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A page for describing Headscratchers: Stardust. New entries go at the bottom. How was Lamia able to make a voodoo doll of Septimus? She didn't have any . Notably, Tristan Thorn is a Cinderella story, and Yvaine the Fallen Star is a Women Tristan's father sneaks over the wall and meets Una. . It truly bothers me how the only active female character in Stardust is evil and how .. Halfway through the story, Tristan and Yvaine are rocketed into space, where. So you don't fit with the popular crowd. Now, I take that as a very good omen. - Tristan, I clearly said -I know. You told me not to come. I have something for you .

In my absence, I expect you to make it [their home] fit for the queens we are. When I return with our prize, all of us shall be young again. Oh, do shut up! I know what you are and I swear by the ordinances of the sisterhood to which we both belong, that I mean you no harm this day.

I wish to share your meal. I seek a fallen star. She fell not far from here, and when I find her, I shall take my great knife and cut out her heart while she still lives, and the glory of our youth shall be restored! Seek all you wish! You will not perceive her even if she stands before you!

The burning golden heart of a star at peace is so much better than your frightened little heart. Even so, better than no heart at all. You can ride in the carriage or be dragged behind it. It all seems so meaningless now. My sisters are dead, everything I cared about gone. What use was her heart to me when it was broken? And you got rid of my sisters! Now I can have it all for myself. Yvaine[ edit ] My heart It feels like my chest can barely contain it.

Like it doesn't belong to me any more. It belongs to you. And if you wanted it, I'd wish for nothing in exchange — no giftsno goods, no demonstrations of devotion. Nothing but knowing you loved me, too. Just your heart, in exchange for mine. Yeah, this is where it fell. Or, if you want to get really specific, up there is where it was when this weird bloody necklace knocked it out of the Heavens when it was minding its own business.

And over there is where it landed. Nothing says "romance" like a gift of a kidnapped injured woman! I'm not going anywhere with you!

If there's one thing I've learned in all my years watching earth -- is people aren't what they may seem. There are shopboys, and, there are boys who just happen to work in shops for the time being. The little I know about love is that it's unconditional. It's not something you can buy. Murdered by pirates, heart torn out and eaten, meet Victoria Can't quite decide which sounds more fun You look like the wrong end of a dog. And I swear, if I don't get my Tristan back as he was, I'll be your personal poltergeist!

You know when I said I knew little about love? I know a lot about love. I've seen it, I've seen centuries and centuries of it, and it was the only thing that made watching your world bearable.

Made me want to turn away and never look down again. But to see the way that mankind loves I mean, you could search the furthest reaches of the universe and never find anything more beautiful. So, yes, I know that love is unconditional. But I also know it can be unpredictable, unexpected, uncontrollable, unbearable and strangely easy to mistake for loathing, and Look at it this way: Remember that they're on the Land of Faerie side of the wall.

They're not giant balls of plasma thousands of light years from earth, they're human oid people walking around on the inside of the outermost Celestial Sphere. They're maybe a few miles apart at most. Recall that, when they first used the Babylon Candle together, it was explicitly stated that they wound up halfway between their homes Stars are gas, not rock. And the metaphorical consequences of this interpretation are in line with the movie: Empusa's death Did anyone else find it kind of anticlimactic how the second witch died?

They're apparently the three best witches and all we see her do is Hey, it worked on Dr. The ferrets not rodents didn't kill her. The wolves Tristan set free right after killed her. Still, an uber powerful witch got killed by a bunch of mindless animals.

Even Ditchwater Sal put up a better fight and managed to pull one over on two main characters. Plus, her black magic smoke was way cooler than Pfeiffer's green magic smoke. Hey, you ever try casting spells when you've got a couple dozen pissed off ferrets running up your dress? Add in the hungry, pissed off wolves, and it's going to be just a wee bit difficult concentrating on magic. The magic necklace The part I don't understand is why the necklace knocked Yvaine out of the sky.

I mean, I know the necklace had to travel a good distance for the sons to go look for it, but why would it bring down a star?

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In the comic book it's implied the necklace literally knocked her out of the sky. Maybe it hit her in the head or feet, tripping her? I mean, what's the magical physics like for living stars Wait, I can't believe we're discussing the implausibility of a magical pendant being thrown out of orbit by a dying king, managing to hit an orbiting immortal glowing woman out of all that emptiness of space, knocking her out of orbit and crashing her into Earth without having the fall the kill her, and the implausible part is that it made her trip???

Sorry, sorry, Bellisario's Maxim and such. That's what I mean, why did the necklace go into space at all? It's not as though the sons could look for it up there. He didn't mean for it to stay up there. He was just tossing it in the air to make it difficult for him. When you play fetch with the dog, you throw the stick up in the air.

Exploding mirrors So when the witch was exploding the mirrors, why did they keep moving back in front of the unexploded mirrors instead of heading for the door where the already exploded mirrors could not explode on them?

Because shards where still flying throw the air and there was no time to wait for them to fall onto the ground before the next mirror exploded. And because it looks a lot cooler to have the hero and heroine running along a corridor of exploding glass I mean, in the magic world, is supposed to be a whole other Earth, or do they just have a couple hundred square miles? If I remember the book correctly, the Wall only has that universe merging effect during the other Wall's big carnival-like affair It's on all the time in the graphic novel, it's just more widely used during market meets.

Anyhoo, think of the Wall this way: If you jump over it, you're still in England, but if you walk through the gap, you're crossing into another world entirely. I was wondering why those strapping men never tried to just jump over the five foot wall further down away from the guard.

