Raj and penny relationship memes

raj and penny relationship memes

When Howard and Raj didn't hold back about each other's respective countries. Jajajajajaja me wow gotta love that penny and sheldon relationship! Big Bang . Have some TBBT memes while we wait for season 11! in to offer; smart jokes, uncommon situations, relationship successes and failures, the works! In the TV show, we're used to seeing Penny as the hottest girl on screen. But Raj couldn't talk to women (unless he was drunk) for most part of the show. Raj and Penny Big Bang Theory Funny, Bigbang, Funny Photos, Bangs, Humor . fb/ All Over The Spectrum Big Bang Theory Quotes, Knock Knock, Memes, of having a sexual relationship with Penny as the Hubble telescope does of.

Sheldon, as we are all acutely aware, has some really weird ideas about personal space and couch apportionment. It seems like a really odd circumstance: Sit right with anyone?

raj and penny relationship memes

I know, I am hilarious. These two can be so strange. Penny has a point, though. Sheldon does tend to ramble on a bit too much. Stemming from his total inability to grasp the nuances of most conversations, he will go on endlessly about the logical fallacies or theoretical inaccuracies inherent in some statements. I would probably want to get some distance between myself and Mr.

Cooper should he start on some ridiculously, long-winded tangent. Even his closest friends get sick of him pretty quickly. Are you looking for a way to escape the incandescent charm of characters like Sheldon and Penny?

Cynics often argue that they are there so the zombies out in TV land know when they are supposed to laugh, but laugh tracks are truly intended to fill the void which would otherwise be apparent with each comedic pause. The Big Bang Theory has one of the most obnoxious laugh tracks of any modern-day sitcom, and much of the humor gets old quick when you pay close attention to that stuff. This one, in particular, really resonates with me.

We are living in an era in which post-secondary education has ballooned to crazy proportionsand, in an effort to meet the demand, plenty of for-profit, unreputable institutions have popped up. Tons of us claim to be introverted to some degree, though I think the term is overused these days.

Yet, seeking social asylum or yearning to be free of certain societal obligations is a pretty universal sentiment. Raj, however, has taken introversion to its logical conclusion: Everyone has a right to reservation, but poor Raj seems to be on the border of having a neurological disorder. At least Raj has made the best of his situation, though, as even he has gone out on a couple of dates and engaged in a few relationships.

Not bad for a guy who literally struggles to utter a single syllable in the presence of the opposite gender. Plus, his wife, Bernadette, has a higher-ranking degree than he does, which must be a constant source of familial embarrassment given how prying and doubting his mother tends to be. Since the characters are so unusual and captivating, every situation they're in is multiplied. We simply cannot get enough of this group of friends and lovers.


However, no matter how smart of these characters are, they're still human beings. They are still relatable and catch themselves in situations that are similar to our own. So while we're looking forward to the 11th season of this great show that will premiere this falllet's take a look at the memes inspired by The Big Bang Theory that will certainly make you say, "Same.

What do you do? The intro song was written and recorded by the Canadian alternative rock band Barenaked Ladies. So Robertson immediately came up with a fun song based on the knowledge he got from this book. Of course, learning this song by heart doesn't replace your history and astronomy classes, but, it sometimes can come in handy. And if you listen to the entire song, your knowledge base might increase even more. So be sure to listen and reflect on the lyrics, especially if exams are approaching!

It's because of the the show's educational value that we think fans of all kinds can get into this show.

20 Big Bang Theory Memes That Show The Show Make No Sense

And so are the characters on the show. They're always hosting movie or TV-binging nights. You probably even enjoy playing video games as well or maybe reading is more your thing. We feel no shame in being nerdy, and it just proves that we're more like these characters than we originally thought. I'm going to say that's a big fat "Yes! And you know what? It kind of makes you want to rent a few books and get brush up on some astrophysics or something.

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The super smart guys from TBBT are the perfect motivation for you to get into physics, neuroscience, microbiology, or pretty much any other scientific field, and find out how the world around you actually functions.

Who said TV can't be educational and fun at the same time? Moreover, since Sheldon and Co.

raj and penny relationship memes