Spiderman and wolverine relationship

Wolverine: 15 Superheroes You Didn't Know He Was Best Friends With

spiderman and wolverine relationship

Like many heroes, Spider-Man has a complicated relationship with Wolverine. While Wolverine begrudgingly respects Spider-Man, he also. SpiderManWolverine_cover Wolverine has always been a complicated character for me to have a reader-relationship with – and that's just par. Today, we take a look at the time that Wolverine met Spider-Man's parents his issues were mostly about young Peter and his relationship with.

After joining the X-Men, Logan met Carol several times and the two shared several adventures.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

She felt betrayed by the X-Men when Rogue joined their ranks, but eventually saw that Rogue was a victim of circumstance and forgave Wolverine for his perceived betrayal. After being unceremoniously dumped by The Avengers for being drunk on duty, Carol found herself adrift and partnered with Logan for a while. He helped her to regain her sobriety and finally find a new direction in her life. Since then, the two have served on The Avengers together, and sometimes opposed each other, but have remained close when the chips have been down.

When Wolverine assembled a team of the best fighters he knew, Wade was one of the people he called. This time as comrades certainly helped the two to forge a closer bond. Over time, this changed. When Spider-Man was asked to join the Avengers by Captain America, he found himself unable to say no to the living legend.

Wolverine joined soon after, making the two teammates at long last. Despite several disputes, including Wolverine stabbing Spider-Man during a training exercise, and Spider-Man throwing Wolverine out of a forty-story window at Stark Tower for being disrespectful, the two generally worked well together.


Due to numerous retcons, it has been shown that the two interacted several times during this era and Logan got to know Steve, and Bucky, quite well.

Despite this, in their first few interactions in the modern era, the two appeared to share no history and were even antagonistic to the other. While shared adventures between the X-Men and The Avengers were rare, the two fought beside each other from time to time. As more of their shared history became apparent, the two became closer.

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Fighting side by side with Cap also gave Logan some credibility as a hero, not just a fighter, which seemed to be something the fierce warrior needed. In the subsequent mission against Magneto, Wolverine suffered his greatest physical wound, the forced removal of his Adamantium skeleton by Magneto. Logan was in love with Shingen's daughter Mariko, but Yukio had eyes for him. Their relationship changed when she rescued him and nursed him back to health. Though they fell in love, Logan's heart remained with Mariko.

Yukio's earned Wolverine's respect as a fighter, but also as a lover. Though Yukio still loves him deeply, their bond is now one of family, not just romance. A disturbing number of his wives tend to end up dead. Maureen Logan might be the last woman he settled down with, at least in one possible eventuality.

Wolverine had grown older and retired from the superhero game, refusing to unleash his claws in anger again.

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Thereafter, he met and married Maureen Logan, and settled down with their children on a remote ranch. Despite his best efforts to lay low, a gang of Hulk-descended mutants threatened to kill his family if Logan didn't find the money to pay the rent Maureen tamed Logan like no one else had before. He not only quit using his claws, but wouldn't even defend himself when he was attacked, all to have a normal life with her.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

He crossed the country with Hawkeye, braved dangers and destruction, all to try to save the life he had built with Maureen. That says a lot for such a typically nomadic character.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

In "Wolverine Origins Annual" 1it was explained that Seraph owned the Princess Bar in Madripoor, where she had an immediate hold on him. She taught him how to kill in secret, and he killed anyone she asked.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

She was cold and ruthless, but also tender to him, and he became her willing assassin. In "Wolverine"we found out that Seraph was killed by Sabretooth, and made him promise to grant a favor to another old flame, Viper.

spiderman and wolverine relationship

He obeyed, showing the depth of his devotion to her, even after death. The relationship between them took a dark turn when he discovered she had been manipulating him under the command of Romulus, a mysterious man who had been guiding Wolverine's life since before he was born. She may have been physically small, but had a huge impact on Wolverine's life. Mystique is a mutant who can change her appearance to match anyone she chooses, and she's been a thorn in the side of the X-Men for years.

Her connection to Wolverine goes back earlier than that, though. As revealed in "Wolverine"they first met inwhen she used him in a bank robbery. Later on, she framed him for murder, betrayed him and even orchestrated events to send him to Hell itself. In turn, he's sought her out to kill her many times in vengeance, and succeeded once. It seems like they just don't know how to quit each other. In "Wolverine" 40we learned that during Wolverine's training under Master Ogun, he went to a small Japanese village in There, he fell in love with the beautiful Itsu, who he courted for years and finally married.