Traditional marketing vs relationship

We’ll explain the difference between traditional marketing and relationship marketing

traditional marketing vs relationship

What is the basic difference between traditional marketing techniques (mix-4p) and relationship marketing? What exactly is relationship. While all marketing focuses on gaining clients and increasing profits, relationship marketing and transactional marketing take different views of the role of the. So, you can see, how relationship marketing and transactional marketing might co-mingle: new customers pulled in through transactional marketing must be.

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Traditional Marketing We're all familiar with traditional marketing methods. They're easy to understand and we've used them for decades. A single ad can reach millions of people in a short period of time. This will definitely work if you have broad audience. For example big companies like coca cola, Pepsico, Dove, vodafone etc. But you need a big budgets for the same.

traditional marketing vs relationship

Small companies are not able to afford such big budgets solely for marketing. Like your startup or small business. This rate will change according to TRP and other factors.

Same with the radio ads. Which can cost around 10k per day if you want to reach good number of audience.

What are the differences between traditional marketing and digital marketing? - Quora

I can go on with this. But the point is startups small businesses are not able to afford this. In the age of digitalization, digital marketing has significantly altered the way of marketing. India has become second largest online market in the world. Thanks to Unlimited Cellular Data providers They will get that in near future. The methods that are being used in digital marketing are like social media, SEO, email marketing, mobile marketing etc.

Difference Between Relationship Marketing & Transactional Marketing

So every person that uses the internet is reachable for your marketing and we see that internet is very commonly used by most of the peoples these days. And these people are focused advertising by digital marketing. Here are some advantages of the Digital Marketing 1.

Cost As mentioned in the beginning of the article, cost involved with traditional marketing is very high, on the other hand digital marketing has with low cost if we use it wisely.

The point to remember is social media is free of cost. We don't need to pay anything to create any account on social media. Face-to-face interaction is less frequent, and many more services and product transactions are occurring behind a computer screen.

With a few clicks on their keyboards, clients can access a world of information that influences their purchase decisions, making the client relationship more important than ever.

traditional marketing vs relationship

While the Internet has reduced face time with clients, it has provided more and different avenues to develop relationships with current and prospective clients. Some product companies never had direct relationships with their customers before the proliferation of the Internet and social media.

Differences Traditional Marketing vs. Relationship Marketing

The stores that carried their products exclusively built and maintained the client relationships. Now, manufacturers are reaching their customers more directly, branding and building relationships through interactive and educational features on their websites, blog articles and posts on their Facebook pages.

Sally is happy to use this new system because it's quick and easy, so she returns to it over and over. At first glance, it might look like Sally just likes buying stuff. But, let's look a little deeper. Each of these purchases has its place in a marketing strategy, helping to accomplish the goal of the business behind it.

One is clearly focused on making the most sales as quickly as possible, while the other is based on building customer loyalty and convenience to help create repeat customers.

Differences Traditional Marketing vs. Relationship Marketing

Can you identify which is which? These strategies can be separated into two categories of marketing: What is Relationship Marketing? Relationship marketing is a strategy in which businesses work to build and establish long-term relationships with their customers.

Instead of focusing on selling one product or having one interaction, brands that engage in relationship marketing are focused on efforts to build bonds and loyalty between the business and its audience.