Hawkgirl and hawkman relationship quiz

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hawkgirl and hawkman relationship quiz

With Hawkgirl entering DC's TV Universe, we explain the character Age Hawkgirl and Hawkman (Shiera and Carter Hall) actually had a son. What is the deal with DC's Hawkman and Hawkgirl? an impostor Katar Hal, who was pretending to be Carter Hall's son, and a totally different. Though he's the son of a lighthouse keeper on one hand, on the other he's . Like Hawkman, Hawkgirl was once an ancient Egyptian named.

She became an archaeologist and her work caught the eye of Hans Garber. He informed her of the Zambesi Amulets and the power that they possessed. There she met Queen Mari of Zambesi and the two of them fell in love. Shiera stayed in Zambesi with Mari and became her personal mechanic, building gadgets to assist Mari against her enemies. Hawkgirl discovers her true Thanagarian origins while fighting against Baroness Paula von Gunther.

After connecting herself with an ancient mechanic god it's revealed to Shiera that her parents were members of the Wingmen of Thanagarthey sought to warn the humans upon the intentions of Thanagar who wished to conquer the Earth; due to their actions they were captured and murdered.

hawkgirl and hawkman relationship quiz

They track the Batplane up until a street bar. There they fight against Black CanarySilver Banshee and Jinxduring the fight Black Canary escapes with the Batplane, so Hawkgirl, Poison IvyFlash, Supergirl and Batgirl chases her to retrieve the batplane, after defeating Black Canary they successfully retrieve the batplane, to celebrate their victory they all go to Themyscira with Wonder Woman to have a slumber party. Gods Among Us[ edit ] In the comic book adaptation of Injustice: She first appears to answer Wonder Woman 's call for heroes at the Watchtower.

After being informed of the situation, the kidnapping of Superman's parents at the hands of Mirror Mastershe is one of the many heroes to agree to help locate the Rogue. She battles Weather Wizard in Central City, and is later seen waiting outside the villain's bar. Hawkgirl next appears to help Wonder Woman battle the attacking Atlanteans and Aquaman.

Hawkgirl battles the forces of Atlantis as Wonder Woman orders her to rescue the people who had been knocked off the boat by Aquaman's attack.

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She watches Arthur's forces suddenly retreat and notices the massive tsunami fast approaching. She is the first to realize there is something behind the wave. Hawkgirl spots what she believes are mountains rising out of the water, but are in fact the massive tentacles of the Kraken Aquaman called to his aid. Hawkgirl is ensnared by one of the Kraken's tentacles and dragged underwater, slowly drowning while Wonder Woman struggles to save her.

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After Superman arrives and forces Aquaman to call his beast off, Hawkgirl is ordered by the Man of Steel to help the sailors while Superman and the League go to give their response to Aquaman's ultimatum.

Hawkgirl removes the leader of a country from his limousine during a parade before she loses him to Captain Atom. Shocked, Shiera lets her guard down and is struck by a blast of electricity, causing her to fall to the streets below.

Collapsed, Hawkgirl sees Black Lightning and Huntress before the latter knocks her unconscious with an arrow bolt. Hawkgirl is later seen being held in a cell in the Batcave, glaring at Batman and Catwoman as they discuss the League's reaction to her kidnapping. When Catwoman points out the League will be searching for her, Batman disagrees and the scene cuts to the Watchtower, where to many heroes shock, a second Hawkgirl is seen arriving.

The true Hawkgirl has remained trapped within the Batcave while her imposter has been revealed as the Martian Manhunter, shape-shifted into her form.

Exactly a week later, the Martian Manhunter is exposed thanks to Batman's son Damian, and Bruce releases Hawkgirl as promised. Shiera makes her way to the crashed Watchtower and confirms her identity by easily putting out a lit match. Hawkgirl goes to the Hall of Justice to question Lex Luthor over whether Sinestro truly willingly gave up his ring and powers before allowing himself to be imprisoned.


Luthor confirms her questions before saying he still believes Sinestro has something else to play before Sinestro responds that the Green Lanterns will soon arrive to capture Superman and that the League will need his help to stop them. Hawkgirl is next seen waiting for Superman and Shazam in Utah at the Great Salt desert, mace at the ready as she answers Shazam's question of what the Man of Steel thinks they're dealing with by replying "He thinks we're dealing with Green Lanterns.

When she sees Superman staring up into the sky, she asks how many Lanterns are on the way, with Superman replying, "Too many. Shortly after, Hawkgirl is defeated, her Nth Metal mace taken by Green Lantern Tomar-Re, and her unconscious body trapped in a bubble construct alongside Shazam.

