Spongebob and friends meet dinosaur part 1

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spongebob and friends meet dinosaur part 1

SpongeBob and Friends meet Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer the Movie ( . a park filled with malfunctioning robot dinosaurs tainted by Qui's new ally , S2E Officer Axle's Greatest Challenge Part 1: The Guy Who Challenged The. SpongeBob and Friends meet Dinosaur is the 19th moisode in the 1st Season of But one raptor named Larry, who is the captain of the clan, has a positive . Are You In Or Out- By Team Nefarious; Part of Your World- By Iago and Thundra .

Calloway and the lougers as old friends and miming actions. This causes Rico to believe Buck is frightened by cows, and sends Buck back to the Sheriff.

Buck escapes, determined to capture Slim for himself to prove his worth. Maggie, Grace, and Mrs. Calloway and the lougers are left behind, but they meet a peg-legged rabbit named Lucky Jack, who leads them to the Slim's hideout mine. At the mine, Slim reveals that he has been stealing all cattle from his former patrons. You have no sense of humor. Remember when that panda made me laugh the first time we met? Yeah, that was pretty embarassing for you, wasn't it?

Well, anyways, Alister and Jasmine say they've opened a theme park in the Dragon Realms version of Florida, and want us to see it. They're even inviting the Mane 6 there, too.

I'm correct to assume it's some sort of surprise. Well, what're we waiting for? We should probably go check it out. And I hope for once we get some time off from Villain trouble. Not like what happened in Hawaii. Yeah, I wasn't there. Dragon Realms Florida Mr. This is the CyberCon company building Alister and Jasmine told us to go. Not bad for a company that creates prosthetics. But I really don't wanna wind up like Senator Tricorn, having some kind of prosthetic robotic leg on me.

You'd look rediculous, anyway. Rita looks at him sterningly I said you would IF you got a prosthetic, I'm not trying to insult you, or anything.

I'm sure robot prosthetics don't look bad. Don't get your hopes up, Batty. Blowhole seemed pretty bad-looking with that cyborg eye of his. Besides, you should see what he does to any henchmen that asks how he got that cyborg eye. One of his lobsters were killed by doing this, and sold as seafood.

Well, let's at least get this over with. We're going to a theme park! Don't know what theme it's themed, but I'm sure it'll be awesome!

Spongebob: Dying for Pie~Dino~part 1

Lodgers exit the van to see Alister and Jasmine at the door of the building Alister: Hey, the Shell Lodgers finally came. We came as soon as we heard you opened a theme park. Yeah, can you believe it? Our rich employee, Goanna Jones, came up with the idea for the park when he made the blueprints for one of the robots that will be used there.

And guess how much it cost to build the robot? That's a pretty cheap price for a robot. Exactly what is the name for the park? You'll see once we get there. Now where are the others? Suddenly a magic glow appears, and the Mane 6 appears Oh, there they are. Not to mention those beautiful wings of yours.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur part 1

Yeah, I became a princess recently, it's a long story. We overheard a theme park came to the Dragon Realms, and decided to check it out. I always LOVE theme parks. Well, there's no roller coasters there, but when you get there, you'll see that the place makes the past look like the future. There's rides, there's some food and beverages, and there's even a monorail. You're gonna love it, guys. That's a pretty cheap price.

Usually parks cost a million dollars. You'd be surprised how the economy of the UUniverses has evolved. Just come with us, and we'll show you everything. The Lodgers and Ponies follow them Chapter 2: Goanna Jones in the sky.

On radio to Alister Hey, Alister? Why didn't you tell us the park was on an island?

SpongeBob and Friends Go Home on the Range

You said it was in the Dragon Realms version of Florida on your letter. On radio Yeah, about that. That was just a mistake. Looking out the window I'm surprised Twilight's improved in her flying skills.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur part 1

What do you mean? Well, she became an Alicorn not too long ago, and yet she learned how to fly efficiently and quickly? Well, Rainbow Dash was the one who taught her how to fly efficiently, just so you know. But that doesn't really matter because not all pegasi need to actually learn how to fly.

Some can just do it all by theirselves even if they're babies. A baby foal can learn how to fly all by itself? Pound Cake did that even after he was a month old. Yeah, and just look at Pegasus. Even when he was a few seconds old, he was able to fly by himself. Yeah, I guess you're right. This is a cartoon after all. The chopper and the van continue to fly toward the island Lord Shen: But luckily the volcano is extinct, and doesn't erupt for more thanyears.

We can head to the volcano later if that's okay. Besides, how do you know so much about the areas we arrive at, Dodo? I used the UUHD device. Oh, yeah, I completely forgot about that. It's a device that uses a satellite to record all the information and history of a certain place in the UUniverses that we arrive in, and shows the information on a little screen in the driver's seat.

