Oban star racers sad ending relationship

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oban star racers sad ending relationship

He is the most successful Star Racing Manager on Earth, as the President states when he asks Don Wei to participate in the Great Race of Ōban. Molly's unexpected promotion to main pilot will create a tense relationship between the But when Maya was killed in a tragic racing accident, Don was so devastated that he. Read the topic about Oban Star-Racers Episode 26 Discussion on actually used Molly's seeming shortsightedness and bad judgment (running after Nice ending, the beginning of this final episode was a bit slow but than. Because she just mended the relationship with her father she hasn't seen in a decade. I need to know how Oban Star-Racers ends please! ok heres the See, im soooo tired of animes with bad (aka sad in anyway) ends.

Molly and Aikka promise each other that during their race they would not use weapons against each other episode 8but near the end Molly is unable to prevent Jordan from firing. Aikka feels betrayed and gains a distrust of humans.

Oban Star-Racers Ending Please?!?

It is later shown, however, that Aikka still cares for Molly and would even come to her defense if he felt she was threatened, such as in her race against Spirit when she crashes and Spirit seems to want to harm her further, Aikka leaps from the spectator stands and flies to her on G'dar, ready to shoot at Spirit if he tried to hurt her.

He finally succumbs and disables the Arrow III during a race in the mountains. Although he begins to drift from the Earth Team and lose their trust, he later abandons a race and goes looking for Molly after the Arrow III crashes.

During the final race, he confronts Molly and Jordan and apologizes, and suggests they defeat Kross together. At the end of the series, he promises to show Molly his kingdom one day. He mysteriously appears whenever Molly needs some encouragement, or when things aren't going her way. He also has a second persona, Super Racer, and competes against her in the playoffs on Alwas.

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Just prior to the final race, it is revealed that Satis is not the Avatar's servant, but the Avatar himself. Satis was the previous winner of the Great Race 10, years ago. It is also revealed that as the finish of the race approaches his power and health have begun to weaken.

After Molly refuses to accept the powers of the Avatar, Satis destroys the Pyramid of Power in the temple to prevent Canaletto from stealing the powers. Canaletto defeats him, and Satis is last seen in the hands of Aikka, disappearing into a cloud of lights. Colin Murdock English Canaletto is the main antagonist of the series. Also known as "The Timeless One". A dark, sinister being that first appears as a shadow with flaming red eyes and a raven-like head.

It is shown that he once went on a crusade to destroy all life and create universal purification, thinking that life is a weakness, a mistake made by the Creators. Canaletto was the Avatar before Satis, but he refused to give up the title and so was imprisoned by the Great Beings.

Feeling that he was wrongfully removed from his rightful throne, he intends to become Avatar once again. Rick discovers a crest with his insignia, since he knew it was linked to the crash of his teams' star racer that left him unable to race again.

He eventually tracks down Canaletto with the help of a shaman, but after his encounter, Canaletto erases all of his memories related to himself and all of the information he told him. Molly then finds the crest when Rick leaves it behind. Canaletto has been using Molly as his pawn for some time, killing her mother to give her motivation to participate in the Great Race, destroying the Whizzing Arrow I and injuring Rick so that she has to race in his place. He does all this because he knows she is the only racer that, if she won, would not want to be crowned as the Avatar, giving him the time to escape from the chains Satis put him in 10, years ago and reclaim his power.

The planet is the first creation of almighty beings known as the Creators, who then went on to create the rest of the universe.

oban star racers sad ending relationship

The winner would not get one wish from the Ultimate Prize—they would instead become the new Avatar, the new guardian of the Creators' creation, until the next race. Alwas Cycle characters[ edit ] Voiced by: Violent and quick to anger, he does not suffer losing gracefully. After losing to the Earth Team, he seeks out Molly and starts a fight, intending to kill her. Though Jordan comes to help, it is Prince Aikka who defeats him to save Molly.

