Jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

Jennette McCurdy took a big stand and decided to finally get quotes, that's exactly how she described her relationship with Ariana Grande. Before Ariana Grande became well, Ariana Grande, she was on a Nickelodeon She co-starred with Jennette McCurdy as two BFFs who lived together and and has an adorable relationship with her boyfriend, Mac Miller. Ariana Grande says she's 'thankful' for Pete Davidson in a new song about her exes .. Jennette McCurdy, who starred opposite Grande on their Nickelodeon show . "For anyone to joke about this situation is disgusting and I think he should.

Moments Jennette once accidentally gave out Ariana's phone number during an uStream in an attempt to call her. Fans flooded Ariana's phone with texts and phone calls, but she quickly forgave Jennette and admitted that she actually had fun speaking to her fans. They did a livestream together during which they made prank calls, made dessert, and more. Ariana said in a couple of her livechats that Jennette is her best friend. Jennette came to Ariana's house to co-host a live Twitcam on August 10, Ariana and Jennette had a sleepover together on October 6, As does Ariana on occasion.

Ariana went with her family to the Thanksgiving Day Parade in New Yorkto support Jennette who was performing in the parade.

jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

They talked over the phone on December 7, This really shows their Ariana kissing Jennette on the cheek friendship. She said, "It's an honor to work with Jennette McCurdy.

I used to watch iCarly and I thought she was the funniest girl in the world. She's so down-to-earth and kind and sweet. She said, "I am so lucky to be working with Jennette McCurdy.

On occasion they do livestreams together. Ariana and Jennette filmed a Nesquik commercial together. Later that year, Ariana unfollowed Jennette too.

jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

Jennette gave her condolences to Ariana's family when Frank Grande died. However, they're still not following each other on Instagram. Jennette said in an interview in Februarythat she and Ariana are good friends. As for what happened to our friendship, it faded once through happenstance and it is happening this time through my stance. Where did I go?

» Know Your Beef: Ariana Grande vs. Jennette McCurdy (vs. Andre Drummond)

As far away from you as I can get. You sucked the life right out of me, and I want my life back.

jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

Take all of that with a grain of salt, but it certainly fits the narrative so far. Grande posted an emotional farewell to the show on guess TwitLongerwhich was very sweet on the surface, but whose thank-yous conspicuously left out any mention of McCurdy. It follows a former tween idol played by McCurdy whose hit show gets canceled, and who must then navigate the tricky and treacherous waters of Hollywood.

Ariana and Jennette

McCurdy wrote and produced the series, which is — actually! Arianators would probably disagree, especially by the time they made it to Episode 3, at the 2: The charges against Gloriana, and Ariana by proxy, seem to be that she is 1 dumb, 2 self-centered, and 3 successful. These are mostly personality issues, not so much direct accusations of harmful or offensive actions.

Perez Hilton, always an expert in finding ways to spend his time, has been shading Grande on Twitter for the better part of a year, and wasted no time in finding his own way to congratulate McCurdy on the web series tweets now deleted, but posted on Cambio.

Can I be in an upcoming episode? I heard that Gloriana gets around!

jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

ByeForever There are long-winded TwitLongers. There are subtweets with Perez never subtweet with Perez. There are questionable Instagram missives.

But where does one go after one has responded angrily to a fake tweet? Gaze upon this and despair. Verdict Five Rounds Out of Five: I like that her post-Nick aspiration is not to be a mainstream pop star, but to write for a sitcom.

jennette mccurdy and ariana grande relationship status

Arianators who have somehow found their way to this post, please take into account that I am the Jon Snow of the Nickelodeon Universe.

I literally knew nothing until about 24 hours ago. I think there is a LOT going on beneath the surface, much of which probably took place over the past eight years that Ariana and Jennette worked together.