Lamont hiebert meet with me ten

Ten Shekel Shirt: Lamont Hiebert's band and their call for social justice - Ten Shekel Shirt

lamont hiebert meet with me ten

The rock band Ten Shekel Shirt was originally formed by Lamont Hiebert, Tommy Lee, and Austin Morrison, drawing their unusual name from a Meet With Me. Meet With Me Lyrics – Lamont Hiebert. Nov, in M. VERSE: I'm here to meet with you. Come and meet with me. I'm here to find you. Reveal yourself to. Meet With Me. Words and Music by Lamont Hiebert. Key - G. Verse. G/B C2 D. G/ B. C2. I'm here to meet with You. G/B c2 D G. Come and meet with me.

lamont hiebert meet with me ten

I am incredibly grateful that I get to be involved in two things that bring people together in this divided age. Music and the abolition of slavery.

Ten Shekel Shirt: Lamont Hiebert's band and their call for social justice

Most of us can agree on those things. I think Ten Shekel Shirt provides healthy doses of both. How does such a background link up with the group's current musical direction? Said Hiebert, "I believe that it's a natural step, from worship to loving our oppressed neighbours. As you know, the links in the Bible between worship and justice are incredibly strong and summarized by Jesus' statement that we are to love God and love our neighbours.

As far as me being an artist with a message, I wouldn't say we're heavy-handed, which is a good thing. People who come to our shows need not worry about the guilt trip. There are a couple of intense moments - there's one song on the new record called 'It's Slavery' that's pretty combative.

But for the most part, it's very hopeful, empowering and inspiring and hopefully has the fingerprints of God in it.

lamont hiebert meet with me ten

He responded, "You know, it's just a different audience that I'm trying to hit. Music and justice on behalf of children is something that most of us can agree on and come together on.

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In a world that is so divided, I have the privilege to do something where I can bring people together. Since most of my music is not specifically geared toward the worship audience anymore, it's a good common ground for people to come to. We do splash worship elements into our sets live, and I think people have an opportunity to connect and engage God at our shows.

That is a very vertical song. I like to put it like this: And if we hold our hands out trying to help everybody all the time without God, then we become frustrated, burned-out and bitter.


So the posture I propose - and I'd like to think it's represented in my new songs and in the Psalms of David - is have one hand up to God, reaching out to him for help and giving him praise, and the other hand protecting the vulnerable citizens, bringing healing, hope and comfort to them.

And I sort of mixed the meaning of that word with the story of a girl in a partner's safe home in Thailand. We expanded one of their facilities; unfortunately, they didn't have room for the youngest of the girls caught in the sex trade, so we built a home for them - girls six to 12 years old.

One of the girls that came into the older home, I believe she was 16 at the time, she walked in the front door and as soon as she saw the picture of Jesus on the wall of the safe home, she fell down on her face and just began to weep.

Ten Shekel Shirt - Meet With Me Lyrics | SongMeanings

After she gathered herself she said, 'This is the face, this is the place that I've seen in my dreams. An odd thing about the song is that I kept thinking about Heaven, but I tried not to. For some reason the song just felt like Heaven to me. From the classic partnership of Lennon and McCartney to the radio immediacy of Travis, inspiration abounds as shiny guitar hooks and rich vocals confidently drive the tracks.

Acoustic guitars, piano, and strings fill out the arrangements, reminding us that although this band has grown, they haven't strayed too far from home.

Clearly, that genuine conversational tone is the fiber that ties the vast array of Risk's subjects together. This goal is executed beautifully on "Cheer Up", one of the first radio singles from the project. A fitting follow up to the number one hit "Ocean," "Cheer Up" continues where the previous left off, exploring the truth that all God has created was made to draw us closer to Him. Lamont explains, "In Romans chapter 8 we're told that all creation eagerly waits for the children of God to be revealed.

As I pondered that idea I was more and more moved by the fact that we're waited for, even cheered on, by all that God has made around us. Hiebert explains, "I've always felt moved to do something with my life that helps those suffering injustice, especially women and children. A few years ago I began to have dreams of kids being rescued from terrible situations, but I wasn't sure how I fit into the picture. During a trip to Thailand last September he witnessed firsthand the organization's efforts to help children escape the enslavement of forced prostitution.

While on that trip, Lamont was compelled to make a promise to God.

lamont hiebert meet with me ten

The song goes on to celebrate the freedom, healing and transformation that follows. It can be such a challenge when you lead a busy life to have that necessary quiet time for reflecting on those you love and admire. I hope anyone in the same situation can use this song to prompt a conversation with God. The sole track produced by Jones, it begins sparsely, a lone piano and vocal, patiently building to an epic climax.

While the verses solemnly explore the irony that God would come to earth as what appears to be the poorest, most vulnerable king of all time, the chorus proclaims the reminder that one day we will "see Him as He is, without a veil between, face to face again, for all eternity. Even truer to its title, the album promotes Hiebert's idea that "God created us for relationship, and one requirement of any genuine relationship is vulnerability.

Living a Christian life is bold and not merely self-preserving, It's about reaching out in love and taking the necessary risks to fulfill our primary calling, to love God and love people. Their acoustic driven debut album Much soldunits and featured the 1 hit Ocean.