His sleek, Podracer -like craft is described as a "piece of junk", but is very resistant to damage, thanks to its polarised titanium exterior. Groor speaks about himself in third person, and has an odd tendency to shout his own name in battle. Somewhat arrogant and not quite as good as he seems; the judges fix the races for him, since he's the home-town favorite. He and his gunner, Marcel, pilot the Flying Fortress, a green star-racer that resembles a steam-powered train or tugboat.

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The two of them later confront Stan and Koji, who are looking for spare parts, and show them the location of a star-racer "graveyard".

He resembles a hieroglyphic carving come to life, and his ship is a bizarre tangle of pipes that apparently functions via an unknown form of planetary magnetism. He could use this force to reflect enemy attacks back at them and also used a flute to create hallucinations. He could also use his staff to tap on the hollow pipes of his ship, creating destructive sound waves to use against enemies. Ceres was able to trap Molly within a hallucination during their race, until Rick was able to turn on her CD player, the loud rock music caused the illusion to shatter and Ceres to lose concentration and ultimately crash into a wall on the race track.

He survived though, somehow, and is briefly glimpsed in Make Way! Jocelyn Loewen EnglishYuri Shiratori JapaneseJohanna Menuteau French A cat-like, year-old hacker prodigy; trickery and sabotage are her main strategies, but she won't hesitate to blast an opponent off the course either.

She controls her ship via a dynamic footpad, which resembles a Dance Dance Revolution platform. She sees the Great Race as nothing more than a game. It was Para-dice that reveals the 'true nature' of the Ultimate Prize to Molly during their race. She is a pink cat-like creature with a cube shaped head and a lime green and purple jumpsuit-like outfit. Though she speaks fluent English, she has the odd tendency to say "meow" frequently between sentences.

She is seen again, briefly, in Make Way! Super Racer A racer dressed as a superhero who turns out to be Satis in disguise, testing the other racers. He acts very cocky and usually makes eccentric poses. His ship is unique, it resembles an upright ring, with the cockpit on the top and a mouth with shark teeth painted on it. Two large metal balls come out of the center of the ring and rapidly orbit around the ship to prevent enemies from overtaking him.

There are also light laser cannons mounted on the nose. Richard Newman EnglishKenji Nomura Japanese A giant, Viking-like racer who, despite his intimidating appearance, is a very friendly, good natured person. His first appearance was in Hostilities Break Out when Molly nearly gets run over by his star-racer on her way to get fuel. He saves Molly from drowning after she becomes trapped inside flooding ruins. When asked why he was following them, he tells Molly and Jordan that he came to congratulate them on beating him in the race earlier that day.

Apparently, on his planet the people are known for being optimistic and looking on the bright side of things. He then says his ram horn was half-full. Rush abandoned the race to duel Toros after it was revealed to him that he was the Crog who led the invasion of his home world Byrus. He lost both the duel and the race when Toros drove his ship into a bridge over the race course, burying him in a pile of rubble and knocking him out of the playoffs. Rush had wanted to use the Ultimate Prize to undo the damage that the Crogs had done to his home world.

Rush's star-racer is made of a unique metal from his homeworld that is nigh-unbreakable. However, it is also faster than it looks, thanks to its powerful magma-fueled engines. Rush sits atop his racer, controlling it and its two extendable arms with a pair of circular control yokes. Molly and her father since that day have believed that Spirit had intentionally killed Maya.

oban star racers sad ending relationship

During a race against Molly that ended in Molly crashing her ship trying to kill Spirit, Spirit showed an unconscious Molly what really happened to her mother; Spirit noticed Maya's vehicle was leaking and wanted to stop the race, but Maya pushed him to keep going indicating to him everything was okay before the explosion took place.

Jordan Molly partnerRick a member of the earth teamand Prince Aikka a opposing pilot are examples of characters that have good personalities and do get development of the the course of the show. It is just kind of sad to see something that is done so well with the main character and then done only just good enough with the rest of the cast.

I love Molly and even though I wanted a little more from other members of the cast they are still good. The animation does a great job of combining 2D and 3D. The 2D and 3D do a good job of complementing one another and not just trying to out do one another like I think happens all to often.