Before any of them can be taken to Oa, Sinestro arrives, killing Ch'p. Shiera is freed and recovers her mace before engaging Tomar-Re and Procanon Kaa in a battle until the arrival of the Sinestro Corps. Hawkgirl flies above the captured Green Lanterns, silently observing as they remove their rings in surrender and she witnesses the Sinestro Corps depart the Earth on Sinestro's orders. During the lost seven months, Hawkgirl worked alongside fellow League members Superman and Shazam as well as Lanterns Hal, John and Sinestro in toppling more 'rogue nations' to continue establishing peace across the world.

When Hawkman returns to Thanagar and does not find Hawkgirl he goes to Earth. There he tries to force Hawkgirl to leave Superman's Regime and return home, but, loyal to Superman, Shiera fights against Hawkman; after defeating him she asks him to leave or she will kill him. Not respecting her wish, Hawkman later returns to Earth and tries to kill Superman with a kryptonite mace; he fails and is killed in a fist fight against Superman.

In the television series Smallville, Hawkman was killed by Slade Wilson. Hawkman has some weird powers. He can grow lost limbs, reincarnate after dying and breathe underwater. Don't worry, he's got some regular "hawk" powers, too, like the ability to fly. What gives him his power to fly, however, depends on the version of Hawkman that you're dealing with.

The Hawkman that comes from the planet Thanagar can fly due to the Nth metal in his costume. Those that have bonded with the material can control it mentally and one of its amazing properties is its ability to negate gravity. In the DC series Identity Crisis, Deathstroke was able to cut Carter Hall's harness off of him and without it, his wings stayed in the air while Hall came crashing to the ground. In this instance, his actual ability to fly only came from the metal in his harness and his wings helped propel him through the air as well as just kinda looking cool.

In the television series Smallville, Hawkman had actual wings that sprouted from his body and they were strong enough to protect him from a nearby explosion. In the New 52, Thanagarians lost their wings due to a disease spread by the Daemonites. After bonding with Nth metal, Katar Hol's wings grew back. Hawkman can fly at speeds of over mph!

Birds of prey can see anywhere between two to eight times better than a regular person. Their eyesight is so good they can even see such things as ultraviolet light and magnetic fields, things that normal humans cannot detect with the naked eye.

hawkgirl and hawkman relationship quiz

When it comes to night vision, it's nothing special and on par with humans. So when he's tracking down villains, just how good is Hawkman's vision? Before they leave, Hawkman is able to detect that they are being spied upon. With a random glance, Hawkman was able to see Flash vibrating ultra-fast in order to appear invisible. Considering that Wally West is no slow poke, that's pretty impressive that without trying, he was able to spot the Fastest Man Alive hiding in the shadows.

The Silver Age Hawkman had some help: The two characters have both their pasts as well as their destinies intertwined with each other, which made for some difficult storytelling over the years. An attempt was made to resolve the contradictory histories of both characters during the DC crossover Zero Hour.

Zero Hour was considered somewhat of a sequel to Crisis on Infinite Earths, a massive crossover that did an equally massive rewrite of DC Comics. Millenia ago in ancient Egypt, an alien spacecraft from an unknown world - later revealed to be the planet Thanagar - crash landed in the desert, drawing the attention of Prince Khufu, his lover Chay-Ara, and a seriously jealous priest named Hath-Set.

It wasn't the technology or the origins of the alien ship that became the subject of study, but the metal that was harnessed to give it flight.

By melting it down and molding it into a scarab and armored gauntlet, Khufu was given the gift of flight and superhuman strength. Unfortunately, Hath-Set was too evil to stay silent for long, and ended up killing both Khufu and Chay-Ara with a knife cast in the alien material - known as "Nth Metal" - and setting a cycle of reincarnation in motion that would last thousands of years.

The mystical properties of the metal reacted to the love shared by the pair, causing them to be reincarnated time and again The star of the story is archaeologist Carter Hall, who uncovers the same knife used to kill Khufu and Chay-Ara, and falls into a deep and dream-filled sleep.

Carter sees himself as an Egyptian prince, and the woman he was hopelessly in love with and died beside. Carter then woke to find the very same woman standing in front of him, now going by the name of Shiera Saunders. Fashioning equipment out of the Nth Metal and creating a costume, Carter took to crime-fighting with Shiera as his girlfriend.

It would be some time before Shiera got in on the action herself, putting on one of Carter's 'Hawkman' costumes and joining him on a mission in "All-Star Comics" 5 It became something of a habit, with Shiera eventually making it a similar calling, gracing herself with the name 'Hawkgirl' and joining Carter in battle and, eventually, the Justice Society.