Shigure and akito relationship

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shigure and akito relationship

Spouse, Akito Sohma (Wife) Since Akito is male in the anime, Shigure becomes much more cheery and Main article: Shigure Sohma/Relationships. In a story about broken relationships, Shigure and Akito's is perhaps one of the most broken – but it's one with so much potential, and between that and the. Shigure had a complicated relationship with Akito Sohma in the Manga, but not in the anime. When Akito sleeps with Kureno, Shigure bites.

The first serious hints at something happening between Shigure and Akito come in chapter Shigure has a serious discussion with Hatori, in which his motives are called into question, and we learn that Shigure had a dream when he was young, which he is trying to preserve forever.

Shigure Sohma/Relationships

Immediately following this revelation, Shigure goes in to see Akito, and when Akito seems surprised that Shigure has come, we get the line of dialogue: Eventually, the dream is finally explained: Still later, we can piece together how Shigure plans to make the dream last — he wants to drive the others away from Akito, isolate her, so that he is the only one she has left.

Things come to a head in chapterthe definitive chapter for the relationship. That is a definite truth. And finally, to finish the chapter there is a scene between Akito and Shigure, in which he comes to apologize for having ignored her in public — both were going out to dinner with other people, they saw each other by chance, and Shigure blew Akito off.

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Akito kicked him out. Shigure finally explains why he did it: Akito flies into a rage, and Shigure nonchalantly suggests that he should leave.

Akito stops him by kissing him, and one thing leads to another What drew me to this pairing from the beginning is the sheer level of dysfunction. I have a bit of a weak spot for severely messed up relationships and characters, which is probably why I love Fruits Basket as a whole — the majority of the cast are socially dysfunctional one way or another, and the story revolves mostly around seeing them grow and change and move past their issues.

Akito and Shigure, however, are possibly the most twisted pair of individuals in the entire story. In truth, it appears that Shigure actually loves Akito and has since they were both very young. Shigure also states that he slept with Akito's mother, Ren, because she looked like what Akito could have been, if she had she been raised as a woman.

shigure and akito relationship

In chapterhe confessed his feelings to Akito and kissed her. In the anime, however, Shigure has no love relationship with Akito. The group is known as the "Mabudachi Trio". Shigure says that Ayame respects and desires to be more like Hatori. Shigure also respects Hatori and seems to know a lot about him.

Shigure Sohma

Hatori thinks of Shigure as annoying. Isuzu "Rin" Sohma Rin comes to Shigure for information about the curse, specifically how to break it. When he didn't tell her about the curse, Rin told Shigure that he could use her however he wanted, but he said no for Hatsuharu's sake. He is a flirt, a tease, and often acts like a pervert.

Though it's never really shown in the anime, Shigure also is manipulative, dark-humored, and rather selfish. This is not true in the anime. In the anime, Shigure's personality is largely the same, but without his darker side. Since Akito is male in the anime, Shigure becomes much more cheery and lighthearted, truly caring for Tohru as if she were his own daughter, and not being afraid to twice stand against Akito to protect her.

shigure and akito relationship

Shigure showing the darker side of himself. As a writer of both romance novels and academic books, Shigure loves to drive his editor, Mitchaninsane by not giving his editor the pages on time and constantly goes off topic when his editor questions him about his work being finished or not.

shigure and akito relationship

They give very different reactions, Hanajima asks if a sequel will be coming out, while Uotani says it is unacceptable to write that 'smut' and Kyo comments that it's sick. Tohru thinks it's amazing that she knows an author.

Shigure's best friends are Hatori Sohma and Ayame Sohma.

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This trio have been friends since their childhood. While it is obvious how Ayame and Shigure get along well, it's less certain how Hatori, who is always exasperated with them, became their friend.