Parth and niti offscreen relationship

Did Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan's Niti Taylor really abuse Parth Samthaan publicly? -

Parth Samthaan-Niti Taylor aka Manik-Nandini to reunite for Vikas They may be seen romancing on-screen but their off-screen relationship is. Audiences loved Niti and Parth's sizzling chemistry on screen while off screen they did not even acknowledged each other. Niti and Anubhav. And not to forget the leads of the show Parth Samthaan and Niti explain that the characters are in a relationship for a long time and it had to look that way. about how things were not so cordial between the two off-screen.

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Breaking! Niti Taylor's real life romance affecting her show Ghulaam?

The show will feature youngsters who have dared to pursue love that does not fit into societal norms, and considered relationships that society at large still considers unusual.

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The show features Ashmit Patel as a mentor and Natasha Suri would be his support link playing the host of the show. Bachpan se Jawani Tak! This pretty actress celebrates her Birthday on 8th November. Also Check out https: Video maker Fx https: Follow Me on Social Media Twitter: Samthaan has also featured in a Youtube short film titled The Last Bet.

He will soon be making his bollywood debut with the flick Googly Ho Gai. Parth Samthaan Born on: Latest As per the reports, Star Plus is bringing a finite series of 26 episodes which will have dance as its core theme. Parth Samthaan and Mukti Mohan have been cast to romance each other in the finite series.

Gautami Kapoor is also in talks to play Mukti's mother. Are you similar in real life? Attitude wise, yes I am like Manik, but that's about it.

Did Kaisi Yeh Yaariyaan's Niti Taylor really abuse Parth Samthaan publicly?

The real Parth is very different from Manik and has very different habits. Manik is very passionate when it comes to love and portrays a range of emotions, but Parth has not found love in real life yet, and he is not that expressive either. A lot is written about you all the time. How do you handle the good and the bad stuff that comes your way? I do not read any stories written about me. I have found some funny, strange things written about me sometimes when I did read something, but it does not bother me.

Breaking! Niti Taylor's real life romance affecting her show Ghulaam? -

I know there will always be people who will keep poking and telling me what to do what not to do. Do you do the same with female adulation? There have been a lot of crazy fan instances but I prefer not to talk about them as it would look like I'm bragging.

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It was said that you were planning to quit the show as you don't get along with your co-star Niti Taylor. I don't think it is that important to share a cordial relationship with co-stars. We are all professional actors and it ultimately depends on our on screen chemistry.

parth and niti offscreen relationship

If we are not being able to pull it off on screen, then people would suggest to us that we should be friends off screen too. Niti and I have different hobbies and interests, so we indulge in our own activities when we're not shooting and hang out with our own set of friends.

parth and niti offscreen relationship