Western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

The Eastern and Western Ghats meet in the -

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

1) Palni Hills, 2) Nilgiri Hills, 3) Palghat Gap, 4) Annamalai Hills. We first met virtually about 10 years back, discussing rivers and forests and then, Ensconced on the slopes of Western Ghats which skirts its eastern boundary. Q The Eastern Ghats and the Western Ghats meet at (A) Nilgiri Hills (B) Cardamom Hills (C) Annamalai Hills (D) Palani Hills. Answer: (A) Nilgiri Hills. Q

MoEF has also lifted the moratorium on mining in Ratnagiri and Sindhudurg districts on the basis of the Kasturirangan report which said that a substantial area of the two districts fell outside the proposed ESA 9.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

A high-level committee of the MoEF will be set-up to monitor the implementation of the Kasturirangan panel recommendations The controversy In Kerala, a day-long shut-down was observed on October 18 in Idukki and Wayanad districts and on October 21 in Kozhikode. Many migrant farmers in the mountain range have not received title deeds despite an all-party decision taken in to give title deeds to all farmers who settled in the forests before But environmental activists in the district oppose this argument.

There have been a lot of wrong campaigns against both the reports by the ruling United Democratic Front, the opposition, the Left Democratic Front and a section of the Catholic Church, which, he says, has even issued circulars wrongly interpreting the reports and fanning fears of the people.

V S Vijayan, former chairperson of the state biodiversity board and member of the Gadgil Committee, says the Kasturirangan Committee report focuses more on economic exploitation of the Western Ghats while sidelining conservation. What next In an all party meet convened by Kerala Chief Minister Oommen Chandy on October 21, it was decided to constitute an expert committee to study the Kasturirangan Committee recommendations.

The decision of the Congress-led state government has been criticised even by party MLAs. According to him, the Kasturirangan report is weak on conservation efforts.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

But how did she start working with rivers? InLatha was a part of a nature camp which took her and many like her into the Silent Valley National Forest. A fascinating account here It was here that, under the guidance of Dr. The Bhavani river was hardly flowing there. The contrast was self revealing.

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It was here that the connections between forests and water and rivers and tribals and wildlife were forged. She says she was a changed person after witnessing all this.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

InLatha married Unnikrishnan, also an ardent river lover and activist and a poet! By then, she had made friends not only with the river, but with the Kadar tribes who lived with the Chalakudy, on her banks, one amongst them was young Geeta. The learning and exploring continued for a few years, until in they heard that a dam project on Chalakudy, the Athirappilly dam, had received sanctions from Delhi. They were shell shocked.

Helped by stalwarts like Dr. Sathish Chandran Nair, this tenacious group slowly put the jigsaw puzzle together, piece by piece. Kadar tribal settlement was mentioned incorrectly outside the project impact area.

Latha by then also realized that the mandatory public hearing was also not conducted for this project.

western ghat and eastern meet at the bar

Now there was no stopping this group, which also included hydrologist Madhusoodan and botanist K Amitha Bachan. The court ruled in favor and asked for a fresh public hearing.

Latha and friends already had strong ties in the Chalakudy region.

Curb on mining in Western Ghats

This was not a single day affair, but a trusted relation built over years. Madhurawada Dome in the Eastern Ghats mobile belt is formed by a tectonic arrangement with the khondalite suite and quartz Archean rocks along the Eastern Ghats north of Visakhapatnam.

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The region covers about three-fourths of the entire Odisha state. Geologically it is a part of the Indian Peninsula which was a part of the ancient land mass of Gondwanaland.

The major rivers of Odisha with their tributaries have cut deep and narrow valleys.

Curb on mining in Western Ghats

The Garhjat Range is a northeastern prolongation of the eastern Ghats which rises abruptly and steeply in the east and slopes gently to a dissected plateau in the west running from north-west Mayurbhanj to south-west Malkangiri.

The Odisha highlands are also known as the Garhjat Hills. This region is well marked by a number of interfluves or watersheds which interrupt the terrain in the form of broad and narrow river valleys and flood plains.

The Similipal massif is considered the farthest northeast extension of the Eastern Ghats. Rivers flowing through Eastern Ghats include: