Michelle knight and amanda berry relationship

Why don't Cleveland abductees Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus talk to Michelle Knight? - danunah.info

michelle knight and amanda berry relationship

Michelle Knight, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were abducted by Ariel Castro between and Together they endured a gruesome. Knight described her relationship with Berry as "ok," but noted the two " Amanda was one of those girls that really didn't get it," Knight told the. Michelle Knight, who now goes by the name Lily Rose Lee, tells Dr. Phil Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus were later abducted by Castro battle with addiction and her relationship with fellow survivors Berry and DeJesus.

Of course, Amanda, Gina, and I forged a connection. But all of us knew that I was the one he tortured the most. I was the one who bore the brunt of his beatings: So by the time I was thirty years old I had lost six babies: When Amanda became pregnant, Castro did not force her to miscarry.

And when she went into labor, he made me act as midwife of the birth because I was the only one who knew anything at all about the process. The birth was rough, but it brought a beautiful child into our lives. Many, many times during those eleven years I was afraid I was going to die. And many times I was in such despair that I was afraid I was not going to die.

Why don’t Cleveland abductees Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus talk to Michelle Knight?

What kept me alive was my love for my son. Thinking about him, imagining him growing up, talking to him in my dreams, creating poems to him and about him in my mind and later writing the poems down on the scraps of paper Castro let me have: A daring move by Amanda made our escape possible. She found a small opening in the outside storm door on the main floor of the house, big enough that she could extend her arm through it.

Waving and shouting, she caught the attention of neighbors across the street.

Cleveland Kidnapping Survivor Michelle Knight: Healing After 11 Years in Hell

We had no idea that it was cops who were making the noise we heard downstairs. We did not know that Amanda was no longer in the house. We certainly did not know she had called for help.

The neighborhood was a tough one. Drug crime was rampant. I was so terrified that I fled into the next room and hid behind a cabinet. Then the door opened. The man and a woman entered. Blue uniforms, guns on their hips, silver badges. I threw my arms around her neck.

michelle knight and amanda berry relationship

Dear life was exactly what it was. Eleven grim and lonely years, filled with misery and pain, both mental and physical, and empty of anything that makes life worth living, had just ended.

michelle knight and amanda berry relationship

In a split second, life seemed possible again. When I finally let go of the police officer and made my way downstairs, I saw another police officer holding open the front door that Amanda had managed to break a hole in.

I walked through the door and down the porch steps. I never got to the appointment, had not seen my son in eleven years, and had lived through hell all that time. Michelle Knight, Cleveland kidnapping survivor, tells Dr.

michelle knight and amanda berry relationship

Phil, Michelle Knight, one of three women held captive in Ariel Castro's Cleveland home for nearly a decadeexpressed disappointment with fellow victim Amanda Berry and said her captor treated her especially harshly because her family wasn't looking for her.

Ohio women missing for nearly a decade found alive Knight described her relationship with Berry as "ok," but noted the two are "not best of friends.

She went on to say that Castro treated Berry "totally different" and this may have caused Berry to look at "the situation in a different way. She said that she was told by Castro that if the baby died, he would kill her. Knight said that the baby was born blue and that she had to give the baby CPR so that it started breathing.

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While Berry was allowed to give birth to a baby that she and Castro conceived, Knight said she became pregnant five times while inside the house and each time, Castro caused her to have a miscarriage. One time, she said, Castro jumped right on her stomach "with his feet and heavy body" in an effort to terminate her pregnancy.

Knight said she was starved and repeatedly punched in the stomach. She said Gina DeJesus, the third woman kidnapped and held captive in Castro's home, helped her get through the miscarriages and cope in times of pain. She recalled a time when she was forced by Castro to eat a sandwich with mustard on it, which she is allergic to. I couldn't talk," she recounted. Knight said DeJesus got her through it and didn't let her die.

Knight said she doesn't understand why Amanda was allowed to have a baby and she wasn't. He would always say, 'I don't want to make her cry, I don't want to make her upset or I don't want to hear her whiny mouth. He would try to make her happy instead of sad.

And it would hurt because I knew my family didn't care and I knew my family wasn't there for me, cause they never was," Knight went on to say in the televised interview.