Dragon age inquisition meet the companions of st

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dragon age inquisition meet the companions of st

In Hushed Whispers is a main quest in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Grand Enchanter Fiona stops The Inquisitor and invites them to meet in Redcliffe. .. Upon entering, there will be some stone blocking the Venatori from immediately noticing the changes take place regardless of whether the companions below are in your. In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the companions and advisors are the twelve people who join the For the advisors, Leliana is met in the opening sequence. Dragon Age: Origins party member Leliana, the human rogue/bard, returns as a In no particular order, I introduce you to your companions below: . a "romantic ", though having her admit that would be like bleeding a stone. .. react if the Inquisitor needs help from the Qun along the way and has to meet.

He can romance and, to win his favor, you need to make good and honest decisions.

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Vivienne Vivienne - may become your companion after the events at Vel Royeaux. She is a human mage with high magic attribute.

Still, the rest of them leave much to wish for. Sera Sera - an elven rogue. She prefers ranged weapons bows. During your first visit to Vel Royeaux, after the main event with the Templars, you notice an arrow stuck by the statue. Collect 3 items scattered around this location to meet her and enlist her in the group. She has high attribute of Dexterity, optimal attack and health points yet low defense.

She has a group of special abilities, e. Blizzard, that require special vials, weaker than grenades but requiring no paying. She can romance with women. She prefers moderately-negative choices e. Dorian Dorian - a human mage. You unlock the option to recruit him in the party once you defeat the master of mages in Hinterlands. She was created as a war golem to protect dwarven thaigs during the First Blight and was previously a female dwarf warrior.

She actually volunteered to become a golem, which shows off her noble side. She is impossible to dislike.

dragon age inquisition meet the companions of st

The amount of personality that surges from her stone frame is enough to make anyone adore her. From her initial meeting with Hawke to her joining of the Kirkwall City Guard, she encounters many hardships and becomes all the more stronger for it.

dragon age inquisition meet the companions of st

She is stubborn and values duty and authority above all else. She can become an extremely reliable companion to Hawke and, though a law enforcer herself, she can occasionally approve of bending the law in order to help others.


Her connection to Hawke is stronger and more distinct than with other companions. Because they both meet at the beginning of the game and are both faced with the challenge of starting a new life in an alien land, their lives appear to be inevitably intertwined. Though she decides to follow her own path and find a place for herself as Captain of the Kirkwall City Guard, she is always willing to make time for Hawke. She views most authority as mindless laws place down by the pompous nobility to keep the public in check.

Sera is far from your typical elf and, though she originally grew up in the Elven Alienage of Denerim, she has a general disregard for elven culture. While other companions join up because of feelings of duty, Sera is in it for the adventure and laughs. She is quick on her feet and will never fail to surprise you.

Instead of seeing the cup as half full or half empty, she would question the properties of the unknown liquid and demand to know how it may be beneficial to the cause.

The Inquisition needs more headstrong characters like her.

dragon age inquisition meet the companions of st

She is confident and bold, always ready to assert her authoritative opinion whenever there is a lull in decision-making. Though she is sometimes a bit too strict and austere, she is a solid character with years of experience to account for her opinions and actions. Before joining the Inquisition, Cassandra acted as Seeker of Truth, where she protected the Chantry from any external and internal threats. She knows how to get things done, but she also has a sensitive side which she attempts to hide from other characters.

This part of Cassandra is a closeted romantic who is devoted to romantic novels and poetry.

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She has an intricate personality and wears her courage on her sleeve, with her heart hidden away in her side pocket. He was an orphan, faced with the cruel life of trying to survive alone in a big city.

He was taken in and raised in a brothel until the age of seven, when he was purchased by a leading member of the Antivian Crows, a world-renowned organization of assassins, spies, and thieves. Zevran was then forced to take on assassination contracts. Zevran is an interesting character because of his depth. His first encounter with the two remaining Grey Wardens in Dragon Age: Origins is due to a contract to kill the two. He takes this contract because he hopes to fail and die in battle.

Previously, he had been tasked with killing one of his fellow Crow companions, Rinna, which he had a hard time recovering from. Fortunately, the Grey Wardens allow him into their party where he quickly settles into the group and perks back to life as a confident smooth-talker. He has a lively sense of humour and an endless amount of thrilling stories, never shying away from the opportunity to tell an exaggerated tale over a cold pint.

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He is a go-getter and is always up for an adventure, which makes him one of the best characters in the Dragon Age series. Inquisition, and is always ready to take on the world. She does not concern herself with what is right but rather "what is right now". Sera can be recruited into the Inquisition. Clues left by the "friends" of Red Jenny can be found in the market by searching for them. These clues lead to a courtyard that can only be accessed via the world map.

Once in the secluded courtyard enemies appear and after combat, Sera joins the Inquisition. Sera likes to help those who deserve help and likes to tell off people that don't. This means she is very suspicious of nobles or anyone with a title. She believes it is fine to steal from the rich and if someone takes from the less fortunate it upsets her. She also does not like it when anyone talks for a group, in particular if they assume she is a member.

To gain Sera's approval simply siding with anything that harms nobles or upper classes will bring favor. Sera supports freedom, but dislikes magic and demons. She also likes to profit by finding hidden caches left for Red Jenny. Sera is a romance option for a female Inquisitor of any race.

In Hushed Whispers

Ramon Tikaram Dorian is a Tevinter mage, who joins as a companion. He is a potential romance option for a male protagonist. Dorian reveals that he left Tevinter because he'd grown sick of the decadence and corruption prevalent in Imperial society, and believes the Venatori have to be stopped before they drag the Imperium even further into chaos.

Dorian reveals to the inquisitor that his estrangement from his family is due to his sexual orientation, something his family cannot accept. He is thus a romance option for male Inquisitors of all races. Dorian's specialization is "Necromancer," based on reanimating corpses and binding spirits to aid in battle.

Gareth David-Lloyd Solas is an elven mage apostate and expert on the Fade who joins as a companion. Solas is a romance option for a female elf Inquisitor only. At the end of the main story during the epilogue, the players find out that Solas is in fact another one of the elven gods; Fen'Harel, The Dread Wolf. Solas is also present in the Trespasser DLC, although no longer a companion, where he reveals his ultimate intention: Solas was written by Patrick Weekesalthough the character was originally conceived and named prior to him joining the project.

Who performance to capture his humanity and ancient nature. The player meets him early in the game and Solas will not leave the Inquisition even if he greatly disapproves of the inquisitor and his or her decisions.

As a companion he offers opinions and information that are unique and sometimes clashes with accepted accounts of Thedosian history.

His approval generally increases when the player asks questions, is thoughtful, helps the downtrodden, or favors magic and spirits. Solas is a romance option, but is interested only in players who select a female elf Inquisitor. Solas's specialization is "Rift Mage," based on weakening enemies and setting up opportunities for allies to exploit. Blackwall[ edit ] Blackwall is recruited in the Hinterlands and first appears near the docks training villagers to defend themselves.

Blackwall is stoic and haunted by his past most times in conversation, and is the Grey Warden ideal in most things he does or says. He is seemingly unaffected by Corypheus' calling, which has left the world devoid of Grey Wardens.