Black star and tsubaki relationship help

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black star and tsubaki relationship help

1 Maka Albarn; 2 Soul Eater Evans; 3 Little Demon; 4 Black☆Star; 5 Tsubaki Nakatsukasa; 6 Death the Kid; 7 Elizabeth "Liz" Thompson .. Crona: " Relationships are painful. Crona: "I'm here to help someone who's alway been there for me. I needed to help with my brother moving out and I felt a bit sad knowing "Maka and I have already agreed we don't want our relationship to become . Maka and Soul watched as Tsubaki and Black Star started to argue a bit. is also a whole episode with Black star and Tsubaki working together and all. only characters that seem to give off any hint of having a romantic relationship.

She was a very dependable partner. Fit for someone as great as him. Because of her he didn't have to worry about the not so important tasks in life.

Tsubaki Nakatsukasa/Relationships

She got everything covered already. At night, as Tsubaki prepared Black star's meal for him, she wished he would open up about what he did on his trainings. She missed him terribly. She was afraid to ask him if he was still happy with their partnership because if he said he was not happy anymore and would like to do things on his own, or go to missions alone, she wouldn't know what to do.

Black star was the center of her life. She knew he would go places. Become bigger than she could ever be. And she wanted that. She thought highly of Black star. She would be the happiest weapon in the world if Black star became a great meister. It would be an honor to have been his partner. But lately, she felt that he was drawing away from him. Like he seemed quieter during meals. He was always brooding. And he couldn't seem to get over his fixation of doing ten thousand push-ups every night before going to bed.

They hardly talked anymore and she missed that. She just missed him so much. But she knew he was busy. It was a good thing she was able to talk to Mifune-sensei about her problems. He was such a dear friend. He dutifully listened to her while she rambled about her insecurities where Black star was concerned. He seemed to care. It became their daily habit to hang out in the canteen after their respective classes, she as a student, and he as a new teacher in Shibusen.

Their relationship was a very platonic one, and she was happy she could share her thoughts with another swordsman like him. There was no time to give notice to Black star and the others. Grumbling, Black star went back to their classroom in search of Tsubaki. This would be the first time in a very long while that he would be walking home with her.

He found Soul and Maka by their lockers. Did she go home already?

Sweet Nothings Chapter 1: Black Star and Tsubaki: Third Wheel, a soul eater fanfic | FanFiction

Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be in that special training of yours for loser meisters who can't wield their weapons while on Enchanted Form?

I'm Black star, the best meister the world has ever seen! Maka and I are preparing for a mission," Soul gleefully announced. It has been so long since Shinigami-sama gave Tsubaki and me a mission. And that's why Shinigami-sama gives us more assignments. Don't start this one with Black star.

I'm not gonna be able to hear the end of this. We're packing tonight for a mission. We're going to Europe. Eat that, you god like loser! For a moment Black star felt the green eyed monster called jealousy perch up on his shoulder. Then he waved the feeling away. He was Black star. He was better than everyone. He trained the hardest amongst all of them. His team with Tsubaki was invincible. Grim faced, he went to the direction of the canteen.

He had to find Tsubaki. He had to ask her if there was something wrong with their partnership, why Shinigami-sama couldn't seem to delegate an assignment to them recently.

Fuck Yeah TsuStar • Black Star and Tsubaki's Relationship via Soul

He hadn't gotten to the door yet of the canteen when his eyes caught the sight of Tsubaki from the window. She was seated on a table, sipping tea with none other than the silent ronin, Mifune. What was she doing there with him? He was about to walk in to find out when suddenly Mifune reached out towards Tsubaki brushing a lock of hair that had gotten to her face. He pushed the lock behind her ear. Tsubaki seemed to giggle at the action. Mifune was gazing at her with a rapt expression on his face.

To an onlooker the gesture appeared more than friendly. It was very very intimate. For the first time in his life, Black star felt sucker punched. The unseen force felt so deadly he felt his gut twisting. Another man had dared to touch his Tsubaki. All at once Black star began to see red. No one touched Tsubaki that way except him. Only he had the right to hold her. Fuming mad, he barged into the canteen bustling with students, slammed the door open and bellowed.

All the students in the canteen stopped what they were doing and focused on the boy at the door, who looked deadly furious. Tsubaki didn't know what was going on. Shouldn't you be home? What do you mean, date? You never asked me if you could do that! I thought you were home! Tsubaki shook her head. This is not a date, Black star! We were just talking -" "Was touching you part of talking?

