Meet the spartans funny scenes from frozen

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meet the spartans funny scenes from frozen

Bond trailed her through the streets of Venice, and saw her meet up with bad-guy . The most memorable death scene was of the first two survivors who were fated to die . The key that could free her was hanging behind a set of frozen pipes, he was the last survivor of the Spartans, who had refused to surrender. MEET THE SPARTANS is another lame spoof of recently released movies, “front disgusting, attempts at humor, the movie simply is not funny or even remotely entertaining. Later, when Leonidas has a son, there are several scenes of him training the boy to be a warrior. . Why Elsa in FROZEN Doesn't Need a Girlfriend. Kevin Hart Ticket Information. From solo performances at small comedy clubs.

A thin sheaf of paper slides off the front with the reprimand. The contrast between everything we have seen so far and her office is staggering. Her quarters are filled with framed and faded nostalgia pieces of the 20th Century.

Posters of violent movies, books, magazine covers, ad signs, artworks and framed newspapers, all of a dark nature. Lenina gives him a deadpan glare: Tell me something, Garcia, don't you get bored codetracing perps who break curfew and tell dirty jokes? You're still addicted to the 20th Century high from its harshness, buzzed by its brutality. Holy smokes, is there anything in here which doesn't violate contraband ordinance 22?

Don't you ever want something to happen? Locks eyes with the warden. The look he gives Smithers is chilling. Phoenix, one of our first and most illustrious members. Let's get this one over quick Phoenix is far more awake than the norm. Phoenix knows a good thing when he sees it. Immediately panthers up for a savage kick into Guard One, doubling him over.

Phoenix tears from Guard One's holster an air-injection syringe that is filled with the luminescent blue liquid. Turns and approaches slowly and menacingly at Guard One. Phoenix smashes Guard One in the neck. The Guard falls dying to the ground. Smithers crawls over his table, breaks for the door.

Phoenix effortlessly latches out to his fleeing neck and pulls him face-to-face as the Guards behind them shiver into rigidity. Plucks a sharp pen from the warden's pocket. Access granted, Warden William Smithers. Phoenix flicks the eye away and struts forward. Phoenix glances at the speaker. A map of San Angeles filling the wall.

A small red dot blinking in the middle. She continues to drone on in the background as the scale of the map decreases over and over again zooming in on the Cryo-Prison. The blinking red dot remains constant. The Perky Dispatcher punches 1 - 8 - 7 into a keyboard.

Falls from her chair. The Tough Cop rushes over. He drops his juice. He's a basket case. Garcia and Lenina come into the fray. She has no idea. Runs to a nearby terminal. The map is replaced with an image from the Cryo-Prison. Warden Smithers crawling painfully toward the door. It's a brutal image. I show two stopped codes at Cryo-Prison X Do you wish to assign a medic?

The warden stops crawling. Do you wish to assign a coroner? Chief Earle arrives manfully on the scene. No idea what's up. Three non- sanctioned life terminations Earle sinks into a chair. Cops all over the station are in severe, gasping trauma.

Before him, in a small parking area, a DOCTOR, wearing a white coat over "stylish" duds, opens up his sharp user-friendly sportscar with the code on the back of his hand.

And then give me A list of names flashes on the screen. He points to Phoenix's name on the hearing list. LAMB I knew him.

We all knew him. He's evil like you've only read about, girl. There are no specifications on file for Simon Phoenix. He got chilled back in the 20th, before they started lojacking everybody I was a rookie then He was a big dealer. Declared his own kingdom in South Central L. In a bad time, he was the worst.

Garcia has punched up a camera view of a prone body in the parking area. One stopped code in penitentiary parking area. The Perky Dispatcher has come to. Begins to sob and then to wail. Gives the Dispatcher's rolling chair a firm push, sends her drifting away across the station.

