The thundermans fanfiction nora and billy meet

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the thundermans fanfiction nora and billy meet

Max and Phoebe meet the real Link when Quinn, his bug-villain "girlfriend" Sci- Fi/Fantasy - Max T., Phoebe T., Nora T., Billy T. - Words: 5, Nora quickly grabbed a box of crackers and gave one to Billy, who .. nod as he handed Cherry his guitar and hurried off to meet her brother. This is a little episode I wrote for the Thundermans and I hope you will like it. Nora said to Billy after their mom and dad had stepped out of the door .. Meeting her brother eyes, everything happened really quickly and.

Many answers to this question formed immediately in his head, but for once he decided to ignore them. Maybe once in his life fate would spare him… "I think I can manage", he answered and they went back inside.

One song later, on the car ride back home: If his parents ever found out about today's events, he knew he was more than just in trouble.

This was exactly what we promised and the audience loved it…" Oyster continued to speak more to himself than to the others.

My head is starting to hurt…" And for some reason he just knew that this wasn't a good sign. She had burned half the food anyway as her Thundersense was annoying her to no end. At least, Phoebe thought, not caring about greeting or looking at him at all. Hugging a pillow close to his chest, Max closed his eyes. He felt absolutely miserable and his head and throat hurt like crazy. Nevertheless, he needed to try and call his sister again. All of a sudden Max let out a cry of pain, pulling away his fingers.

Phoebe leaned forward using her ice breath to cool his fingers. She knew it couldn't heal them completely, but ease the pain for a while. Not even me would have an easy turn on this villain…" The young superhero was flabbergasted by this comment. Colosso had always been full of himself, but now…he was admitting his weakness? Because he's smart and can take him down…" Colosso shook his head in annoyance.

And he would understand! What are you hiding from me!? The villain raised an eyebrow at this. Maybe the kid wasn't so dense like everyone thought. Nevertheless, he wasn't sure, if he was the one to tell him… Back in the living room: I made you some tea, maybe it helps…" Phoebe sat down next to her brother cautiously placing the cup on the twin was now more laying than sitting and the fact that he was trembling didn't help to lessen her worry at all.

It was worse enough that he nearly exposed them today; she didn't need him to get worse. But just as she wanted to approach him, he pushed her hand away and hid his face in a pillow. Realizing that another coughing fit had just hit him, Phoebe gently rubbed his back. God, I feel so helpless, she thought anxiously hoping for Max to get better. Why did this have to happen now when their parents weren't at home?

After a while the coughing stopped, but instead of lifting his head, Max stayed in his awkward position. Panicking slightly she shook his shoulders. Again, she decided to pull him up to take a better look at him.

You are the one who is hurting and I just need to help you, okay? You are my brother and I really can't bear to see you like this…" Just slowly Max pulled himself up, revealing his pale face and also a few tears which were running down his cheeks.

Meeting her brother eyes, everything happened really quickly and without losing another word Phoebe pulled him in her arms, holding him as close as possible. Exhausted he rested his tormented head on her shoulder while she continued to stroke his back and his head. How she had saved him from the villains in Metroburg, earning her cape and- she felt guilty thinking about it now- how she had made fun of him afterwards.

He had trusted her with all his heart while she had been bragging about her victory and how she could always save him, if he got into trouble. And now there he was, in a big mess and she, the upcoming superhero, had no idea how to help.

Tracing her hands over his sides and arms to lose the tension, she tried to remember everything useful she maybe had learned during her training, but her head seemed empty while her heart was running wild. At least he isn't shivering that bad anymore, she thought, letting her hands travel down to his fingertips. Having the urge to be close to his sister, Max gratefully squeezed her hand making her flinch at the contact. Suddenly the pain in his head got worse resulting in a loud crash right behind them.

Phoebe jumped at the sound of the doorbell. After she had explained the situation by phone, he had decided to come over to take a look at Max himself and therefore the girl hurried to let him in, relieved he had made it so quickly.

the thundermans fanfiction nora and billy meet

Silverstone, Sir, I'm so grateful you came…" she greeted the tall man who was wearing a grey jacket and a silvery hat. Smiling at her in a friendly, but reserved way he shook her hand. Your father and I were good friends back there in Metroburg. Too bad he isn't here…" He looked around the room like he expected her father to appear out of nowhere. I mean…it isn't like my parents wouldn't invite you…damn…" Phoebe cursed herself for her babbling, but she was so nervous that she couldn't help it.

