Michiganders meet in florida

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michiganders meet in florida

Every time I go to Florida for vacation (which is not very much anymore) I always meet people from Michigan, most of them are older senoirs but. Florida is the furthest place south people from Michigan can go. people they know too well, they are never against meeting Michigan people they don't know. However, I got involved in an amazing sport that ended up landing me at the school of my dreams, which is a private university in Florida.

It gets sweltering here, summer days can reach into the 80s and 90s mainly in July and August. Winter lasts nine months. This one does seem to be true. Summer is nice, but it does take a while to heat up, and then it only lasts for a few months and then gets cold again. One misconception is that Michigan is like the Arctic Tundra. People have asked me, "How warm does it get in the Summer? Sometimes I feel like responding, "I'm just kidding I used to work at Lowe's, and when it got warm out, it was super busy.

In fact, I was hired as a seasonal temporary employee before I was officially hired in. There were a ton of us who were all hired as seasonal employees if that tells you how busy these stores are in the summer. In recent years, people have been getting picky about taking Canadian money. However, people never heavily abused the Canadian money thing. If we got Canadian money, we never complained and would spend it just like American money.

We only received change, never bills and we could spend it anywhere around here except the banks. Detroit actually does have some really pretty areas Picture: It's a four-player card game that uses only the nines, tens, jacks, queens, kings, and aces. A lot of people do seem to know how to play this game as there are always clubs listed on public access television that meet up and play it.

I think this stereotype is also true in Indiana, at least I've heard this stereotype applied to people from Indiana. Lake Michigan keeps New Buffalo a little chillier than towns further inland. This stereotype is talking about the drive to Canada through Detroit. If you're taking the trip across the border here to Windsor, Ontarioyou have the choice of taking a bridge or a tunnel. When we cross in Detroit, we usually take the tunnel.

michiganders meet in florida

This actually quite commonplace in MIchigan, so drive carefully in the countryside Source Everyone, including women, know how to use jumper cables I had a non-Michigan friend who had to use my jumper cables to jump his car, and he put them on wrong, causing the cables to melt.

I was shocked that this person didn't know how to use jumper cables and remember thinking, "How can you not know how to use jumper cables?

This stereotype isn't true of everyone in Michigan, but there are people do decorate their yards with deer statues. The same holds true in Indiana.

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I was almost in a car accident because someone had their deer statue kind of close to the road and I thought it was a deer. Everyone you know has hit at least two deer Okay, this is an exaggeration, but there are a lot of deer here. I have never hit a deer, but one thing that sticks out in my mind is that fact that we had to watch THREE videos in driver's ed about deer. Also, I've heard stories about how people keep the deer they hit for meat. Why is this not considered eating road kill?

Michigan has some beautiful lighthouses. This one is located in St. You drink pop We do drink pop. One of my friends went out to California and asked for a pop at a movie theater, and the girl was confused and told him they didn't serve popsicles.

I don't know if it was just the girl or maybe people out west really don't know what we're talking about. I didn't know people called it soda until I went to an out-of-state middle school I have heard that some regions of the country, people call it coke no matter what flavor it is.

This idea baffles me. How do you ask for a Sprite? Perhaps it's because we have tar roads here because of the salt trucks in the winter and tar roads, well, get potholes all the time! There is a joke that we have in the family about a specific junction off of Highway Others venture into saltwater and catch sharks, tarpon and stingrays! I Michigan people enjoy familiarity and I runs right into Detroit and heads north from there. This same highway runs all the way down to Miami Florida.

It's hard to get lost on the same highway! Michigan people value tradition and are fiercely loyal, even to hotels they use on roadtrips. Florida is the furthest place south people from Michigan can go. We know this much. So although these vacationing Michiganders may be trying to get a break from Michigan people they know too well, they are never against meeting Michigan people they don't know. Florida always has a healthy Michigan population between November and April, so there is a very good chance they will run into another person for Michigan on vacation.

Why Michigan People Love Florida

Schmorgesborg of Midwest People People from the Midwest enjoy sports. They take them very seriously.

michiganders meet in florida

They all enjoy wearing clothes and hats with their favorite team's logo. When they see someone wearing their favorite team's logo, they get excited.

Why Michigan People Love Florida

When they see their least favorite team's logo, they get upset. I personally think they like to see their rivals more. Hunting Michigan people might enjoy hunting more than fishing.

They even allow students to have a day off school when hunting season opens. That's a lot of different hunting options! Your Can Make The State with Your Hand When you ask a Michigan person where they are from, they will simply make the state of Michigan with their hand and point to a spot. If you use your thumb as the panhandle and turn your hand upside down, you can do the same thing with Florida.

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Roads Florida roads tend to be in better condition than Michigan roads. There is always much less construction going on because we can get projects done most of the year. There is also no snow or ice on our roads.