before the front drive axle is engaged.

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Every part-time shift-on-the-fly four-wheel drive system needs some type of synchro. Many use a synchro in the transfer case identical to the synchro found in manual transmissions. Others use a magnetic clutch similar to that used on an air conditioning compressor. To unlock most automatic-locking hubs, the operator must select a two-wheel drive mode and drive the vehicle straight backwards at least 10 feet.

The problem we ran into was that because the drivetrain sat lower, and thus closer to the transmission crossmember there wasn't room for the e-brake cables to come through in their normal spot. So we messed up the placement of the drivetrain on that crossmember, which means the exhaust and emergency brake cables would have fit just fine.

So we added a spacer between the crossmember and the transmission mount and are currently testing this. The emergency brake cables are fine. The rubber isolator was broken almost immediately, so we replaced it with a more expensive one, which broke after a few trips, so we went with polyurethane.

We also changed the engine mounts to polyurethane, which was good because the rubber was destroyed, so we won't have any mismatch of vibration issues. The next step will be to build a custom transmission mount to replace the steel YJ mount. Without measuring, it looks like a flat plate bolted to the bottom of the AX would also be able to catch the top of the polyurethane isolator.

This solved the interference problem between transmission output shaft and transfer-case input shaft. In order to do this, we installed 1 inch longer studs on the transfer-case prior to it's installation. We re-installed the crossmember and transmission mount to finish this installation.

We used parts from the shift linkage and modified it a bunch. Now that we have the transmission installed, we still need a way to shift it.

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We traced the top of transmission onto the bottom side of the tunnel cover http: I know you guys know how to pour fluid from a jug, but this is special fluid. I think part of the bad rap the AX gets is due to the use of improper fluid. I know I've personally killed a couple by using the wrong fluid. Using the brand new hole in the floor, we installed the shift lever for the AX The shift boots were overlapped to use the same holes in the tunnel cover that we were already using.

Gotta get the power to the axles! The rear driveshaft we had done professionally, because it needs to be balanced. Remember I said we already had the NP; that install required a pseudo custom driveshaft. We mixed and matched sections of rear driveshaft from various FSJs until we got one that fit perfectly, no welding, grinding, balancing required.

It was this Franken-shaft that I took to the driveshaft shop with our measurements from the AX drivetrain. They shortened and balanced it.