Suddenly a girl piped up beside Tsubaki. She was a random girl from their class. For the past two weeks if I may add. We all thought you are in a secret relationship with him, to be quite honest. She looked at Black star who heard the whole thing. The boy regarded her with stone cold eyes. I didn't see your name tattooed on her. She isn't your property.

She can go with whomever she likes, especially when you keep on neglecting her while you go to trainings on your own. He needs to know that," Mifune gently admonished. Whatever it is I am doing I am doing for her! Black star glared at Mifune. I will annihilate you for assuming too much. Tsubaki isn't yours to try to figure out.

I'm on a whole different level than you. I'm a big man! Who else can say that?! I'm the only 1 big enough to capitalize me! These are the tears of those who died with regrets. If there's a way to take away these regrets, I'll make sure I'll find it. I'll never give up. The only time I lose is when I die! Mifune, let's get something straight. The path I choose isn't of the Warrior or the Demon. You don't know this path! You've never seen it before, Samurai!

Like her brother, she is a member of the Nakatsukasa clan. I'm not a microphone, I'm a chain scythe! You don't understand assassination, do you? If you're trying to be an assassin, you have to learn how to shut up! It proclaims nothing, blooming in silence. A silent flower without fragrance. He's helped me see that a Camellia does have a fragrance! If we're fools we're fools together, that's the kind of team we are. He is apparently the strongest of the trio, as he is a grim reaper. Your stance is off again!

The 2 of you aren't in a line! Everything must be aesthetically pleasing. That's why I use the 2 of you as twin pistols in order to preserve symmetry.

It isn't perfect because your human forms are so different from each other, though. Even your boobs are different sizes! Why is there only 1 set of stripes?! I deserve to die!

I'm worrying about it! What the hell kind of thing are you? I've never seen anything more messed up in my life! Do you know nothing about symmetry?

You make me violently ill. Such utter garbage cannot be allowed to live! How could this happen? Did I really forget to fold the tip of the toilet paper into a triangle?

Something like that could ruin my life forever. I can't be defeated by toilet paper. If I turn my back on this, I shouldn't be allowed to live anymore. It has to be 8 instead! Take it back, I beg of you! We'll work together, it's a good thing there are 2 of us here. This way would be impassable alone. Finding a fairy or two shouldn't be surprising. No matter what I do I can't get the K right!

I'm a horrible disgusting person who doesn't deserve to live another day! Now do it again! Maybe I should have listened to my father. He tried to pick out a good weapon for me, but I refused to listen to him! All I cared about, all I wanted was symmetry! Was that so much to ask for?! Your desperation had wound up working against us. Take a closer look, what you actually cut was the shrine's seal in the bag.

It's sort of ironic, you were so focused on destroying the syringe that you left yourself vulnerable. In the very end, you must have been hallucinating. Everything must be in balance. Perfect balance is the key to everything. Until the world is balanced. I am a Grim Reaper. I refuse to grant anyone the freedom to kill! Flowing right toward the sun! It's so beautiful, even the sky is symmetrical! I'll enforce your death penalty Noah.

What right do you have to talk about symmetry, anyway?

What happened to Black Star and Tsubaki?

Three stripes on the left side of your hair and none on the right?! That doesn't look symmetrical to me! You can't forget that you're a grim reaper. Compared to that, what do three little lines matter?

black star and tsubaki relationship help

These little rich kids are always so gullible. That doesn't sound right! Nothing could scare us. We walked around town like we owned the place, taking whatever we wanted whenever we wanted it. No one ever thought to ask what our lives were really like.

Let's forget about consistency for now. We can pass right on through, just don't look at them for too long. In your defense, I suppose poorly arranged bombs are terrifying to you as a path full of monster would be to most normal people. Hold on a sec. The Kishin is gonna wake back up if you give up this easily! If you can't do this, then who can?! Just tell him in that special way that you have. If you were garbage you would smell a lot worse, so why don't we just get up and try again, okay?

I've been wondering something. How come everyone always closes their eyes when they sneeze? Is it to keep their eyes from popping out of their heads?

