We meet in the middle chords lily and madeleine

LILY AND MADELEINE - IN THE MIDDLE CHORDS by Misc Unsigned Bands @ danunah.info

we meet in the middle chords lily and madeleine

Lily & Madeleine, the Midwest sisters, pierced through all the souls in attendance two smiling beauties and the first song “In the Middle” commenced the evening. We began to meet people in our hometown of Indianapolis. her brain wanders towards the chords of Vampire Weekend songs, the identity. Why did the first series strike such a chord with audiences? Audiences really like the fact that at the centre of Mum you have a woman who is. Lily and Madeleine open for Brett Dennen Sunday, September 18, at the Lobero Theatre we had started singing songs together, and then we met [producer Paul and 'In the Middle' was one of the first songs we ever wrote together. .. but I feel like once you learn the chords, you can kind of do anything.

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What Stefan has done brilliantly is that he surpassed himself with the second series. How would you describe your character in Mum?

[Live] [Interview] Lily & Madeleine at The Troubador 06.14.14

She is kind, patient, and non-judgemental. How similar to Cathy are you? I would also probably be mouthier than Cathy if I had to witness all the things she does. How does she get through it? Love can get you through anything. How do you think Cathy tolerates the appalling Pauline? God knows why she puts up with her! You have to have comic elements in the mix, too.

Dorothy Atkinson has come up with a marvellous comic creation in Pauline. Dorothy and I are now working together on Harlots, and we laugh because that is a complete role reversal. Dorothy plays a Bible-bashing evangelist, and I play a nasty, evil brothel keeper. The other characters in Mum may be slightly ridiculous, but Stefan never mocks them, does he?

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He never takes the mickey out of these characters, especially Kelly. He shows her vulnerabilities, and so you see where her insecurity comes from. That is particularly true when you see her ghastly mother, who dismisses her all the time.

So you can see why Kelly loves Cathy.

we meet in the middle chords lily and madeleine

Cathy lets her be and is so patient with her. How would you characterise the relationship between Cathy and Michael? If something good comes your way, you should grab it. Why have audiences warmed to their relationship so much?

Watching Cathy and Michael have a pre-romantic dance around each other gives people hope. People also love the tantalising element of their relationship. How have you found it working with Peter Mullan?

As you can see, it's alphabetical and loose-leaf, so he can easily add new tunes to it from time to time.

we meet in the middle chords lily and madeleine

So every musician has his or her ever-developing chord book and they all like to think their chords are 'right'. One of the problems is, of course, that there can be alternative chords in so many places in most tunes. Such alternative chords can sound correct if the entire band agrees to use them. And the truth is that there is much similarity between certain chords.

For example, Bb major has much in common with G minor 7th, so it's no surprise when those chords are used by different players at the same point in the tune. Another problem is that - over the years - the chord sequences of many of the good old tunes from a hundred years ago have been simplified for traditional jazz purposes. For example, in some of those tunes, the composer may have used four different chords over the four beats of a bar.

But the chord-book writers have substituted just two chords - for two beats each. Or they may even find it possible to get away with just one chord for the entire bar. Maybe one day a definitive 'correct' chord book for the hundreds of tunes we play will be produced. But I doubt it. While we wait, there is always something of interest to be found by those of us who enjoy investigating these matters. I am largely self-taught and have always regretted not having had some music education that would have introduced me to more of the theoretical stuff.

we meet in the middle chords lily and madeleine

But even I find alternative chord structures fascinating. Love Songs of the Nile is one of the tunes that throws up a particularly interesting conflict of opinions.