Meet with khalid and jaheira

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meet with khalid and jaheira

I'm a the Friendly Arm Inn, but i can't find them. The wiki says that they're in the left side of the ground floor, but they're not. Maybe I waited too. Khalid is my main tank with Jaheira as off tank, buffs and healing. Ajantis - Decent tank could replace Khalid and as i haven't met him yet he. You cannot miss this meeting, because Jaheira and Voghiln accost the party Notes: You will speak to Khalid after reaching the inside of the fort (M11,8).

meet with khalid and jaheira

They will leave the party when you reach the Ducal Palace M2 map. Fortunately, you still can recruit them - you just have to find them and ask them to join your cause. This method allows you to gather a party that will suit your needs.

meet with khalid and jaheira

Warning - After you leave the town with the expedition, as a part of the Journey to the north quest and advance to the eight chapter of the campaign arriving to Coast Way Crossing you will still be able to recruit bypassed allies those from M2-M6. Prospective team members will be in the Flaming Fist camp M7,1where you will be able to meet them. The arena in the northern part of Coast Way Crossing M7,7. Once you're there, you have to watch all the scenes, and ask Baeloth for help against Caelar Argent.

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Class, race and alignment: The idea of recruiting Baeloth will be met with objections from the "good" companions, but they won't leave your team. Prison in the crusaders camp in Boareskyr Bridge M11,3. You can free Dorn and invite him to the party. Freeing the half-orc won't cause the crusaders to turn against you, even if you decide to send him back to the Flaming Fist camp.

meet with khalid and jaheira

Dorn's personal items are in the nearby chest near the mage Vichand Dynaheir Location: You can visit this place after leaving the Ducal Palace. Race, class and alignment: The Flaming Fist camp in Coast Way Crossing M7,1 in which you will find yourself after embarking on a trip with the expedition the end of the main quest Journey to the north.

Jaheira and Khalid

The mage won't be in the camp as a default. You have to leave the camp for a moment, and travel a little in the of north-east direction.

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Edwin should be on the road you will recognize him thanks to the red clothes. The only thing you might miss there is the ability to turn the undead, but the times you have to fight them aren't all that frequent or difficult anyway.

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Anyway, those are my thoughts on it. Without their dreams men would have fallen upon and devoured one another long ago, and yet every dream is an illusion, and every illusion is a lie.

Really you ought to try all of them and see who you like best.

meet with khalid and jaheira

Most of the characters will stay where you leave them, so you can drop them off to try a new recruit, and them come back to get them later as needed. Some of the best runs through BG I've had is where I have a bunch of the less favored characters or a poor party build I. It ups the challenge and keeps things fun. Shadows of Amn User Info: Latronis Latronis 7 years ago 6 Pure fighters arent that important, rangers and paladins are sufficient and clerics are arguably better in the first half anyway Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

Also Abdel can read! It's Rashomon but with Candlekeep.

Questions mostly about Khalid and Jaheira

Spoiler alert - Abdel is a Bhaalspawn Chapter The Candlekeep catacombs - one hell of a trip Chapter I'm not sure I understand the Flaming Fist's motivations Chapter Good thing you saved Eltan Chapter Seriously, what the hell was Sarevok's plan Bonus So! There is also a significantly more obscure and significantly more awful series of novels based on the games.

There's no way around it - the novels are really bad. The writing isn't great, the plot is threadbare and the characters barely resemble their counterparts from the videogames.

Let's Read and also Play Baldur's Gate: Bhaal must be stopped!

There have been a few attempts at a Let's Read of the books, including some on this very forum, but the attempts tend to peter out around the halfway point because Partially because they are, technically, canon.

So I'm going to try something different: I'll do a Let's Read of the novels combined with a Let's Play of the games. I'll be following the decisions made by the book's protagonist as closely as possible, comparing and contasting the plot of the books with that of the games.

meet with khalid and jaheira

Being familiar with the games is a bonus but not a requirement. In this post, I'll be covering the prologue - the first six pages of the book or the first twenty minutes of the game. I won't be going over everything with quite this much level of depth, but the opening really sets the tone for what is to come. Believe me, it deserves the scrutiny.

The book Show We open in media res, joining Abdel in the middle of a combat encounter. The impact sent a shudder through the heavy blade of his broadsword, but he ignored it and pushed back in the direction of the attack.

Abdel was strong enough and tall enough to seriously unbalance his opponent. As far as opening lines go, this is