I can break your neck! Merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily, life is but a dream. They make me nervous. I don't know how I'm supposed to deal with a guy like that! I don't think I could deal with that really. I don't think I can handle astronomy right now. My blood is black, you know. I need to learn to deal with people better. It's inside your head. But that's okay I can use my screams to blow them all away. I bet dead people are a lot easier to get along with.

I don't know how to deal with being any skinnier than I already am! When you squat it looks like you're going to the bathroom! If something's bothering you, why not write a poem?

I'm here to stop you Medusa! I'm sick of being some tool for you to use. I'm happy now for the first time. Ragnarok[ edit ] [The Demon Sword: Ragnarok is the first inhuman weapon introduced in Soul Eater. Ragnarok has taken to absorbing any soul, evil or not. By taking innocent souls, Ragnarok lost what little sanity he had and his soul wavelength had grown out of control and vastly overpowers Crona's own wavelength, which could potentially eventually lead to Ragnarok devouring Crona's soul.

Fortunately, his soul wavelength was evened out when Lord Death confiscated the souls Ragnarok had taken. You're so scary when you're stressed out like that. You won't live that long! If the grim reaper catches up to us you're not having any dinner tonight. Quit thinking about the brat who ran off and focus on the one who's right in front of you!

You're not gonna manage anything. Don't you remember how this went last time? You and your weapon didn't manage so well. I don't even know why I bother with you anyway. A puny little soul like yours is hardly even worth eating. That Star brat from earlier looked a lot tastier than you. You're an unappetising useless little girl.

I don't even need to fight you. I could probably bully you to death from here! No one will hear your screams when ya lose. Look what you did! You got me locked up in here with you because you couldn't pull yourself together! And this and this! What the hell did you do!? Why am I so little now!? You gotta be kidding me! Who'd wanna be friends with a pathetic thing like him!?

He isn't even any fun! You wanna keep him around as a punching bag!

black star and tsubaki relationship help

Bullying him is an excellent way to reduce stress! That's what you want him for I'm the only one who gets to beat up Crona! He's mine, you can't have him! I don't believe it!! You have no idea how it feels to be hit by you! It's like when you haven't crapped in 3 days and 3 nights, and then you get a toilet water splash back bonus when you unload it all!! Don't try to fight back! I never agreed to be your friend!! Heh, just thought I'd mention that. Don't know why though.

No way we're gonna help you Not even for 3 pieces of candy I don't actually want any candy. I'm not a baby, you idiot. Maka Albarn, you know how to strike a good bargain.

It pays to negociate, don't 'cha think? We're on fire now! I'll just harden the blood after you say thank you. Are you trying to study right now? You're a strange girl. You should try and find a partner who can cook, like that Tsubaki girl!

Things are getting interesting. Which means it might be a good place to look for the vault. We were trying to find our room and we lost our way We couldn't have done it without you. Why didn't I get any? How about some pepper? I like it spicy! Whilst she was out of the room, we just added a little drop to her tea.

black star and tsubaki relationship help

Crona's scary when she's all riled up. Hey, screwshit, where'd you go!? Son of a bitch! Hurry and pull yourself together! If we take another hit from his Soul's wavelength, we're done for! Just do what feels natural, in the moment! Just snap the hell out of it! Focus on the chick in front of us. How Crona chopped you up last time?!

Eating a small fry's soul like yours won't even leave a taste. That star kid from before looks ten times tastier! You're not even attractive! We're gonna beat the crap out of you! That's al that's left to do! We'll cut you down to size. Damn you, damn you! Why is my master like this?!

Don't say stupid things! It has to be bullying! It's a great way to relieve stress, isn't it? I am Crona's real friend! I won't let you have her! How dare you hit me! Do you know how I feel, being hit by you? That kind of feeling! This was all your fault you know!? Besides, I don't remember ever becoming one of your buddies! I just wanted to say it. We're only supposed to observe, you see? We won't lend a hand. Even if you give me three pieces of candy. I don't really want any candy.

I'm not a kid! I was just negotiating. I prefer the macho look. I need to cover up. I like the macho look! There is nothing unexpected or odd about it. Because this is reality. Not one shred of uncertainty exists here. Not even fear, of course…" Asura: You see, I've had an awful lot to think about ever since you locked me up. There was no escaping it. When you're sealed inside a bag of your own skin there's only so much you can do. Your mind starts to wander.

