The eddie surf meet

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the eddie surf meet

Riding big waves wasn't a competition for Eddie. It was more of a personal goal and more about reaching the height of big wave surfing of his heroes at that time . Meet the 9 Men Who Have Won the Eddie Here's a look at those legends who make up one of surfing's most exclusive lists: winner of the. north shore surf competition billabong pipe masters Finals day at . 'The Eddie' is a big wave invitational surf contest named after Eddie Aikau. Eddie is a.

But it's only called when waves reach heights of at least 20 feet.

Meet the 8 Men Who Have Won the Eddie | The Inertia

The waves must also roll in consistently at that size. The contest has been called just nine times since its founding in It honors Eddie Aikau, a Waimea Bay lifeguard and waterman. He died in at the age of 31 after the Hokulea, a traditional Hawaiian voyaging canoe he was on, capsized en route from Hawaii to Tahiti.

Aikau paddled on his surfboard to get help, but never returned.

the eddie surf meet

The rest of the crew was rescued soon after. I suppose we should have expected this. The Eddie is a monumental event, both in terms of significance to the sport and physical scale. For the Aikau family to assemble all the necessary components in a few months' time was a fool's wager.

the eddie surf meet

But you had to give them the benefit doubt. Aikaus are known to do some pretty heroic shit. With any luck there will be no Eddie-worthy swells this season. No harm, no foul.

the eddie surf meet

Let's just hope they get a headstart on the preparations. We can't stand to lose this event for good. Rocky Point from Pill Box lookout Surf competitions work a bit differently than your typical sporting event because organizers are at the mercy of the waves, so below we explain how surf competitions work.

the eddie surf meet

For example, the window for the Pipeline Masters in was December 8 — During the competition window the weather and wave conditions are closely monitored, and every morning the contest officials make the call whether the contest is on or off. Or just check out the World Surf League website, as they host most of the top contests listed below and provide live updates on whether they are a go or not.

The Eddie Won't Go... Again

Pack snacks for the day. Most competition sites have minimal food available if at all. Take your own shade. If you bring an umbrella or other shade-giving contraption, do everyone a favor and keep it low or set up to the side. Bring a camera with a telephoto lens if you have it. The VTCS is actually a combination of four events. A series of 4 different events. The four contests take place over the course of seven weeks or so.

Each event has its own window of opportunity to run outlined below and a single event will take three to four days to complete. The event coordinators do their best to choose the highest quality surf conditions within any given contest window.

The winner of the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing is crowned champion after all event points are tallied up at the Billabong Pipe Masters. There are a couple of food trucks in the area, including the Insta-famous Sunrise Shack coffee stand on Kam Hwy where you can get your fix of bullet coffee, tea, and papaya bowls.

Parking can be tricky and expensive if you get a ticket.

2016 Quiksilver Eddie Aikau Big Wave Invitational Highlights From Waimea Bay, Hawaii

But by this event, all the pros are well warmed up from the previous two events and extra fired up to finish their last two events strong which makes for some exciting heats. The stakes are higher this time around so the crowds will typically reflect that. The lineup at Sunset Beach is a massive playing field. The waves can get ginormous and the conditions can be treacherous and unruly. Surfing Sunset Beach is the ultimate proving grounds as there are a variety of conditions to endure— with multiple peaks to navigate and a whole lot of water moving.

The waves tend to be big, powerful, and just downright nasty at times, which is all part of the beauty and amazement of Sunset Beach. There are a couple of food trucks in the area, including the Insta-famous Sunrise Shack coffee stand where you can get your fix of bullet coffee, tea, and papaya bowls. Banzai Pipeline is world famous for a lot of reasons, but especially its size, shape, power, perfection, proximity to shore, and its mesmerizing beauty. The break is capable of producing feet gaping barrels that explode onto super shallow and craggy coral reef.