Doctor's vehicle has been code- fixed at the corner of Hollywood and Vine. ProtecServe Hollywood and Vine. The adrenaline in the control room surges. Tears are being wiped away. Brutal-killer is briefly confused-child, as Phoenix tentatively soaks in his surroundings. Half phone booth, money machine, half computer terminal Lately I just don't feel like there's anything special about me You are an incredibly sensitive man, who inspires Joy-Joy feelings in all those around you Phoenix savagely pushes the Troubled Guy away.

The kiosk is an open booth with a row of large buttons, a monitor, and a keyboard. Phoenix curiously examines the row of buttons: Pushes the Ego Boost. The future just amuses the hell out of Simon. Phoenix slams down the information button. He drops his hands onto the keyboard and his fingers fly. His grin grows wider and wider. You have reached secure mailbox facilities for Thomas Payne's picture, rotating, life history scrolling by, maps, routes, over- head and underground plans of the city.

Phoenix takes it all in. His fingers fly again. The screens finally end with an image of a pis- tol. Rotating, exploded views, metalurgy information. Phoenix exhales a confused grin. This device was widely utilized in the urban wars of the late 20th Century. Referred to as a gun, a pistol, a piece Where are the fucking guns?! You are fined one credit for violation of the verbal morality statute. Well fuck you twice.

Two more sheets of paper appear. Your repeated violation of the verbal morality statute has caused me to notify the San Angeles Police Department. Please remain here for your reprimand. Phoenix is ready to punch in the screen when two S. Simon beats the Morality Box to it. Four cops get out. Unsheathing electronic stun batons. It shows an angle of the scene from a building corner mounted camera turret. The image pans over and locks onto Phoenix as he stands at the information kiosk. The police can be seen moving in.

The cops in the squad room begin cheering. Two more cops emerge. Phoenix looks casually at the six of them. The police move forward, blue sparks now spitting from their electrified batons. With a firm tone of voice, demand maniac lie down with hands behind back. Phoenix lets off a laugh. In such tidy uniforms. The cops look puzzled. Phoenix turns back to the terminal.

Approach, and in an even firmer tone of voice Phoenix finishes a final keystroke. The graffiti remov- ing shock poles burst from the building beside them.

Electrocutes and cooks one of the cops. Simon kills them both. It doesn't take long. He breaks a neck, he spearhands a sternum, drives a jawbone into a skull. It's all very graceful. They turn and run away. Simon leaps over the squad car.

meet the spartans funny scenes from frozen

Now he's in front of them. Catches up with the two of them. Just for variety uses a different style of martial arts this time.

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Two more are left. Deer in the headlights. Comes towards it with a leer. Yanks out the transmission cables. Looks directly into the camera. He's having a very good time. Half the cops in confusion and fear do. Jams the spark wand in the main transmission cables. When the zoom starts, we can't even see Simon, when it ends, we can see him highly compressed by one of the squad cars. Jamming the stun baton around. Simon finds what he's looking for. Dead silence in the station.

The car still burns silently on the giant screen. Lenina punches it off. We don't see who he's talking to. He has that weird serenity of the obscenely-wealthy or a President- Elect-far-life. Twelve swiveling video heads, all watching and listening.

The other video heads turn and nod in agreement. And while I am saddened, truly saddened, they have left, we cannot allow them to impair the harmony of San Angeles. They are but vandals and Visigoths. A disease not socio-economic, but behavioral. People had simply forgotten how to behave We cannot allow it again.

That time, politics, law, even force were useless to affect change We have triumphed over all of that. The same principles of B. We have a peacefulSafe, and above all, happyhappy population. I expect your trustConfidence and certitude. Gives Cocteau a significant look. Bob is a large man with an oddly high-pitched voice and a strangely-officious manner. All categories of chaos Cocteau gestures to the frozen video heads.

Get Captain Earle on the Holo. I mean it was so Cocteau clicks off the Holo. As if the cops have a chance against Phoenix He has no idea what that might entail.