And after lengthy consideration, I realized something; when all is said and done, this world is an unknowable place. On the surface, all appears rational, orderly. But what lies beyond that thin veneer of reason? Or chaos and madness? What are we really made of in the end? Is there truly any meaning to the lives we lead? Or are we nothing more than hollow vessels? These are questions we can never answer, because we cannot hope to see beyond the world's fragile layer of skin.

So we live our lives filled with uncertainty, never knowing who or what we truly are, or what the future will bring. All we can do is imagine.

black star and tsubaki relationship help

Life becomes an unsolvable mystery with any number of twists and turns awaiting us. And that's enough to fill any soul with terror. It's more than that. The answers that we imagine are what really frighten us.

It's imagining future pain that hurts us the most. Would you like to hear it?

black star and tsubaki relationship help

Very well then, it's quite simple. See Reaper, I have decided not to imagine any more. I think you should choose your words more carefully. Following the rules doesn't guarantee an escape from fear. That's not how the truth is found.

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You make your followers feel safe by offering them white lies and comforting words Don't you know that it only harms them more? What's wrong with surrendering to madness?

That's where the true peace is. You'll find out soon enough that you're the weak one, Reaper. Perhaps you should say Goodbye to your son. What is it something I said? I hope we'd be able to come to an understanding. I know it may be difficult for you to do, but see if you can find any information about where he is and bring him back here, even if you have to use force.

Wes knew his parents had a bad habit of constantly trying to pressure Soul to do better, but now even he was beginning to see why Soul had such a strained relationship with them if this was how they truly behaved. Wes twirled around his chair with a sigh before eventually getting up and leaving his apartment. He honestly didn't have much work to do since he was only temporarily in Death City for the summer to do some concertos before leaving again for New York in a few weeks. Wes sighed and managed to put a smile on his face as he greeted the manager at the reception desk.

Wes wiped a few stray beads of sweat from his face before speaking up. They still have any mail sent to them on hold and I haven't seen them around for a few weeks now. The man looked Wes up and down and narrowed his eyes. Besides that, I honestly don't know where the two of them went off to.

Black Star's car is even still parked in our lot and they paid their June and July rent ahead of time, which is unusual for them. Maka blinked in stunned silence before she started glowering at Soul in anger. Tsubaki smiled weakly and managed to give him a small cheer of praise that made Black Star frown and swim closer to her once he resurfaced from underwater. Tsubaki quickly shook her head. I just feel a bit tired since I didn't get enough sleep last night. The only person I've been trying to contact at night has been Angela, which has been basically impossible to do because international calls are so expensive and we're seven hours ahead.

Black Star is only making assumptions. Black Star shrugged, but still remained suspicious. It actually isn't any of your business if you think about it. At least tell me what's been going on with you lately! Now if you excuse me, I think I want to take a quick nap before getting lunch. Soul shrugged and looked back towards Black Star who was angrily gripping his hands tightly against the borders of the pool. Maka nodded her head in agreement and stepped out of the pool to dry off and then quickly follow after Tsubaki.

Soul sighed and tapped Black Star on the shoulder to get his attention, but Black Star only shoved him away. Soul scowled as his crimson red eyes darkened in annoyance before he quickly calmed down. What exactly just happened back there? Maybe it was something personal she just didn't feel like talking to you about yet. You guys have only been dating for like 3 weeks now; she's not going to immediately tell you all of her business in such a short amount of time.

Black Star leaned his head back against the pool's edge, but eventually looked back towards Soul and nodded his head in understanding. You're telling me not to get too emotionally invested in Tsubaki when you're doing the same exact thing with Maka whether you want to admit it or not. She'll let you know more about herself when she's ready to. We only have a few days left in June after all. Tsubaki sighed and turned around to face Maka. Tsubaki sighed and gazed down glossy blue fingernails.

It's hard to not get more and more feelings for him since we've been spending so much time together. I just hate how he assumed I was talking to another guy.

Tsubaki nodded her head and looked back up at Maka with a smile. Soul and I promised each other we wouldn't let our feelings get too strong. Maka quickly grabbed Tsubaki by the arm before she could walk any further. I'm sure you feel the same way about you and Soul. Even though I really like Soul, I don't think telling him about my past romances is necessary at the moment. I'm pretty sure anyone Soul knew has already gone on vacation somewhere like he did for the summer or I just don't know them.