We made it when we last upgraded the van because the Shell Lodge Squad Guidelines say that we must learn the history and information of each place we visit in case it could be useful during our missions. I did not get that at all. Well, I still have a strange feeling about this place.

It's not like there's dinosaurs or prehistoric monsters or anything of the like. Everybody lands Well, here we are. Just follow me, and we'll take you to our employer's mansion. I hope we get to the park soon, it's making me very nervous. Squeak, and the Shell Lodge Van and Helicopter's glass windows shatter Pinkie, please calm down, okay? We'll be there soon. You got the time? I have to pee what? Scoffs, trying to hold in laughter March Hare: Bursts out laughing Twilight: To Spyro Are those guys really this clueless?

Yeah, they're not really that bright. They drink too much tea once in a while. But that's nothing compared to what they did in the bathroom. Camera on the outside of the bathroom Ooh, look at that, Hare.

Somebody threw some brownies in the toilet. Well, isn't THIS a perfect unbirthday present. Suddenly, the two spit and sputter Mad Hatter: Oh, not as disgusting as the time they used their butts as jetpacks.

That wasn't ME, was it? DAMN, what's that smell? Okay, that was MORE disgusting. You should see what they-- Spyro: If everybody's done being very inappropriate, we'd like to get to the mansion, and get this over with.

Yeah, and let's not say anything that'll make everyone think of us as weird and embarassing. What do you mean, there are three of us.

Takes out Dorm Mouse's teapot Dorm Mouse Yeah, he's a great inventor, too. He actually made Senator Tricorn's first prosthetic parts. He's also willing to help us make her some new ones so she won't be so Then she won't hate us anymore. Not after what she tried to do to me. But let's at least be glad she'll be better once she gets those new prosthetics.

Everyone sees a lace monitor, this was Goanna Jones I see our invited guests have finally made it. Hides behind Twilight That's even worse than a dragon. Scoffs Don't worry, mate, I'm not a Komodo Dragon. I'm actually a close relative to Komodo Dragons. I'm a lace monitor. Komodo Dragons don't have those black spots.

Sighs in relief, and comes out of hiding Goanna Jones: Well, now that that's over, allow me to introduce myself. I am Goby 'Goanna' Jones, biocybernetics extraordinaire. I come from a long line of paleontologists, and I used to be one myself. But after a while, I decided I'd be more into robotics and biology. What in tarnation is that? It's a person who studies prehistoric life, Applejack. They dig up dinosaur bones, and use all kinds of technology to look into their past to see how they lived before they died.

Hmm, I knew something felt prehistoric around here. Well, you see, mate, this place actually has a LOT of history about dinosaurs.

Juraso Island's soil is rich with fossils, which made it an oppertune place for paleontoligists to look for bones. The soil on the island is sedimentary, which proves that there are indeed fossils underground. Jones, we came because we heard you created a theme park on this island.

And I trust this has something to do with dinosaurs? But you have my word, there aren't any real dinosaurs involved with this park. It's something even better. I think I'm gonna faint. There's nothing to be scared of. Just follow me outside. I've got something I want to show you.

The Van and a jeep drives through the forest on it's way to the park How much farther is this place? Not that much father, mate. But we're already near the borders where one of our robots are being transported. I want to show you one of them before we arrive.

What're you waitin' on, let's see what great secrets you're holding for this park. The vehicles stop Goanna Jones: Okay, let me ask you this, how big is it? Is it like 'Godzilla' big, or is it 'T-Rex' big? Just keep your shirt on, mate, and you'll see. Doors open 'Dinosaurs', 'Robots', 'Theme Park'. Makes weird sounds like he does when he hears about InvExpo Skipper: They see a giant robotic Brachiosaurus Is that Yes, it certainly is.

It's a robot Brachiosaurus. It's from a long line of robotic dinosaurs I've named Cybersaurs. This one is the 4th model, a Brachios. And I thought dragons were the biggest creatures in Equestria. The Brachios looks at them, and gives them a low-pitched roar Goanna Jones: My friends, Welcome to Cyberjurassic Park!

I wish Celestia was here to see this. It's a robotic Brachiosaurus. It's species were harmless herbivores that fed on only the grazing in trees. Besides, it's what they were programmed to do. To be harmless unless you're a threat. You can even touch him if you want. He ain't gonna hurt you. Flies up to the Brachios, and hesitates to touch it I can't do it! Puts her hoof onto the metal of the Brachios That's what it's programmed for, yes.

The Brachios looks down at her, and Fluttershy begins to get scared Icky: If i had a bit for everytime my first encounter was met with a sneese.

We also had to make the Brachios' tails and neck out of metallic plastic so they wouldn't cause any accidents. But I must admit, this thing is absolutely precious. Yes, all the Cybersaurs in the park have been programmed to be friendly to guests.

