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business relationship manager barclays bank

How can our relationship banking approach help your business? Find out cash management; debt finance; risk management; trade solutions; credit cards and. Business Relationship Manager @ Barclays Work, Business Manager @ Barclays Leadership Graduate scheme @ Barclays Bank PLC Customer Advisor . Corporate Banking | Barclays Bank Ireland. Our Relationship Directors provide on-the-ground support as well as banking, product and Cash Management.

Everything we do is shaped by the five values of Respect, Integrity, Service, Excellence and Stewardship.

The values inform the foundations of our relationships with customers and clients, but they also shape how we measure and reward the performance of our employees. Simply put, success is not just about what you achieve, but about how you achieve it. Dynamic working gives everyone at Barclays the opportunity to integrate professional and personal lives, if you have a need for flexibility then please discuss this with the hiring manager. At Barclays, we recruit based on merit and are committed to promoting diversity throughout our organisation.

There are up to five stages to our application process: On your application we'll ask for information like your contact details, education and work experience. Youll also be required to upload a CV, so it's a good idea to have it ready. We'll then ask you to complete an online assessment exercise which we will send to you via email.

Our assessments are carefully designed to measure the skills and capabilities necessary to be successful in our roles, but they'll also provide you with some insight into what our roles entail.

business relationship manager barclays bank

We will review your application along with your responses to the online assessment exercise. Depending on the type of role you are applying for, we may contact you to arrange a brief telephone interview to discuss your experience in more detail. If your application is progressed, we'll invite you to attend a face-to-face interview. We want you to be free to choose an interview time that suits you, so we'll provide some options and ask you to select your preferred timeslot.

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They must also support the full range of business owners, including some whom a couple of decades ago might never have considered an entrepreneurial path. Unsurprisingly, there is near-universal agreement about the need for banking services to keep evolving.

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But ask how this will, and should, happen and there is lively debate. Different approaches both bring benefits Broadly there are two types of business banking today. On the one hand, there is relationship banking, as practised and promoted by conventional banks. This is the traditional form of banking, with a local manager acting as a partner for clients and using his or her experience to support them.

business relationship manager barclays bank

On the other hand, there is digital banking, providing speed and convenience. There are even digital-only fintechs offering lending and banking services — some apparently promising all an SME could need through an app.

business relationship manager barclays bank

As you might expect, given I work for Barclays, my view is that SMEs today need both fast, effective digital services and also relationship banking. However, I am also adamant about the reasons for this, which are sometimes under-appreciated.

Barclays appoints relationship manager in Worcester to meet demand

But while the benefits of digital services — their speed and convenience — largely speak for themselves, and attract attention for their innovation, the benefits of relationship banking deserve more attention.

Relationship banking has a vital role For many small businesses, and despite advances in technology, conversation with their dedicated relationship manager remains invaluable. It can help the business owner not only evaluate options, but also lead them to think about opportunities they would never otherwise have considered.

By just going online they could today quickly access a range of financing solutions, but a conversation with a relationship manager could be far more valuable.

If the new van is required because the business is expanding, then that might spark a conversation about what else they need to think about as their business grows. But equally, if the issue is that their current van has broken down, then maybe a short-term overdraft to fund repairs could be a better and cheaper solution. I am also struck, when I travel to different regions, by the range of conversations our relationship managers have with clients.