Hearing a groan coming from the couch, she bravely took her visitor's arm to lead him to her brother. Silverstone seemed a bit irritated, but followed her anyway. Still he was observing everything with a strange interest…or was is something else? The evil smile on her visitor's face started to spread as he turned around meeting the boy's brown, half- closed eyes.

Forcing himself back into a sitting position, Max gave him an alarmed look. And without even blinking the stranger slammed his fist into the side of his head. Only a gasp left Max's mouth before he fainted. I thought he maybe needs water to get the medicine down, but he managed just fine…" Phoebe was more than unconvinced.

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Max hated to be drugged and even if it had happened…how strong must a sleeping pill be to make someone fall in a death like slumber within seconds? Must be a family habit. Your lot is always right and never guilty…" Phoebe took two steps backwards, preparing herself mentally for whatever was to happen next.

What the heck, are you talking about? One day, after school, we saved a young woman who was being robbed on the street. The two of us, not just him! How could she fight him, when he could easily take Max hostage if it got dangerous for him?

the thundermans fanfiction nora and billy meet

He must be able to spit fire or something like me, she thought; ready to freeze her enemy's face the moment he attacked. Silverstone put his hands in his pockets, looking at her as if she was the one who threatened him. Her eyes met his and frightened she realized that she couldn't stop herself from gazing into the silver-grey pupils. She was trapped, her whole body enclosed by stone.

the thundermans fanfiction nora and billy meet

To finally take what always had belonged to him anyway. Billy thought his heart would stop any moment as he had to witness what was happening over there and how Phoebe suddenly stopped talking.

Suddenly he heard someone coming down the slide. Thinking it was Silverstone he threw himself to the ground, crawling under Max's bed while Dr. Colosso stayed silent hoping to be ignored. Billy got up, hurrying over to hug her close. Nora shook her head at this. But listen to me: I never, never believed that you're stupid…" He gave her a grateful smile. But…I'm not as smart as Max and Phoebe…and now…" he started to breathe heavily going into panic mode.

For several minutes they both stood in silence searching for a possibility to get out of this misery. He can fossilize his opponent with his eyes. Like my laser power? A thoughtful expression appeared on her face. If we work together, it might work…" Her brother appeared hopeful for a moment, but soon the smile vanished from his lips.

She couldn't understand her brother. Hadn't he been the one talking about how he was going to be a great superhero just this morning? Why you said what you said to him.

He still thinks you meant it…" The girl leaned over to him without leaving Billy out of sight who was now pacing around the layer.

The other maybe accepts it, but what he really believes, what he felt in the very moment you said it…that feeling doesn't leave one easily, Nora. Letting out a deep breath, she approached her brother.

You deserve to know the truth and although I would rather not tell you…I have to. The one we were reading about in dad's book.

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He hasn't just destroyed buildings with his explosions…" A part of her still thought it was wrong to scare him like this, but now it was too late to stop. People died because of him. Frozen in shock and disbelieve he stared at her like he was hoping that she would take it back.

That's why I was so afraid as you talked about fighting him. Not because I had any doubt in you. But I'm so scared right now…how am I supposed to fight like this!? For his sister, he was ready to risk everything. No one would stop him. A few minutes later, the kitchen: He sat down on a chair as he suddenly remembered that he had forgotten something. The two little kids!

Don't be ridiculous, a voice in his head said, they couldn't harm you. But they could call for help. Getting up again, he decided to first search for the children, just to be safe. He never thought he would find them so quickly. I'm not the best when it comes to lying…especially in front of an adult…! You weakness is your strength, Billy. Ready to play his role.

Nora, a strange man is in our house! Where this really Thunderman's kids? The little boy and the girl were standing in the door clinging at each other in fear. This was almost too easy. Phoebe called me before. Nice to meet you. He bent down to open it. Link enters the room and finds Phoebe sitting on Max. Actually, I don't even wanna know. Max and Link are left sitting in the room in awkward silence. Phoebe walks back into the room, all cleaned up - and no mustache or beard. You make such a good boyfriend She tries to correct herself, " A boy who is a friend.

It's not like you're my boyfriend or anything Link starts, "So, is it true? Kickbutt told me Quinn has escaped and is coming for us. She could be literally anywhere? Quinn will come to us. We just need to be the bait. Trust me in this. Link agrees with Max saying, "I think Max is right. We need to continue our lives as usual.