He looks really ill. No one knows what to say. Lenina has her head in her hands in shock. With a Strategic Apprehension Computer. Destroyed an official government vehicle. Nobody has a clue what to do. How did they apprehend this fiendish Simon Phoenix back in the 20th? A video-bite on 'Unsolved Mysteries' None of it worked. In the end, it took one man. Lenina looks at him with a pleased and spooky smile.

meet the spartans funny scenes from frozen

I did an historical study on him last year, which I guess none of you swallowed. One thousand arrests in three years. LAMB There was a lot more business back then. A TV camera crew scrambles up. Your 'Demolition man's' an animal, a muscle-bound grotesque who You could reinstate him.

He hasn't worn a shield in over forty years. Or much else, for that matter. A smile slowly unfolds on her face. Lamb knows where she's going as we Lights begin to cycle. The arm moves aside. The frozen puck rises from its chamber. Spartan hasn't moved, blinked in 40 years. Two Techs in insulated suits and gloves stand on either side. Both wear tiny flip-up welding goggles. The first, takes out a Durameter. Harder than steel, a little less than a diamond. Tech 2, holds a handheld Magnesium Thermite Laser.

About the size of a skill saw. For the first time we notice there are six small raised half domes on top of the puck. Drops the guide ring at the end of the MTL over an index. Flips down his goggles. The entire puck lights up white white. We almost get the feeling Spartan can sense what's going on. A burst of energy melts a small hole in side of puck. Like a standing forklift. They raise the puck. Completely alone in a round stainless steel room. Three MTL lasers begin to pulsate madly. One from above cutting in, spiraling in towards Spartan.

The others top and bottom shaving an eighth of an inch in a tenth of a second with each pass. The puck shrinks away, the beams grow closer and closer to Spartan. Just before they would hit him, the beams turn blue. Steam bursts from the puck.

The entire chamber splits open. A room within a room. Spartan rolls over limp and supple collapsing, onto his back. Med Techs rush in. Spartan sits slumped at the other end of the table.

Draped in a grey industrial jumpsuit. Earle is shaking his head. He can't believe he agreed to this. He can be released on limited parole and reinstated to active duty. You have to bring them back to life I still can't think of a better idea. They all watch warily. Spartan comes to with a start. Looks up at them. Looks around quickly for any immediate threat.

A gulping Garcia creeps to Spartan. Spartan claws out, ripping Garcia down to rasp Spartan pushes Garcia away. The year is Now the reason you've been released What happened to my wife? This takes a moment to sink in. I made a promise. We did not thaw you for a family reunion. It is fortunate the lieutenant even did a probe on your wife.

This is about you and a Mr. We've had nine murder death kills so far. We have become a society of peace, loving and understanding. And we are, quite frankly, not equipped to deal with this situation.

He looks at her like she's nuts. You are in the center of what used to be Los Angeles. I'd kill for a burrito. They back off in fear.

Spartan Heart

Spartan creaks his head toward Garcia, spooking him back away. Spartan vigorously scratches his hand as he speaks. Alcohol, caffeine, contact sports, meat John Spartan, you are fined one credit for a violation of verbal morality statute Spartan looks at it in amazement. John Spartan, you are fined one credit for a violation of Abortion's also illegal, but then again so's pregnancy if you don't have a license.

Phoenix has risen from the ashes. I tracked that dirtbag for two years, and when I finally brought him down, they turned me into an ice cube for my trouble. Thanks, but no thanks. The freezer was bad, way bad. He swallows hard and -- EXT. Half a beat, John Spartan, now completely done up in a cop uniform comes out.

He feels like a buffoon. This isn't a cop uniform. Am I gonna lead the Rose Bowl parade? What is all this stuff? And that's the pocket for your whistle. Absently scratching the back of his hand, Spartan stares out his window in amazement at the shiny, happy people in the happy shiny city.

Meanwhile, Lenina and Garcia are staring through a rearview screen at Spartan with equal amazement. This isn't my city. How do you expect me to protect it? I don't get you people, let alone like you much In our society the number is closer to four. If someone off the street was to watch the Three Stooge Men and see the Moe-person hammer the Curly-person, they would weep, John Spartan, weep.