So, how does a scene in the movie where the star managed to walk right up to the wall and even had been stopped by the old man gaurding the wall? Or would there be some magic that prevents her from doing so at any point other than the gap? To be more clear, it's a portal and the world on the other side is as big as Earth, if not bigger - countries removed from the map by cartographers move over there. Septimus's afterlife trip to Hell Why does only Septimus go to Hell?

His is the only spirit that turns red and zips downward. I'm not arguing that he didn't deserve it though he does seem to have been pushed to it by the way his father raised himbut it sounds like some of his other brothers were equally as ruthless and murderous Seems like at least one or two of them should have rated damnation. We don't see the brother's behavior except to each other.

Perhaps the rest where quite noble to ordinary people. And they may have only killed each other because daddy gave them no choice. Sept may have been the only one who was evil generally and who relished killing his brothers.

Maybe because he was the only one to kill a clergyman.

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Because Septimus was the most like his father. He killed the most people and killed them in cold blood, without a shred of remorse. Like the above stated, his brothers might have behaved better when they weren't following in their father's footsteps and might even have repented after death.

The only other confirmed killer was Secundus, and he seemed to regret it by the time we see him die. His single redeeming moment was not killing his sister, but that wasn't enough to bring him salvation in the end. The letter Is it addressed in any of the adaptations who wrote the question to the astronomical society, or what the question was exactly?

No, because that's only in the movie. It was written by Tristan's father and it was asking whether or not another, magical universe could exist on the other side of the wall. Yvaine's accent Why did Yvaine have an English accent?

Wasn't she a star? Why would a star have an English accent? Do you mean "why does a fallen star speak English? As for the accent: By that logic, why wouldn't a star have an English accent? Maybe she likes that sort of accent best. Because everyone has an accent? What accent would she have, then? She has to have some kind of accent. Of course, being a star she has no accent at all - not even a real English one. Tristain's blood color Royals have blue blood, right?

But Tristan himself is a royal, even though he doesn't know it. So how come he never noticed he bleeds blue? He's only half royal thanks to his non-elvish, mortal, and non-royal dad.

Presumably that plus not having been raised a royal in the mundane world made his blue blood turn into a normal, if perhaps dark, red. One presumes things like 'actually blue blood' are magic and don't work in England. Tristan's literally a bastard, as his mother sired him with someone from the other side of the Wall. So until he was acknowledged, he wouldn't have counted as a royal.

Once everyone else in the royal line that could have preceded him to kingship was dead, and once the stone acknowledged him, it's entirely possible his blood turned blue, by magic-logic.

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Or maybe his blood did turn blue as long as he was in Stormhold. Alternatively, since blood doesn't actually turn red in the real world until it's exposed to oxygen, royal blood doesn't turn blue until exposed to the air of Stormhold. Una's kidnapping Was there every any sort of explanation as to why Una was kidnapped by the witch? This troper knows it's a part of the fairy tale aspects, but it seems a little odd that a princess could be imprisoned and never found by her family again.

The King asks his sons where Una is, and Septimus points out that he wouldn't bother killing her when he still had two brothers alive.

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That sort of implies they don't even know she's missing, let alone bound to a witch. She probably left home a long time ago, knowing it would be unlikely that she'd ever get the throne, then got kidnapped. Everyone has just been too busy trying to do each other in to notice. Kidnapped by a witch. Whatever magic she used to bind Una with that chain probably included such an effect. In the book, the witch mentions that she's had Una since she was an infant.

I'm not sure if that is also true for the movie. It's probably not the case in the movie. Una appears to have barely aged at all in the present, which is probably due to Ditchwater Sal keeping her mostly as a bird.

If she'd had Una since she was a child, she'd be even younger in appearance. Almost definitely not the case — when she shows up at the end, all the brothers, living and dead, recognize her instantly, and she recognizes Septimus. If she was taken as an infant, they wouldn't recognize each other.

Victoria's character What is up with Victoria's characterization in the movie? In the book, she was coldyes, but really a Spoiled Sweet Jerk with a Heart of Gold who was willing to take responsibility for her actions. In the movie she was just a Satellite Love Interest. Admittedly, it's been awhile since I read the book, but in the movie, isn't that the point of Victoria's character that she's a shallow person who really needs to grow up, and Tristan only crushes on her because she's pretty and he's got some maturing to do himself?

I didn't find her shallow. She clearly already had something going on with the guy she married but Tristan didn't notice. Tristan was the young idiotic one, she was interested in the older guy with a steady job who presumably spent some time with her, not 'fell in love' with her without knowing anything other than thats she's pretty.

Well, she's pretty clearly manipulating Tristan's attraction to her in order to get him to help her in the shop scene, and the reason she gives for why she can't say no to Humphrey is because he "went all the way to Ipswitch" to get her a ring, not that she actually loves him. In the movie yes, but in the book she marries a steady, reliable gentleman, not a smug bully.

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She doesn't manipulate Tristan at any point; at most she makes a mildly cruel joke in asking him to fetch a fallen star. At no point does she assume that he'd actually try to do such thing. But when he does, she's actually shown to be willing to follow the agreement, even though she's in love with someone else. To be fair to movie Victoria, she's not a Satellite Love Interest if she's deliberately shallow and not really the love interest.

She's The Obstructive Love Interestif anything. She also is shown to be something of a Lovable Alpha Bitch and out of pity for him she does try to be as nice to Tristan as she canbut is still a shallow, manipulative, insensitive, immature young lady who thinks the world should revolve around her wants and needsas shown in the shop scene.