Sydney and vaughn first meet

Romancing Alias - Sydney & Vaughn: S3 E12 – Crossings

sydney and vaughn first meet

Because of this, Alias makes Michael Vaughn Sydney's one true confidant—he's Will and Vaughn meet for the first time, and while nothing. Sydney and Vaughn lead the team to raid SD-6 and shut down the This is where the first scene steps in where the fat man (Gils) holds a gun up to Sydney. Sydney and Jack meet up with the CIA leader and show him the evidence that . Michael Vaughn Season(s): 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 First Episode: Truth Be Told Last Episode : All Vaughn met with Sydney after learning about Milo Rambaldi and the.

sydney and vaughn first meet

Using a computer in the boardroom, he is suddenly greeted by Geiger who traps Jack in the room. Jack realizes that his cover's been blown and after being forced to call Sydney, he tells her a secret code that should only be spoken if one of them was captured by SD Sydney tells Vaughn that her father's been captured and that they need to do something before Jack is killed. Jack wakes up restrained to machine and sees Geiger holding electric tools, ready to torture Jack.

The two have light conversation at first, but Geiger decides to torture Jack until he tells him all that he knows and which side he's on.

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Jack keeps his mouth shut, prompting Geiger to torture him with electricity. Jack starts to scream Sydney calls Will and tells him to get Francie and leave town because she's in trouble, but doesn't tell him what kind of trouble she's into. After calling him, she meets up with Marcus at a refinery and reveals everything to him about SD Despite the fact Marcus doesn't believe her even after she says her father may be killed he returns to SD-6 to gather the files exposing the corporation.

Marcus calls his wife and tells her he loves her, realizing the dangerous information he stumbled upon. He sends the code to the CIA and the raid is approved of.

After massive torture, Geiger strongly tries to coax Jack to comply with his wishes otherwise he'll die. But Jack merely says nothing, even after Geiger threatens to torture his daughter as well. They chuck a couple of flash grenades into the crowd and begin to assault all of resisting security agents. During the firefight, Sydney splits up from the group to go find her father. She finds Geiger ready to shock Jack to death and holds a gun up to him. Geiger tries to kill Sydney first, but she shoots him in the chest four times and rescues her father.

Sydney thanks Dixon for helping them with the raids, but Dixon merely retorts "Don't talk to me. He is taking off the leads and doing everything as fast as he can to get her off that table.

Brezzell is trying to get them to stay, saying that the drug cocktail needs to be corrected and is asking Vaughn to stop touching the leads for the monitors.

He even lifts her off the table and to the ground. Sydney finally gets out what she has been trying to say, she tells them that Will knows something. Jack then tells her that he will contact the witness protection division.

He sees her move and he even adjusts his grip around her a little tighter. Even though she was only moving to tell Jack to wait, he was there holding her up. I almost see it as a rescue. He really does care about her and still love her. I think it truly pains him to not be able to be with her.

But he also loves Lauren, although he is beginning to question it more and more. As well as on St. Aiden and what she saw in her dream.

sydney and vaughn first meet

As I said in the second season, Vaughn liked Will; however, he knew that if he ever screwed up. Will would be there waiting to take care of Sydney.

There was an extreme amount of jealousy towards Will. So the fact that he has to send Sydney off to go see Will, especially knowing that she is vulnerable, is scary to Vaughn. Even though he is married, he still wants Sydney for himself. The jealousy is still very much there and present. Seeing Vaughn change the subject off of Will is not surprising, especially when he turns it to a point that he was concerned about. But once again, he looks at Jack to see his response and to seek help on how to help Sydney, but Jack is doing the same to Vaughn.

This experience, not even being over yet, has really brought the two of them closer. Jack then tells Sydney that Dr. Brezzell had commented that based off of the data that he saw, he believes that the memory of the missing time has been removed. Also that however the memories were removed, the precision with how they were removed indicates that she was a willing participant. Since the next scene only has Jack and Vaughn, and they tell Sloane that she is pursuing another lead, I have to believe that the plane dropped her off where Will is and they headed back to LA to work on their cover story for why they have been gone.

But they do meet with Sloane and Sloane asks if the doctor was helpful.

