What happens when two kittens meet

what happens when two kittens meet

And yet, when the subject of introducing two cats has come up . the other cat becomes their “something to do,” and you'll likely find that the. There are never any guarantees that two cats or other pets will get along and When this happens going through this introduction process with your cats can this time a cat needs to meet lots of different animals, people and other cats so. That said, cats are also territorial so the introduction process requires some The way I tell my clients to do new cat introductions is to take it “one sense at a time. I have two bonded neutered male cats, aged 7 and 8.

How changing the home environment can help new cats to get along. Find out how a cat may perceive other animals and how they react to them.

Introducing cats

Why some cats get along and other do not. Introducing Cats For The First Time The whole process of introducing cats to each other has to be done slowly and carefully from the very beginning. If not, then the whole situation can become much worse and you may find that you have two cats that try to attack each other whenever they come into contact. This may even lead to a situation where it is safer and fairer to have one of the cats re-homed.

The process of introduction can take from anywhere between three to four days to a week. In some cases the process may need to be repeated a little time afterwards to help reinforce the message. The steps to take when introducing cats to each other are: Allow them several days of getting used to their new environement. On walls, furniture etc. This will allow your existing cat to get used to this new scent.

Repeat the process the other way round, by transferring the scent of your existing cat to the room of the new cat.

what happens when two kittens meet

Allow a day or so for the cats to get used to this new scent before moving on. It is important that your existing cat does not feel neglected, as this will increase their insecurities.

Introducing Cats For the First Time

Stay in the room and let you cats see each other. There may be spitting and hissing, but do not react to this. This first encounter should only last a few minutes. Repeat the process daily, for longer and longer periods of time. Whilst the encounter is happening be sure to use a calm voice towards your cat and stoke them to reassure them that everything is ok. Gradually over time as the introducing cats process is repeated over and over again and the cats are exposed to each other for longer and longer periods of time, the cats reactions should become less and less aggressive as they get used to the sight and smell of each other.

Final Step In introducing Cats Once the aggression has subsided, it is time to introduce the cats without the carrier. Never leave them alone together during this time. Allow them to get to know each other in their own way.

what happens when two kittens meet

However if a full blown fight does break out, separate them, never shout, remain calm and try again later. Once cats have gone through this process of introduction in a calm and reassuring environment, they will eventually stop feeling threatened by each other and should stop reacting to each other in an aggressive way.

The Introducing cats process can still be carried out even if the cats involved have known each other for years.

what happens when two kittens meet

Sometimes due to certain circumstances, cats can lose confidence in each other and begin to act aggressively towards each other. When this happens going through this introduction process with your cats can help restore the peace. Making The Home Environment A Happy One It is important for your cats to feel that they have their own little part of the home which they can call their own. It is therefore important that as owners we provide each cat with their own things when introducing cats to the household.

These items are a must: Make sure you allow your kitten to get used to the crate before you use it for the early introductions, by leaving the door open so they can explore.

what happens when two kittens meet

It is also important to ensure that your home has plenty of high places that a cat can easily access. Cats naturally like to rest and hide in high areas, especially if they feel worried. This will be particularly important when you have more than one cat as it will give them the opportunity to go up high should they feel the need to.

what happens when two kittens meet

You can start this process even before you bring your new cat home by exchanging bedding between the cats if this is possible. When you bring your new cat home, avoid the temptation to let them explore your home at first, as they will need a few days to adjust to their new surroundings. To do this, stroke each cat without washing your hands to mix scents separately! For this reason, it is useful to delay the cats from meeting for several days or even a week.

Initial introductions Problems can arise if initial meetings are rushed or if the cats are allowed to fight or chase. The best way to avoid this is to use a barrier such as a tall stair gate for initial introductions.

Stair gates are extremely useful as they will allow the cats to see and smell each other without being able to directly meet. Cats prefer to be able to watch from a distance and approach in their own time, so avoid handling or picking either cat up to bring them closer. You can provide both cats with some tasty food at this point which will distract them and help create a positive associationbut make sure there is plenty of distance between them at first.

Keep these initial interactions short at first and try to end on a positive note. Hopefully both cats will eventually sniff each other through the bars their individual scents should be familiar at this point, which will make this interaction a bit less scarybut you may find that they hiss or moan at each other. Pop a blanket over one side which will help the kitten feel safe and allow the adult cat to approach.

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Tasty food can be used as above but remember to give your kitten and cat lots of space. Take care not to overwhelm either the kitten or your existing cat and take regular breaks. If either cat or kitten appears frightened or displays aggression, go back a few steps and keep them separate for a while longer. Continue scent swapping regularly and try again the next day. As things progress in the right direction, you can open up the rest of the house. During this time, both cats should have their individual areas that they can access easily.

Maintaining the peace Cats naturally find it difficult to share important resources such as food, sleeping areas and places to toilet, even if they are good friends.