Zeref and mavis relationship help

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zeref and mavis relationship help

Of course, I wrote it so that you don't have to read "Fairy Tail Zer0" to of the story. so I had decided on the relationship between Mavis and Zeref o * quite a long. Read the topic about Mavis and Zeref's relationship on MyAnimeList, can't help but think it's a maybe mand how quickly Mavis answered to. Mavis Vermilion to Fairy Tail Guild Members in "Fairy Sphere" . though Mavis declared that she will help them and demanded they take her with them to the.

I leave you alone with my best friend just while I'm at practice and you've got her slaving over our stove? Lucy laughed while Igneel put his hands up in defense. I was ready to make dinner, I even offered to help once she said she wanted to. She wouldn't let me! She's the bad guy here, not me," Igneel said, making a show of trying to subtly point at Lucy for emphasis.

Natsu turned an amused grin to Lucy as she spoke in response. Seriously, you run your own company and then you have to come home and take care of two boys.

zeref and mavis relationship help

The least I can do is give you a break and make dinner for you," Lucy said, turning the pot on low and putting a lid over it. She turned around and took a seat next to a grateful Igneel at the table.

I know I ask this all the time, but can I adopt you? Lord knows neither of my boys would ever offer to make dinner," he said, pointedly staring Natsu down, earning another laugh from Lucy. Lucy rolled her eyes, looking to Igneel who only inhaled deeply as a response. Natsu frowned as Lucy giggled, and picked up his bag to chuck it across the table at his father. She glanced between both males around her, which made Natsu fill with a feeling close to happiness.

He loved this about Lucy. She was so family oriented, maybe because she didn't have much of a family herself.

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Regardless of the reason, Natsu loved her for it. The best times of his life were spent with her and Igneel. And, on occasion, Zeref too. Lucy just fit in with them. She was part of his family. I'm hanging out with Grandeeney tonight," Igneel stated, leaning back in his chair. His expression didn't change at all while he spoke, but that didn't stop Lucy and Natsu from attacking.

Her elbow was bent, leaning on the tabletop with her hand cupping her face as she grinned at the older man. Igneel blinked in response. Lucy laughed at the facial expression Natsu got from his father in response.

We're just two adults, hanging out, being friends. You guys are always together. Tell us what's really going on between you," Lucy reasoned, crossing her arms challengingly in return.

zeref and mavis relationship help

Natsu smirked at Lucy before looking back towards his father, waiting to see how he'd react. Natsu had known Grandeeney for a long time now, and her daughter, Wendy, was like a little sister to him at this point. She often times hung out with him and his friends. It was like she and Grandeeney were already family, and Natsu decided he liked the idea of making it official.

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How about you tell me what's really going on between you and Natsu, first? Natsu couldn't say he was looking any different. His mouth was hanging open and he was sure his eyes were going to fall right out of his skull.

What was going on between him and Lucy? Nothing, that's what was going on, much to Natsu's deep disappointment. Lucy would always only see him as a friend. He started to walk out of the kitchen as he spoke. I'll be back down before dinner. Remember, it's fall break, so Zeref will be home tonight. I think he's bringing Mavis.

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I'm leaving dinner to you, so don't burn the house down you two. And by 'you two' I mean you, Natsu. Do not set anything on fire.

Natsu couldn't blame Lucy for bursting out with laughter. You smell," Natsu yelled, laughing around the words as he spoke them.

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Igneel gave him a fond smile before finally leaving the room. Zeref called like a half hour ago to tell us not to wait up for him. There seems to be a lot of traffic," Igneel said, shrugging without worry. She sat down at the table and started to serve herself before she spoke.

Seriously, where does it go? So unfair, if I break my diet just once my thighs start to look like baby whales," Lucy grumbled, frowning down at her plate. Straight to these guys," Natsu laughed, exaggeratedly flexing his biceps. He laughed harder when Lucy and Igneel shared an annoyed glance. But maybe Natsu was just imagining that. A noise came from the porch before the front door opened, causing the trio to curiously glance at one another. Before they had much time to react, Zeref and Mavis joined them in the kitchen, crumpled up McDonald's bags in their hands.

I didn't expect you home for another couple of hours," Igneel said, a smile on his face as he quickly stood from his chair to give Zeref a hug. You're welcome to stay with us as long as you need to. There Mavis encounters a young man who, unbeknownst to her, is the infamous dark wizard Zeref. Mavis expresses sympathy for Zeref when she identifies a curse he is afflicted with that kills all life around him, and convinces him to teach her and her allies how to use magic to combat Blue Skull.

After Mavis and her friends successfully use their magic to overthrow Blue Skull and capture their master, Mavis discovers that the orb has become contaminated with evil magic.

Yuri ignores her warnings and takes the orb for himself, only to become possessed by its magic and unwillingly fuse with Blue Skull's massive skeletal dragon, which rampages mindlessly through the city. As a side effect of using the spell, however, Mavis becomes permanently ageless. After recovering and learning of Mavis's condition, Yuri dedicates himself to protecting her as a friend.

He also reveals to Mavis that Zera is an illusion only she can perceive; Zera further confirms that the real Zera died during Blue Skull's raid on the island, and that Mavis subconsciously replicated her to cope with her death.

Mavis and Zeref's relationship

Mavis accepts Zera as an illusion, causing her to disappear. To help the people of Magnolia rebuild, Mavis and the treasure hunters organize the Fairy Tail wizard guild in Zera's memory. Production[ edit ] In an interview published in the Fairy Tail Zero graphic novel, creator Hiro Mashima said he had been busy with the manga and supervising the anime that he did not have time to do a series for his Monthly Fairy Tail magazine.