Spongebob and friends meet dinosaur

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spongebob and friends meet dinosaur

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Calloway back to their senses just before Tai Lung closes the path behind Slim, Tai Lung Himself, and his buddies with a rockslide to stop Rico and his men from chasing him.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur

As Rico discusses with his men what his next move will be, Buck starts talking with Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway and the lougers as old friends and miming actions.

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This causes Rico to believe Buck is frightened by cows, and sends Buck back to the Sheriff. Buck escapes, determined to capture Slim for himself to prove his worth.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur

Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway and the lougers are left behind, but they meet a peg-legged rabbit named Lucky Jack, who leads them to the Slim's hideout mine.

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At the mine, Slim reveals that he has been stealing all cattle from his former patrons. When his former patrons can't support their land anymore, he buys the land when it is auctioned off, under the guise of the respectable-looking Mr.

O'delay, using the very money he gets from selling the cattle he stole.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur

David, a friend of Nani's, sees her at the beach, where she was trying to get a job as a lifeguard, but failed, this time, by a Kuwahgamon attack. Cobra saw the whole thing and tells Nani he will come by in the morning to take Lilo away from her. After Stitch sees of the villain leage's impending attack, he leaves, with Lilo saying "I'll remember you though.

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I remember everyone who leaves. Nani tells Lilo to stay at home while she goes to secure the job. Stitch, hiding in the nearby woods, encounters Audrey 2, one of Galaxhar's required Allies, who tried to captured Kairi before stitch, but foiled by the efferts of Sandy and in a lesser exsent, Spongebob Stitch and the gang races to Lilo's house, followed by the Space Pirates firing at them with guns.

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The house is ultimately destroyed by the end of the fight, with Nani and Cobra returning shortly after. As Nani and Cobra argue over Lilo's well-being, Lilo slips away with Kairi in persuit, to hide in the forest and finds Stitch, who reveals his true alien form to her.

Whilethe louge discus how to prepare for the next villain leage attack, Lilo, Stitch, and Kairi are captured by Captain Gantu, who Galaxhar and Scroop corrupted and they intend on to leave Hawaii to return to the leage base.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur

Nani is shocked to see Gantu putting Lilo, Kairi, and Stitch in a container pod and taking off in the ship. Stitch, however, escapes from the container before the ship takes off. Nani then realizes that Stitch isn't what she thought he was, and demands he speak, just as Lilo always said he did.

SpongeBob and Friends Meet Dinosaur | SpongeBob & Friends Adventures Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

While once again trying to capture Stitch, both Jumba, Cella, and Pleakley are revealed to Nani, and tell her that they do know Lilo, and they can both get her back. Stitch, with help from Jumba's ship and by launching a gas tanker truck out of a volcano, is able to free Lilo and stop Gantu, Galaxhar, and Scroop, with Spongebob's help. After they land, they find that the Grand Councilwoman has arrived nearby, in order to capture Stitch personally.

However, when she sees Stitch has learned to talk and bonded with Nani and Lilo, she realizes he has become a civilized creature.