Winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Winx Club: Flora and Helia | FanFiction

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Founder: KukkiaKipu - Stories: 21 - Followers: 29 - Staff: 1 - id: Winx Club - Rated: T - English - Drama/Romance - Chapters: 8 - Words: Ater a masquerade ball Flora and Helia meet, only they dont know that they meet each other. Flora meets Helia for the first time at Red Fountain. She feels an immediate attraction. But she is the Princess of Linphea and is betothed. "I went to Nightly." Helia sighed. "To meet my fiancé." He gritted out the last word as though he were cursing god to hell. "Flora must have been.

Can she make her life beautiful again or will she let pain and suffering take love's place?

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

Winx Club - Rated: When his childhood crush comes back to town he wants to change for her. Can he really change his heart to get the girl of his dreams?

Helia and Flora ONLY! | FanFiction

So torn up about it Flora has completely given up on relationships till Helia reveals something he has hiding from almost everyone. She soon ends up at a special school for people just like her. At the school she not only learns to control her powers but find out about her past and falls for a male unlike anyone she has met before. After a chemical accident Flora and Helia becomes seventeen again. Now young again the two begin enjoying life and discover that they still have feelings for each other and the reason why they separated in the first place.

On the first day of school he meets Flora, a brunette beauty that took his breath away. As time moves along feelings are known, the connection they share only get stronger with time. Now a thousand years later they are reborn. Upon meeting each other the two become aware of their past lives together and formed a connection. Will they get together? Sick and tired of been neglected Flora ends their engagement before getting involved in an accident.

winx club helia and flora meet fanfiction sites

After that Helia realize what's more important to him and hopes Flora will take him back. Not having a knack for romance she didn't appreciate him rubbing it in her face. Setting out to find out who he really was and give him a piece of her mind, will she come to realize that's he's what she's been missing all along? Some students went home to celebrate the winter with their families, others opted to remain on campus to study.

On the outskirts of Red Fountains campus, lied the headmasters cottage, a two story pure white house that had housed ever headmaster of Red Fountain since the beginning. And right now, two people, a husband and a wife, lay content in each others arms in the master bedroom.

The man was the headmaster of the school, who took over the place following his uncled unexpected retirement. His name was Helia. His wife was a ex-member of the infamous Winx Club.

Winx Club – Musa and Riven's love story [from Season 1 to Season 6]

Her name was Flora. Helia lay with his head rested on the mountain of pillows at the top of the bed, one hand resting behind his neck, the other around the brunette text to hims waist. The girl connected her gaze to his, and as emerald green met midnight blue, you could practically feel the love.

The fire cracked in the background, but neither paid much attention as Flora pushed herself up to kiss her dark haired husuband hungrily.

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He responded eagerly, flipping her over so her head now rest were his once was, never breaking contact with his wifes mouth. He only left her lips alone when he ventured further down, towards her collarbone.

Her breath was ragged, from both lack of oxygen and excitment. Helia left with a smile kiss to her mouth before moving to the door to find their four year old daughter, holding the hand of her three year old brother. The I remembered that mummy and daddy have a nice, warm room because they have a fire. So I came here," the four year old explained in a high pitched voice.

Beside her, Alexander nodes, confirming her story. She threw herself on the bed with a bit if a jump and snuggled next to her mother, whom she was practically a mirror image of, save for the midnight blue eyes.