Serious sam the second encounter ending relationship

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serious sam the second encounter ending relationship

So, if i buy [Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter](danunah.infoowered. com/app//Serious_Sam_HD_The_Second_Encounter/). 15th anniversary of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter we had to split it into three levels in the end (which was exactly 1/4 of the full game)! It also . will allow you to dodge projectiles or change your position in relation to enemies a bit . Serious Sam: The First Encounter was last year's most surprising first-person shooter. Featuring a never-before-seen 3D engine that could.

Serious Sam Classic: TFE Final Boss (Serious Difficulty) + Ending

Sam's chopper was shot down, and his comrades were killed in the process before entering the museum. So, he went to rescue Professor Stein by himself. After he headed outside the museum for extraction, fighting his way to the Ibn Tulun Mosque, Sam's extraction a chopper almost landed, but was shot down by a Major Bio-mechanoid. He tried to find and secure the chopper and rescue the pilot, but it was already too late, as a Technopolip "hijacked" and became one with the chopper. Sam later shot it down.

Afterwards, Sam made his way through the city of Cairo to the Great Pyramid, but encountered a Warship on his way. He damaged it, but it escaped. Then Sam proceeded to the Sphinx, which he blew up with C-4 and found a secret chamber within, built by the Sirians, along with "The Arrow". He then headed outside for extraction. Hellfire came in with her chopper and transported Sam over to the Temple of Karnak, where he had to activate the Horus Generator.

After activating it, he continued his journey to Luxor. When he arrived at Luxor, he activated the Anubis generator, and re-encountered the warship he fought against in Cairo.

This time, Sam destroyed it. After his extraction arrived, Sam and Wilson were flying over dunes, when a Major Bio-mech shot them down. Sam lost all his equipment, and could not contact HQ.

serious sam the second encounter ending relationship

He fought his way in the dunes and into a tomb. When he exited the tomb, he found a way to communicate with HQ, but only to find that they had been ambushed by Mental's forces.

Sam, as the last human on Earth, reached the Time-Lock to travel back in time. He found a car and filled it with gas, and headed for the Temple of Hatshepsut. He killed it, and flew with the jetpack to the Time-Lock. Sam made a quick phone-call to Mentalbut his daughter, Judypicked up the phone and asked Sam to leave a message. Sam said he wanted to her to tell Mental that "Sam is coming over to play. And by play, I mean kill him.

As a matter of fact, I am. After the events of Serious Sam 3: Sam would use this ship to travel to Sirius and assassinate Mental. First, he had to obtain four magical elements which were needed to get into Memphis. After collecting all of the elements, Sam fought his way to the Memphis Metropolis and the Temple of Ptah. All three are just gorgeous. Serious Sam's 3D engine creates what are certainly the most gigantic levels found in any shooter, and within each level in The Second Encounter, there's a lot of variety as you travel through both indoor and outdoor areas, both above and beneath the surface of the earth.

The game plays like the original, though the improved level design makes the action more enjoyable than before. As Sam, you can run much faster and jump higher than just about any other shooter protagonist. You can carry more than a dozen high-powered weapons and plenty of ammo for each of them. You can take a tremendous amount of punishment, and you'll find power-ups to replenish both your health and your ammo reserves throughout each level.

Sam's so strong that any other first-person shooter would be a total cinch for him. But in this one, he'll be up against an impressive variety--and a truly staggering number--of fast, vicious, deadly oddball monsters. The Second Encounter provides a daunting challenge at its default difficulty setting, though it offers easier settings suitable for the faint of heart as well as tougher settings suitable for masochists.

The most obvious additions in The Second Encounter are three new weapons you can use, more than half a dozen new monsters to fight as well as three exciting, new boss battles spread out over the gameand four new power-ups.

The most precious of these power-ups works like a smart bomb from classic arcade games--when things get really bad, you can use one to frag every monster in your vicinity, no questions asked.

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Meanwhile, the new monsters in The Second Encounter round out the roster quite nicely. The best of them is a chainsaw-wielding maniac sporting nothing but overalls and a jack-o'-lantern instead of a head.

Each of the game's three environments is breathtaking. All your favorite, and least favorite, monsters from the first game can be found in force throughout The Second Encounter, and some have a few new tricks. Old and new foes alike will attack you with reckless abandon, and as you frantically fight back, you'll feel elation mixed with anxiety--a real adrenaline rush. By mixing in the old with the new creatures and presenting all of them in a wide variety of new situations, the game succeeds in feeling substantially different from the original.

That is, even if you felt exhausted by the conclusion of The First Encounter and how could you not?

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The first game had a ton of weapons in it, but these new additions are great--there's the chainsaw, which usually isn't practical but is still fun to use especially in multiplayer deathmatch and a great throwback to the weapon from id Software's classic, Doom.

The other two new weapons you simply cannot live without--your high-tech flamethrower becomes the single best crowd-control tool for close-quarters battles. It's visually stunning as it instantly causes everything--monsters and scenery--to ignite in flames and then to blacken to a crisp. Not to be outdone, the new high-powered sniper rifle is equally useful--its 8X magnifying scope lets you draw a bead on enemies from miles away and deliver an instant-hit, often fatal, high-caliber round.

Since some monsters will bombard you from long range, the sniper rifle becomes essential for taking them out. Though the original Serious Sam has a reputation for being a mindless action game, The Second Encounter has some real depth that lurks just beneath the game's lighthearted, frenetic surface. The Second Encounter expects you to be constantly prepared to face off against dozens of different types of monsters, many of which demand different types of tactics.

Fortunately, each weapon in your arsenal is well balanced and useful, whether against certain types of foes or in certain situations.

You'll use a majority of your weapons during each level. Some battles seem to stretch on indefinitely, never letting up, only escalating and never giving you the opportunity to conveniently reach over to quick-save. Even if you do know what's in store around the next corner, defeating wave after wave of monsters is never an easy task, as your reflexes, your precision, and your endurance will constantly be put to the test. You'll also need to keep your ears open as each enemy makes distinctive noises, and you'll often hear your foes before you see them.

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Time seems to stand still during some of the more hectic battles in The Second Encounter--it'll seem like you're fighting an endless onslaught of foes, burning up all your ammo for all your weapons in the process. Suddenly it's over, and you'll hear yourself exhale as though you were holding your breath for all those minutes. The action in Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is some of the best you'll find in any shooter to date.

serious sam the second encounter ending relationship

Calling it mindless is selling it way too short. New foes like this one are tough and fun to fight. If the action itself weren't incentive enough, Serious Sam: The Second Encounter is loaded with unique secrets--there are tons of them in every level, and discovering them yields absurd, funny, and always rewarding results.

This is a genuinely funny game with a truly inspired sense of humor, and you'll know it not just because of the secrets, but also because of some of Sam's amusingly self-conscious one-liners. The Second Encounter has a lot of really great, unusual sequences in it.

In an early scene, a bridge crumbles beneath your feet and you start bouncing uncontrollably on an elastic floor.