Godric and eric relationship help

Why did Eric Northman love Godric So much in true blood? | Yahoo Answers

godric and eric relationship help

It's my opinion that the series created the Godric episode (much different than the books, but not a problem for me) to broaden Eric's emotional. Sookie's parents and Aunt Linda died in the flood and Gran needed help . What if Godric and Eric meet Sookie in Merlots and the moment they saw This story will explore their relationship, which will be Dominant/submissive in nature. Luckily Godric and Eric are there to help Sookie as she leaves Bill and figures I love it when writers take the time to develop the relationships.

Godric became the Vampire sheriff of Area 9 in Dallas, Texas at least years beforethough in truth, it could have been much earlier.

godric and eric relationship help

Godric eventually established a nest in Dallas which included Stan Baker and Isabel Beaumontwho became his most trusted underlings and with whom he shared both his home and wealth.

In they tracked a werewolf down to a house in AugsburgGermany. The werewolf attacked and killed an American soldier before turning on Eric, but Godric stabbed her in the arm with a bayonet, pinning her to the wall. Eric demanded to know who her master was, but the werewolf said she'd only tell them if he let her drink some of his blood.

godric and eric relationship help

Godric was deeply offended by the idea, as vampire blood is sacred. Eric, however, didn't care. He bit himself and allowed the werewolf to feed from his wrist.

Why did Eric Northman love Godric So much in true blood?

She then revealed that her master was a vampire. The werewolf took advantage of his distraction by pushing Eric to the ground and attempting to stake him. Godric intervened and snapped the werewolf's neck. Godric lectured his progeny about maintaining control of his emotions, before promising to hunt the blasphemous vampire down.

Shortly after this confrontation, Eric and Godric parted ways. They would not meet again for many decades. It was almost as if she had to go to him, as if her arms needed to hold him close and give him whatever comfort she could. There was no way she was going to let him suffer, not when she could do something, anything, to help ease whatever the hell it was that was going on with him.

At one scary point it seemed as though he perched on the edge of something huge, but she had no clue what any of it was about. There was no way that she somehow magically knew what he needed. She was just really good at figuring out what people needed emotionally, that was all.

She tilted her head as far to the side as she could to catch the slight bit of his scent that still lingered. Eyes closed, she inhaled deeply. She covered her face and giggled helplessly for a long minute, then resolutely got up and started getting ready for bed.

After all, she had work in the morning, and come what may in the form of ancient vampires or not, she still had bills to pay. Although it was hard to brush her teeth while grinning like a mad woman, she finally achieved that goal. The smile never left her face that evening, not even during her shower. Eventually she fell asleep…grin still firmly attached. It had been centuries since Godric had called him for anything; fuck, after his baby vamp years, even commands were rare.

Yet just half an hour ago, he had felt that beloved, mystical tingle crawling up his spine and into the back of his head. He shivered once again at the shock and the memory. And during his first decades as a vampire, he had learned to differentiate between the different tones of a call. Every call had a tone, and each tone had a meaning. He knew of no other line that had such a useful gift. It had taken some practice with his sire, but eventually Eric could correctly both send and interpret any call as to its brief meaning, be it danger, come home, go to ground, or any of the other succinct directives.

This call had taken the tone of a gentle homing edict, and as soon as he had recovered from the shock, he had closed his office at TSO and gone immediately to his most secure residence in the Shreveport area.

godric and eric relationship help

Eric shook his head; sadly, he could truly see it happening. Godric exhibited his self-control in a much …different… manner than before. Hell, who was he kidding — the calm, cool, collected Maker of years gone by was apparently no longer in mental residence…anything was possible these nights.

Decisions, Chapter 10

They make it out of the building and arrive to the front of the burning building in Eric's car. Due to Lilith's blood, Bill is able to pull the stake out without being harmed. Eric walks Sookie home, and mentions how she staked Bill to save him. Sookie says that Bill's not the only one that changed and that she's not the same girl she used to be.

Eric then tells Sookie, that she'll always be "that girl in the white dress" who walked into his bar. Sookie thanks Eric for walking her home, and Eric decides to return Sookie's house for her own protection. Sookie thanks him and quietly rescinds his invitation to her house, as she wants to have a normal life again. Nora waits outside Sookie's porch and Eric tells her that they won't include Sookie in their plans from now on. Nora remarks that Eric's in love with Sookie and that she may have found his weakness.

Eric tells Nora to not "stir this pot" and they both leave. Sookie is happy to see Eric and runs up and hugs him, when she sees the dark veins on his chest she is devastated claiming that he can't die on her. As Eric holds Sookie he further tells her about his travels after the events of Season 6stating that he thought he might see the world "one last time.

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When the group arrives at Fangtasiaas weak as Eric is, he tries his best to help Sookie save her friends from Hep V vamps. After Eric drinks the cure from Sarah Newlin's blood, he comes to see Sookie to let her know that he's alright. Sookie is rejoiced, but informs him that Bill is sick. Eric promises to help Bill.

Sookie tells Bill to drink her blood, but he refuses. Eric holds Sookie as she cries into his chest. Sookie tells Eric to try to convince Bill to take the cure. Eric tells Sookie to let Bill go. He tells her that Bill's made up his mind and that she should let him go. Eric then flies Sookie to her house.