Also, if she knows we're waiting for her, she won't show up. Max takes the Nose Hairalyzer back down to his lair. Phoebe follows him so that they can start researching on how to stop Quinn.

Mike Evilman is putting money into the cash register after selling a mattress. Link enters the store panting. He says, "Dad, we have a problem! She emerges from the shadows. Any idea how being in prison for months felt like? You put me in there. And now you're going to pay! But we helped you It took time, but you're here now.

What took you so long? I couldn't just play right into their hands. I had to make sure they trust me. I had to make sure Phoebe and Max trust me. You turned into a bug. Evilman intervenes, "Quinn, would you for once stop being petty and look on the brighter side? Link was the perfect link between the Villain League and the Hero League.

He got us all the intel we needed. And they didn't suspect a thing! Link and Quinn share a passionate kiss. Evilman as he pours drinks into glasses. Quinn and Link start making out, making Mr. Poor sucker is so desperate to date me, she will be here in no time. And when she arrives Phoebe and Max are interrogating Billy in Max's lair. Colosso laughs from his cage, "Haha! You could say that again! Also, Nora scares me.

There's no way Dr. Colosso would carry a nose-hairalyzer and lift me," Phoebe argues. You were in the lair all day so you must have seen who took it.

She threatens to burn my costumes Look in the mirror! As Billy and Dr. Colosso's fight escalate, Phoebe gets a call from Link. And Phoebe should come alone, he says. Phoebe prepares to go but Max stops her saying, "No, Phoebe, you can't go! Link is in trouble! Quinn won't be expecting me so I will catch her by surprise. We both have the same powers! So, Quinn has probably prepared a huge monologue for you.

If I show up instead of you, she will get confused because now she will have to come up with a new plan.

Colosso says as he spits in disgust. And keep the door locked," adds Phoebe. Max and Phoebe put on the super suits and head out to Evilman's mattress store. Billy calls Chloe and Nora into the house but forgets to call the parents or to actually tell them what's really going on. Colosso tries to remind him, but why should he even care. Maybe if Max gets beaten up by Quinn, he would embrace being evil again. Maybe just maybe Quinn could help Max remember his evil ways.

So, why would Colosso try to help them out? Comfortable that he's made the right decision, Dr. Colosso incites a fight between Billy and Nora to distract them.

How could you do that to your brother? Colosso gets up to leave, threatening, "Fine! If you'll excuse me, I'll be busy pooping in your beds. We were just worried that - " "You can't keep a secret, baby," says Chloe. I'm too honest," Billy replies calmly.

Colosso said he's going to poop in our bedroom? Max and Phoebe are hiding outside Evilman's Mattress Store, arguing about who to go in first.

Max tries to get in but Phoebe pushes him aside, saying, "This is my fight, Max! She cries as she walks towards Link, "Oh my God, Link, what did she do to you? Quinn arrives clapping her hands. Coming here to save your boyfriend? I told you Linkey is mine! But you wouldn't back off. You know-" "Uh, I guess Max was right," Phoebe says as she tries to freeze Quinn with her freeze breath.

This is all me," Link says as he stands up from the chair he was apparently tied on. He slaps Phoebe with his stretched arm, causing her to lose balance and fall. Bug Quinn drags Phoebe and ties her up. Max jumps into the store and telekinetically blasts both Quinn and Link away from Phoebe.

Quinn helps Link get back up. Together they drag Max and tie him next to Phoebe. Bug Quinn secretes some green fluid on both Phoebe and Max's faces.

Max and Phoebe Thunderman! And now, you're going to watch us destroy everything you care about. And once you've lost everything, we will eliminate you, once and for all. I don't know what Quinn has done to you. But this is not you. This is who I've always been," Link shouts. That's what you are, Max. I thought you had a potential for evil. But I was wrong. You were just going through a phase. You don't have it in you.

I played you and your sister. But you were so clueless. Oh so now you care about her? The one you're constantly pranking and trying to ruin? I've always wanted to see you helpless. Does little Phoebe want to cry? Why did you turn Link against us? When are you going to figure it out? You see your problem is that you always see the good in people. But the truth is, some people just don't have any good left in them.

And you can lie to yourself and convince yourself how someone is good inside. But at the end of the day, it would be just that.