Mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

Mass Effect 3 at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies. Extended Cut DLC Refuse Ending. share. Share. i. Error 4: Media. Letting Go Of 'Mass Effect 3' Raymond Neilson argues that the new "Refusal" ending included in the Mass Effect 3: Extended I think you're right; this does set a precedent for the customer-company relationship in gaming. Creator of The Expanse, Ty Franck, says that Mass Effect 3's ending 'made Relationship, political, and battle decisions had ramifications that and added a fourth option (self-righteous refusal to make a choice), which.

Will it be a prequel or a sequel? Will the new ME be one of the last games to come out on the PS3 in ? There are rumours floating around that the PS4 will be out by fall I hope it comes out in fall instead.

I'm pretty sure that our ME 3 game saved data will have some influence on the next game if it comes on the PS3. I figured if you romance a crew member, that particular LI would be the one with the plaque, but if you romanced a non-crew member, how does it determine who's the one putting Shepard's name on the memorial? Like why did I have Ash while the other poster have Liara?

And its not most favored squad member, because I was pretty sure Garrus was the one I used the most and he was the third one to come out of the Normandy in my ending.

mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

Anyways, I picked synthesis- I just can't bring myself to pick destroy, since that will kill Edi and the Geth. I mean, I didn't work so hard to broker peace between the Quarians and Geth and have Legion sacrifice himself just to kill them! Also, I still find synthesis totally creepy. Yeah, it brings everyone together and to the next stage of evolution, but everyone having the glowing green eyes and green lines through their skin is just freaky!

mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

And while I'm fine with the endings, its still amusing that for synthesis, they just use the same pictures, but make everyone's eyes glow green, and drawing green circuitry on their arms and necks gmoshier Topic Creator 5 years ago 8 dedi85k posted Weird, I just beat the game, having also romanced Miranda, but it was Ash rather than Liara who put the plaque on the memorial. And while I'm fine with the endings, its still amusing that for synthesis, they just use the same pictures, but make everyone's eyes glow green, and drawing green circuitry on their arms and necks The refusal ending is worse than the destroy ending.

Only synthetics die in destroy and refusal causes everyone to die! Maybe it just randomly picks a crew member. I used Ashley, Garrus, and Javik the most. I used Liara a fair amount of times too but not as much as the other 3. Well, all of the endings still suck because Shepard dies. The refusal ending is worse than the destroy ending. That's not exactly true- I thought if you have a high enough EMS and pick the destroy ending, there's the implication Shepard actually survives. And control, Shepard the human dies, butr then now they're this creepy supreme entity guiding and controlling the reapers like some kind of god.

mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

Which, sure, Shepard is this great hero who saved the galaxy, but what's preventing this super-him from getting corrupted as the centuries and millenia go by and doing something as crazy as the Reapers were doing? With a force of thousands of nigh-indestructible squid ships, who can stop him if he decides that some race is too dangerous to continue living and wipes them out? I mean, I'd be fine with my paragon Shepard guiding the reiigns, he brokered peace between all these races.

But geez, some of the choices I've seen a renegade Shepard make? No way I'd want him to be in charge of the Reapers! And do nothing is dumb. Its like the catalyst is all "we've determined its inevitable synthetics will always seek to destroy organics, which is why we've been doing these cullings over and over. But, things are different now! You can wipe out all the Reapers IF you also destroy all the synthetics in the galaxy.

Of course, you'll prolly have to deal with a synthetic rebellion in thousands of years when people have forgotten about the dangers of synthetics and rebuild them and start this process again.

mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

Or, you could become a god and control this army of unstoppable robot squid monsters, doling out justice as you see fit. Or you could just say eff it, and get everyone killed!

Sure it didn't tell you what happened, but thats because its heavily implied that everybody dies. Javik told us this is a process that takes generations.

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How did it pan out? Did all my friends die right away, or did they escape, and spend the rest of their lives fighting the reapers? Did any of our species try stasis pods like the Protheans did? Why didn't it work, or did it? How did the next cycle win? Conventional war, or the crucible? And what choice did they make on the crucible if they did that?

Or were they able to perfect it to destroy only the reapers?

mass effect 3 refuse ending relationship

Theres a heck of a lot MORE that deserves to be explained in this ending, and yet it gets way less explanation. That is clearly Bioware telling you this was the wrong choice. The only reason you don't get the achievement is because you literally didn't beat the reapers. The achievement doesn't say anything about beating the reapers, you're changing it to make it what you want. It says "finish the game on insanity". So by not giving it to you, they are saying you did not finish the game.

In other words, it is your loss.

KazumiAmano KazumiAmano 6 years ago 43 It's an interesting ending from a writing standpoint, but from a logical standpoint, it's stupid. Shepard's done everything in his power to win the war, and he gets handed a whole bunch of options that will work - that very same super soldier decides that humanity and the rest of the species of this cycle shouldn't use the options in front of him, with the only other option being death.

Basically, it's a suicide ending, or rather, a genocide ending that Paragon and Renegade Shepard wouldn't choose. It IS a cool ending and it's bittersweet, but I don't see why Shepard would choose it outside of a writer making him do it. Heres the thing, I really don't think the Refusal ending needed more cinematic. It had just the two brand new ones, that both worked together to provide a satisfying, if bittersweet, conclusion.