Billu barber ending a relationship

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billu barber ending a relationship

The film will keep you hooked till the credits roll in the end. writing and wrote a host of scripts for both films (Om Shanti Om, Billu Barber, Ra. Billu (Irrfan Khan) plays a village barber. The villages believe he lied about the relationship with the star and insult him. In a twist towards the end, the true extent of the friendship Billu and the superstar is revealed. Billu Barber coming soon, Exclusively on Air Premiere. Kingfisher But people think that he lied about the relationship with the star and start insulting him. In the end, for an invited school function, the star reveals his past.

Rather than their power of puns, humour and smart lines. The critics have early access to films and have their reviews dished out on the eve of the release.

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Especially in case of small films, the unsuspecting moviegoer would look for a sense of guidance in the reviews. With the advent of social media, the reach of the critics has spread beyond the print media and has zoomed into the cyberspace.

With Anubhav Sinha Q: You're writing sex-comedy Mastizaade that has Sunny Leone. How was it working on the script? Writing for Mastizaade has been a rollercoaster ride. Working with Milap Milap Zaveri, director of Mastizaade is always a pleasure. The creative meetings with Milap were more like laughter sessions than anything else. The script has turned out really well. She has a double role in the film. The challenge was to create two distinct characters for her.

Milap was very happy with the way the script has panned out. The film is almost on the verge of completion-it has shaped up really well. You mostly write commercial films As a writer, I feel it is unfair to the story to segregate it financial terms. I have dabbled in all sorts of genres, ranging from love stories to period dramas, from socio-political subjects to sex-comedies.

billu barber ending a relationship

I work on stories, which I feel the audience would want to see on screen. Whether I am writing or producing, there is just one rule that I follow when it comes to films and that is — Entertainment!

People will come to the theatres only if they feel that there is entertainment in store for them. We as filmmakers need to understand the psyche of the audience and dish out films that would entertain them. I guess Billu, Rangrezz, two of the films that I have written was a subject that dealt with issues. I believe as a writer, one should not confine oneself to a particular genre.

When will you jump to direction? Direction is a different game. A director is required to live and breathe the project for a very long time, right from the inception of the idea to the day the film releases or even beyond.

I am not sure if I have that much patience in me. There is already too much on my plate. There might come a day in future when I decide to take that plunge but as of now, I have no such plans as of now.

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They both hold a special place in my heart and in my life. My association with Shah Rukh began during my journalism days. There was a time when all the interviews with Shah Rukh for the magazine I was with, would be done by me.

It was the most special gift I could give a person, who has always inspired me and always stood by me and shown faith in my talent. Ekta and I have been friends for the longest time now. She is one of the sweetest people that I know of.

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She is someone to whom I can pour my heart out to and vice-versa. She has single handedly changed the face of Indian Television. We have worked together on innumerable projects and I guess we have an enviable success ratio. Shah Rukh and Ekta are the only people who have been able to get me in front of the screen and actually make me "act".

What would be the title of your biography? As indulgent as it sounds, I would go by twitter handle, Shiekhspear. I hope the purists can see it as a simple word play. But I would want to approach the biography different from a structural point of view, something different from birth to death progression. But now that you have asked me this question- the thinking process has already begun. Which is that one film you really loved writing? How can one turn these requests down, when one takes on the role as provider?

Shah Rukh Khan looked like he had a field day playing a parody of himself, the film star who happened to share the exact same filmography as himself at that too.

Although in a support role, his Sahir comes across as direct and no-nonsense, and having hordes of security and minders around him, makes one wonder who Billu, a man amongst thousands in a crowd, could somehow get him to notice, if it's true he is a friend in the first place!

But the role here offers the inevitable opportunity for some staple song-and-dance, and the filmmakers don't let up the chance to pair up SRK some of his more memorable co-stars such as Kareena Kapoor, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone, with whom he bursts onto the scene in a futuristic setting for the song Love Mera Hit Hit, the start of Sahir's new movie which ironically is based on an alien's search for his long lost brother in a village.

billu barber ending a relationship

Billu turns out to be a superb balance between fun and an examination of a key negative human condition. I was pretty much entertained throughout, and thanks to the all round fine performances from the cast, Billu is very much enjoyable, and puts itself into the shortlist of one of the fine movies of the year thus far. Was this review helpful? Sign in to vote. All the sequences with Shahrukh Khan in the first half including those horrible item numbers could have easily been left out as they provide nothing.

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His appearance in the second half was enough. The so-called comic scenes are typical Priyadarshan, which is irritatingly loud and seriously needs toning down.

The mob sequences and Billu's attempts to meet Sahir are overdone and repetitive. The ending is melodramatic, which is typical of Priyadarshan films.

All the songs are poorly executed and, with the exception of the last three songs 'Marjane' being the bestthey are horrible to listen to.

Shahrukh Khan plays himself. Lara Dutta is decent and she looks the part. But, it is Irrfan who manages to rise above the poorness of this movie. He is quite exceptional as the down to earth almost out of work barber and is the reason to watch 'Billu'.