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Now I have to find out you slept with Will? Vaughn does however want a change in topic, so looking at the car, he tells her that it should be ready, which it was and they drive off. But I think it is in this moment where he finally gets an idea of what it must be like for Sydney to see him with Lauren and to hear him talk about Lauren.

At least if I can remember properly. It has been since I started this blog since I have watched some of those episodes.

sydney and vaughn first meet

Since they were able to find transportation, Sydney and Vaughn arrives to meet the Covenant defector right on time, they are about to get out, when Sydney spots Sark approaching the defector. They watch the situation and eventually decide that they have to intervene, but without being seen by Sark first, considering once they are seen Sark would kill the defector.

The defector begins to tell him how the Covenant must be stopped and that the things they are planning keep him up at night. Right as Sark pulls out his gun under the table and tells the defector that he will sleep soundly tonight, Sydney rushes up and places a knife right up against a place that no man ever wants to be cut. The defector begins to get up saying that it was a bad idea.

Sydney notices the military police gets Vaughn to see, Sark tells them back in his British accent that they are looking for fugitives from a downed airplane. Sydney and Vaughn know the defectors name and once Vaughn says it, he knows they are the real deal. Leonid and I are going to walk calmly out of here. Sydney is going to keep the knife exactly where it is until it is clear.

Once we are, she will follow us. If you stick to that plan, you might still have children one day. Leonid then realizes this is true and realizes that he is the exception and gets up to leave, Sark then goes to shoot him, but Sydney is able to divert his shot before he can aim, and a commotion begins.

Sark manages to escape while the other three are all captured. Sydney, Vaughn, and Leonid are all sitting in a Korean prison cell, with their hands and feet chained up. She and Leonid do standup however. The officer then assaults Vaughn with the butt of the gun knocking him to the ground, which makes Sydney go toward Vaughn automatically, but she is stopped by the officer aiming the gun at her.

When the officer stops for a response from her, we see her bravery in these type of positions come out, much like the pilot, she responds, but only in a way that will make them more upset. Although, she does manage to get closer to where Vaughn is in the process, which is what I think her intention was. The officer then moves on to Leonid, but once the officer is done speaking, he is quick to say CIA in English, even repeating it and flat out telling the officer that Sydney and Vaughn are CIA.

sydney and vaughn first meet

Vaughn and Sydney then glare at him, knowing that they risked their lives to come get him and now he is giving them the death sentence. Sydney and Vaughn are not pleased with Leonid, but look towards each other as he is escorted out by another officer.

The Lead officer then says some instructions to the others and two come after Sydney and Vaughn. They begin assaulting the two them with the butts of their rifles repeatedly.

But as they begin, Sydney can only watch in horror as the one officer goes after Vaughn, barely looking at who will do it to her.

He works himself up from the ground; he seemed to have been beaten a little worse than Sydney was. Sydney glides her face into his neck line, and her body closer to his, as he folds himself around her. She does inform Jack when he questioned her as to why he was to kill Sloane, that killing Sloane is a preventative measure, but why he has to do it, is her own business. So Jack sets up a meeting with Sloane and while he is there, Katya calls Sloane with a message telling him to back off Irina.

Were they setting up the Sloane Clone idea here? She then calls Jack to tell him not to kill Sloane. So Jack is stuck having to explain why he is there. But he is looking right at her with those loving eyes of his.

She shakes her head and finally looks at him and says his name, almost begging him to stop. Then they hear the guards coming, and she tells him as well and looks towards the door. Once that happens, Sydney holds on to Vaughn until they are both pulled from their positions by officers.

As Sydney and Vaughn are taken form the cell to their death, they pass by the cell where Leonid is being kept and stare him down, Sydney and Vaughn both look at him in disgust.

They are taken outside and place against a wall that is covered in blood and gunshots. As the guards leave them, they watch the firing squad prepare to fire. Vaughn looks to Sydney; you can tell that if these are his last moments, he wants Sydney to be the last thing he sees.

When he looks at her, he finds that she is already looking at him, feeling the same way. Sydney and Vaughn have always been able to express their love with just their facial expressions. Hearing the final countdown, Sydney nods at Vaughn, and in that single nod you can see all the love she has for him, and she lets him know that she knows that he loves her to.