Keeper definition relationship selling

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keeper definition relationship selling

The marketing process that involves having sales staff form well established associations with consumers in order to promote repeat purchases. Even if it does not usually employ the marketing strategy, a business might still use relationship selling for particularly desirable. Steve Harvey says you're either a 'sports fish' or a 'keeper' when it comes to dating In his best-selling book, Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man, Steve Harvey which means he's either going to try to catch the biggest fish he can, take to see you all the time in the beginning of a relationship, he might lose. This means family events, outings with friends, double dates, movie In a healthy relationship, two people should be able to work out their So as to use Instagram as a marketing platform, you need to have many followers.

These individuals are forced to compete on the level of quality and price; however, it they make good relationships, their customers will continue to buy from them as a result, sometimes regardless of price.

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Marketers realized that the sale is not the end point, and in many situations is not the end goal either. In actuality, the sale is the beginning of what many companies are looking for: These long-term relationships turn to profitability for companies and are referred to as 'ongoing relationships. They strive for a longer relationship that produces future interactions not to mention recommendations and profitability for their business.


Imagine if you hired two different companies to mow your lawn and keep things weeded and trimmed. Are you more likely to rehire the guy who was cheery, asked after your family, and seemed keenly interested in your preferences for his work, or the guy who gave you short answers and was awkward to be around?

keeper definition relationship selling

Who would you recommend to your neighbor when she asks you if you know a good company? Process Relationship selling concerns the state of the relationship with the customer as a form of measure, regardless of sales results.

Decision Making Unit

If damage occurs to the trust between the buyer and the salesperson, that customer is gone! For the buyer and salesperson to have a positive relationship, the customer must have a positive feeling after each and every transaction. Often gatekeepers will be proactive in searching for information and delivering recommendations for those decision-makers further up the line.

keeper definition relationship selling

On other occasions gatekeepers can be seen stalling the flow of the decision-making process. Buyers Buyers are the professional function within an organisation generally responsible for purchasing. They are given a brief with a series of criteria against which to judge potential products or services, and their suppliers.

They tend to be responsible for sourcing and negotiation. Deciders Deciders in a large organisation certainly are responsible for making the final deal or decision.

relationship selling

Their role carries the responsibility of placing the final order. They might be senior managers or agents acting on behalf of an organisation in the market.

keeper definition relationship selling

The deciders will review information provided from lower down the buyer decision process from the buyers, gatekeepers and the original initiators. Users Users are those who put the service or product into operation once the deal has been clinched.

keeper definition relationship selling

Their opinions will be important especially if they are using manufacturing equipment, flying aircraft, using software to improve customer satisfaction, and so on. Users will be heavily involved in the post-purchase evaluation phase of the buyer decision process.