I will have to note that none of the characters have noses. This annoyed the hell out of me, I did get use to it but I never grew to like it.

One complaint aside I like the animation. In closing I should probably point out one more thing before ending. Some people will most likely be turned off by the less mature nature of the show. An 8 year old could follow the story and even when people crash their ships into little tiny pieces the pilot never walks away with more than a few scratches.

Please don't let that scare you away, there is enough substance here to keep a much older audience interested. It has a nice story, good cast, Molly is a strong lead female character that other shows should strive for, and the races are fast paced and exciting. I know it…it sounds childish like that but I don't know how else to say it. Molly broke out into a bodacious fit of laughter she wasn't sure whether or not to tell him what she felt or not, and turned off the real feeling or reaction, replacing it with another.

After a bit, she wiped her eye and Jordan gave her a disapproving look. Ever since Aikka left, he saw this as his golden opportunity to run with the ball he passed to him. Although now that she knew how he felt, shouldn't it be easier? His tone earned a hardy 'hmph' as she slumped over with her face in her hands.

Her uncharacteristically small and barely audible voice surfaced, "I…feel the same about you…" Jordan slightly felt his cheeks heat up, "Oh…" He lengthened the word as if dawning on something. Molly shifted and tucked a stray piece of hair behind her ear, "Well…isn't this the part in the movies where they… kiss?

Molly rolled her eyes and with a chuckle launched herself forward catching Jordan's lips as his head hit her pillow.

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Molly propped herself up on her elbows looking down. Her eyes closed and she dipped her head down again, not giving Jordan a chance to recover from shock. His eyes slowly closed and his arms wrapped around Molly's waist.

Adjusting to the kiss, Jordan delved for more probing at her lips with his tongue finally getting his request answered as her lips parted. A duel ensued leaving no one a clear victor. Jordan turned the tables on Molly, switching to him on top of her. His hands pinned hers atop her head as his kisses went to nibbles, trailing her jaw line and soon flowing to her neck.

Oban Star-Racers Episode 26 Discussion

Her skin tasted much sweeter there, but either way he loved her flavor. Molly moaned as he nibbled lightly at the soft flesh of her neck. The heat of this moment could have settled their argument without words, making them both forget the incident ever happened. Her hands struggled against his grip, so he obliged and let her free. Her hands traveled to the back of his neck, squeezing gently as he continued his work on her. Jordan's mouth enclosed her ear lobe sucking gently, earning a catch in her breath followed by a moan.

In an attempt for him to not have all the fun, Molly moved her hands under his tight shirt, feeling around and scraping at his sculpted chest. Jordan moaned almost breathless. She took the next step, taking his shirt off tossing it in the mess of her room.

As he continued to ravish her mouth with kisses, her hands left scratches down his back. His eyelids winced together, but he didn't let the trivial pain affect him. Jordan's pants began to feel tighter than usual around his groin, almost as if they were shrinking. This wasn't a new feeling for him, but as it pressed against Molly's calf, she gasped slightly surprised at how hard he was getting. Her small, almost bra sized shirt came off within an instant, revealing a grey sports bra.

oban star racers sad ending relationship

Jordan took a moment, reveling in a familiar site. After all, just about all the crew had seen her in it before she retreated to her room or after she would wake. The standard issue Mechanic style overalls started to become a hindrance in Jordan's mind.

He scoffed mentally not wanting to go so quickly with this. He seized and supported himself, "I'm not sure we should-" She silenced him with an outstretched kiss, "I always finish what I start. There was that feeling again, that desperateness that lingered in her mind. She toyed with his lips, nibbling on his lower lips effectively earning a soft grunt. Her hands traveled to the brim of his pants, dipping her fingers in around the band, playfully going further down with each finger.

Jordan gasped as he could feel a slight brush of Molly's fingertips over his throbbing member. Molly's fingers journeyed deeper feeling his length ache with every touch or small brush against it. A smile of satisfaction graced over her lips as she pulled out her hand, leaving a disappointed look on Jordan's face.

oban star racers sad ending relationship