Fizz and amanda relationship test

fizz and amanda relationship test

Did Omarion Break Up With His Baby Mama Over A Paternity Test? and Omarion seem to have a very good relationship – but Omarion's. Fizz wants something that Amanda cant give him. .. Brandi and Max's rocky marriage is tested further when Max begins working with Masika. Princess has her. not crazy, Fizz & Amanda's relationship, her sex toy line, and much more. I'm very much involved in my son's life, that's never to be tested or.

She is from Kansas City, Missouri.

fizz and amanda relationship test

Her strained relationship with Lyrica and her mother are chronicled throughout the third season. Kyesha Shalina Season 3-present is Willie's mistress.

She is a rapper from Willie and Shanda's hometown in Chicago. She claims to have been in a secret relationship with Willie for 12 years.

He is introduced as Hazel-E's love interest. However, he refuses to acknowledge their relationship as anything more than casual sex. He later pursues a relationship with Masika, igniting a feud between the two girls.

In the first season reunion, he claims to have received oral sex from Teairra.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

He was fired from the show in after he was arrested for allegedly assaulting Masika after the reunion taping Morgan Hardman Season 1 is introduced as Ray J's executive assistant of many years. She has a son, LaCorey.

fizz and amanda relationship test

The first season chronicles their dramatic falling out, including a violent confrontation at the first season reunion. Amanda Secor Season 1 is introduced as Lil' Fizz's girlfriend. They break up later in the first season due to her infidelity.

Yesi Ortiz Season 1 guest star in season 3 is Morgan's friend and confidante. She is a DJ and radio personality at Power Sincere Show Season 1 is a night club promoter.

He gets into a physical altercation with Teairra after he criticises her weight and singing ability. Leslie Burrell Season 1 is Omarion's mother. The first season chronicles her strained relationship with her daughter in law, Apryl. Rich Dollaz Season 2 is introduced as Moniece's boyfriend. The second season documents his relationship with Moniece, which includes a brief engagement before they break up in the finale. Miles "Siir" Brock Season 2 is a rapper, actor and model.

He is introduced as Milan's boyfriend. The second season documents his coming out story and his struggles to reveal his sexuality to his family and his ex-girlfriend Amber. Milan Christopher Brown Season 2 is a rapper, model and gay activist. The show chronicles his struggles as an openly gay man keeping his relationship with Miles a secret. The two had a very public and violent breakup in She is an aspiring rapper with a daughter.

The series chronicles her lingering feelings for Miles and her shock at his coming out as gay. Nastassia "Nas" Smith Season 2 is introduced as Nia's ex-best friend. She is an urban model, video vixen and fashion designer. She has a violent falling out with Nia after pursuing her boyfriend Soulja Boy.

Kamiah Adams Season 2 is introduced as Lil Fizz's girlfriend. She is a model and actress of Puerto Rican ethnicity. Her and Fizz split up early into the second season after she clashes with Nikki and mocks his bedroom skills. Marla Thomas Season 2 is Moniece's mother.

Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood

She is a radio personality and wife of Dave Thomas, a singer from the gospel group Take 6. New York 's second season were filmed in Miami, originally intended to set up a spin-off starring Teairra and Erica Mena. Hollywood, becoming one of the show's original eight cast members. The first two seasons explore her lingering feelings for Ray Jwho she dated on-and-off again for nine years prior to the show, and her violent feud with his girlfriend, Princess Love.

The third and fourth seasons delve deeper into her personal struggles and battle with alcoholismincluding being charged with battery and theft after an altercation with an Uber driver in She begins dating producer Cisco Rosado, much to the disapproval of her friends, and her drinking problem worsens, leading to an on-camera intervention and subsequent stint in rehab.

In season fivewhile struggling with sobriety, she enters a relationship with Akbar Abdul-Ahad.

List of Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood cast members - Wikipedia

Unbeknownst to her, he is already in a polyamorous relationship with two women. The storyline made headlines in May[4] [5] when a sex tape of Teairra appeared on social media, and she announced in a press conference with Lisa Bloom that she intended to sue Akbar for allegedly leaking the video and 50 Cent for reposting it, citing revenge porn laws.

Teairra was criticised by fans, fellow cast members and the media for allegedly fabricating the storyline, which she denies.

fizz and amanda relationship test

She has a son, Kamron, with Lil' Fizzborn in The series chronicles her public battle with mental illness, [8] her struggles to shake off her "deadbeat mom" reputation [9] and her at-times violent rivalries with the other women in the cast. New York cast member Rich Dollaz, and her difficult relationship with her mother Marla is explored.

fizz and amanda relationship test

She reveals her bisexuality at the season three reunion, and her girlfriend, A. After publicly begging producers to be let out of her contract, [10] [11] Moniece confirmed that five would be her last. Jones, birth name April Jones, is a singer, songwriter and backing vocalist of mixed Taiwanese and African-American ethnicity.

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The first season chronicles her strained relationship with Omarion's mother Leslie, as well as the pregnancy and birth of her first child. Hazel-E[ edit ] A publicistentrepreneur and aspiring rapper.

She is introduced as Teairra's best friend and confidant, despite the two often coming to blows throughout the series.

fizz and amanda relationship test

The first season chronicles her ill-fated relationship with rapper Yung Berg and her bitter feud with Masika. After breaking her nose in Dubai and having a drink thrown in her face during filming of the second season, she quit the series, comparing it to a "freak show". She rejoins the main cast in the fourth season, entering a relationship with aspiring rapper Rose Burgandy and beginning what she calls "the Hazel-E stunt phase". After sparking violent feuds with nearly every member of the cast and causing controversy for making a series of anti-gay and colorist posts on social media, it was reported that Hazel had been fired from the show.

Norwood, full name Willie Ray Norwood Jr. He was in an on-again, off-again relationship with Teairra for nine years, and at the first season reunion, admits to previous flings with Moniece and Hazel. The series chronicles his turbulent relationship with model Princess Love, who he marries in the third season's finale.