Spartan looks at her. In fact, I perused many a News Disk of you. That time you wow- fully tractor-pulled the Santa Monica pier into a heap of rubble in order to snare that team of hit men who She trails off, as she sees Spartan staring out the window shaking his head, very much alienated from every- thing around him. Not everything is that different. Perhaps you would like to hear the oldies station.

Almond Joy's got nuts, Mounds don't. Because sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don't. You called them commercials. Wow, this is my fave Tough kids, sissy kids. He goes back to scratching his hand. Lenina approaches the Tough- looking Cop. They again exchange nontouching circular hand spins.

So where is John Spartan? I guess he got all thawed out. Spartan trudges through a spooked gantlet of officers. The Tough Cop greets him, raising his hand. Spartan reaches out and shakes the Tough Cop's hand. It's like he spit on him. The Tough Cop tries not to react, but he's clearly disgusted. Hey, you guys are out of toilet paper The entire station roars with laughter. SPARTAN I'm happy you're happy but in the place where you're supposed to have toilet paper, you have a little shelf with three seashells on it.

The station roars again. Spartan shakes his head and scratches his hand. Spartan's mouth falls open.

Spartan Heart (Spartan Heart, #1) by Kristine Cheney

LAMB I got old. You were a snotnosed punkass rook! John Spartan, you are fined three credits for a violation Three sheets of paper come off. Spartan looks at it. A whole sheaf of paper peels off. Spartan gathers it up. I'll be right back. It's tied into the veins and blood supply as well.

An organically bioengineered microchip was developed that could by sewn into the skin. Sensors all around the city can zero in on anyone at any time. This fascist crap makes me wanna puke. You really surmise we'd let you out without control? Your code was implanted the second you thawed. Spartan seethingly contemplates his itching hand. No matter how Viking your era was, I cannot digest how you ever wore a badge! You're going back, John Spartan, oh yes, you're going back.

We need every cortex we can get in this situation. Our computer has already examined all feasible scenarios resulting from the appearance of Simon Phoenix and determined he will attempt to start up a new drug lab and form a crime syndicate.

That is correct, Chief George Earle. You think he wants to build a business? Phoenix is going for a gun. As Spartan rages, roaming around the station, Morality boxes have heart attacks keeping up with his offenses. And the first thing Simon is going to want to do is wipe the smug smiles off your shiny faces.

He could just handshake your asses to death, but who's got the goddamn patience. Trust me, he's going for a gun. The only place a person can even view a gun in this city, is at a A Girl Scout Troop in modernly-modulated uniforms looking down as we realize that large sections of the floor of the entire museum are transparent.

Below is an archeological exhibit of a section of the old city -- parts of buildings and streets. If you care to sample what it was like to spend a day in Los Angeles in the Twentieth Century please press the button.

One of the Scouts presses a large red button. At the end of the hall, there's an arrow to another exhibit: As he heads down the hall -- EXT. Trust me on this. It's a cop thing. I loved her because she had a vulnerable Side to her, she made me think of a lost child looking for someone to love her.

meet the spartans funny scenes from frozen

I so wish she was my bestie because she was so funny and strong. Taryn ended up dragging Evan for a drink to help her relax and get over the sad time she had been having, so they go out to a local pub and Evan gets wasted.

When she gets back from her night out, she decides to check out the tunnels. The tunnels run under ground to the museum her parents owned.

There she sees a marble statue, she knows who the statue is, its Dorien — Prince of Sparta. Here Evan starts to feel low, not sure how to get the love she so desperately needs. For one foolish seconed she gets up on a chair and kisses the statue. The kiss ends up doing more then Evan ever imagined it would. After the kiss Ean has an accident and gets knocked out cold. Dorein —Prince of Sparta, he was betrayed by an oricle. Cursed into the marble statue, Evans kiss freed him from his cold prison of stone.

But it all so does more then she could ever imagine. Dorien has to take Evan to safty after she hurts her self, he carries her back through the damp tunnels, she ends up getting wet and cold.