Where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet

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where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet

Internet power couple Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer spent their neither neil nor [I] were strangers to haters when we met each other. from. Amanda wrote about that in her book, you should read it. "We were introduced over email by my friend Jason Webley, whom I'd met when we were both busking . I was walking in to a meeting with TV execs from around the world, along with my American Gods TV posse (the people from Fremantle Media.

Timothy Fadek for the Guardian Over the past few years Amanda Palmer and Neil Gaiman have become a kind of Kim and Kanye for the Comic Con classes, a pair whose couplehood now almost transcends their individual fame. They share a fan demographic in self-identified teenage misfits and tonight, at a sold-out show in New York's Times Square, the auditorium is filled with skinny boys dressed as Doctor Who and girl goths in rainbow-striped tights and dog collars, as death-obsessed as they are twee.

There is lots of shy smiling and eagerness.

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Though he reads from behind a lectern, it sounds as if it's fireside — he lilts through his cadences, sonorous and theatrical. He sings, too — they open with the duet Making Whoopee.

The show is shambolic, in that welcome-to-our-living-room way that Palmer — who really has played fans' living rooms — is so loved for.

where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet

Readings and songs are punctuated by confusion over the whereabouts of mic stands, for example, and the crowd loves it. I think they would love it even if the two passed three hours on stage picking their noses.

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When Palmer performs Map of Tasmaniaa song about female pubic hair the whole room, unprompted, yells the refrain: There's a smattering of adults, but that audience shout is distinctly young and female. The following morning, I visit them in a SoHo apartment owned by their friend, the author and cartoonist Art Spiegelman. They are staying there while in New York but plan to move to the city properly soon — Gaiman is a professor at nearby Bard College, where he teaches a writing course on "the history of the fantastic, approaches to fantasy fiction, and the meaning of fantasy today".

Rumpled and craggy, he answers the door, as kindly as a cup of tea.

where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet

We sit around the kitchen table where he has laid out an unorthodox breakfast of cheese, gluten-free crackers and rice cakes. Palmer is in a torn khaki T-shirt and last night's eyeliner "we've been awake about 20 minutes" and he, as ever, is all in black. It's a large mirror. Over the next hour and a half her own reflection is the recipient of a lot of eye contact. The book made the NY Times bestsellers list.

A Bowie String Quartet Tribute. I'm not anti trying to use language to simplify our lives. I feel like I was built for open relationships just because of the way I function," Palmer explained.

Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer: five highlights from their Reddit AMA

We both like things this way. In the same blog post, she stated that she was date raped when she was 20 years old.

The couple legally married in a private ceremony in Palmer practices meditation and wrote an article titled "Melody vs.

where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet

I told him about the umbrella cane I had discovered for him I get him canes, with stories, from all over the world. He put his hand on Amanda's baby-bulge, and we talked to him about the baby's name, and he smiled. We were in the hospital with him for two days and it seemed like a lifetime.

where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet

On the third day the doctors said he could go home: Amanda and I have moved next door to Laura and Anthony, moved to Amanda's old family home, as we wait. It's the morning of day four now, a beautiful sunny fresh day. It rained in the night, and the grass was covered with webs that held the raindrops, and the morning sunlight slanted in at an angle that made everything look clean and magical and whole. He communicates sometimes, if he's thirsty, or hungry, or needs to pee.

He groans, and rolls, and does not want to be in his bed and does not have the strength to be anywhere else.

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He hurts, his body is failing, and the leukemia and all that goes with it is draining him away. His wife, Laura, is being remarkable: His family and his friends are here sometimes. People are around the bed, and then they move away and talk, and then they are around the bed once more. I keep making food, and feeding people.

where did amanda palmer and neil gaiman meet