But if they are threatened, they immediately attack. That protocol is useful in case someone tries to destroy them. But we've had to make sure the protocol was activated by a huge amount of damage, and not from being hit by a rock. If they get hit by a rock, the Cybersaur will just scare you away so you won't tease it again. And you created the blueprints for every Cybersaur type by yourself? I hope it's quick. Pinkie is getting pretty excited. Giggles hysterically Goanna Jones: Keep your hooves on, mates, you'll get to play in the park in due time.

But first, you need to know how I came up with the idea for the Cybersaurs, how they function, what they're powered by, and what they're programmed for. Yeah, that's one thing we definitely need to know as heroes. The first step on having fun is to look at the situation. Villains are crawling all over the UUniverses, and if there's anything I've learned after being evil, it's that whatever brings fun and happiness can also bring evil and destruction.

And don't any of you forget it! The group enters an auditorium with enough seats for the entire group Goanna Jones: Everybody sit, and take a moment to see our little film. Soon, it will all become clear. Oh, boy, a movie! Does it come with popcorn?

Everyone takes a seat, the lights go dark, and the film plays In the film, Goanna Jones in a suit appears. Oh, hello, I am Dr. Okay, maybe a little, but I'm not cloning real dinosaurs. Removes a curtain to show a robotic Tyrannosaurus Rex Rico: This device is the first of a long line of robotic dinosaurs that will be represented in the park.

But this bucket of bolts is not like the actual dinosaur. It doesn't eat and kill other helpless victims like a T-Rex. It's programmed to be harmless to those who are not a threat. Now, here to explain all about my inventions is Mr.

An animated pterosaur appears on the scene Mr. To audience Kind of cute, ain't he? Dino, everybody here wants to know all about the Cybersaurs. Would you mind giving me a hand? Clears throat The Cybersaurs are the latest in animatronic technology.

They technically used to be old worn out dinosaur animatronics from Universal Studios, many of which included the T-Rex used in the actual film. As serious as a T-Rex attack! The studio didn't want them anyway because of the popular technology of computer animation for film working. Jones decided to buy them, and well, here we are! Jones said, they're harmless. And I'll tell you why. Slides the frame to a supercomputer like a cartoon Voila! This is the DinoComp. They are useful whenever a Cybersaur is needed for assistance or needs assistance itself.

Some other protocols are automatic. For example, when a Cybdersaur needs to be refueled, it automatically enters it's fueling station to get refueled. They need a jumpstart to keep electricity flowing through their bodies like endoplasmic reticulum. Anyway, in the fueling station, they also get a hookup so that they can be recharged. Without this automatic protocol, they would eventually run out of fuel, and power down. But there are also some occasions where the Cybersaurs might be attacked by villains, robot droids, solar-powered electric rays, and a few other bad things that I just now made up.

It has a protocol that automatically allows it to defend itself from a threat by attacking it head on. But if a Cybersaur should be bullied by some idiot toddler who throws a rock at it, the Cybersaur will just scare you off and not attack you.

And so, they learn that Lord Cobra was one of Oogway's students that was power-hungry. Then Facilier, Scroop, and the Cheetahs show him about the Darkspawn's dreaded medallian. The medallian mutated Cobra, and causing the second cartoonian war. As the boundaries of the universe were made to prevent any future cartoonian wars, King Arthur removed the Sword from the Stone, bringing the universes back together.

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The boundaries that hold the banished realms were not destroyed. Cobra plotted revenge on Oogway by corrupting Cynder once again.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur part 1

Malefor had told Cobra about her in a vision as an act of revenge for his second banishment. The corruption of Cynder was one of the Villain League's most crowning achievements.

After that, and more members being recruited in the Villain League, there came many crimes, such as the fall of Atlantis. The ancestors hoped a miracle could stop this crisis, until a heroic team of misfits that originated from Africa destroyed the medallian, and caused Lord Cobra's very first death. Then he was revived once again by Excalibur. But obviously, the same team he came up against, now growing in size, defeated him again.

spongebob and friends meet dinosaur part 1

Then he was back again thanks to the Horned King. They then suggested that they know why Mirage is with the Villain League. So they learn that Mirage is just filling in as the Villain League's new leader until Cynder is corrupted once again. The Cronticler also explains that Mirage has the biggest plan in the history of the united universes. She used the Black Cauldron as a distraction to prevent the Lodge from discovering her true plan.

Using the Pool of Visions, the Chronticler showed Spyro that she has re-created the Well of Souls and the Mountain of Malefor with the help of Spyro's old foe, Gaul, in order to hold the 6 princesses of hearts, or even any unknown princesses of hearts.

And all they have left is Jasmine, Belle, and of couse, Kairi.

SpongeBob and Friends Go Home on the Range

Kairi is obviously safe with the Lodge, and Belle is located somewhere unknown. The Lodge wonders about Lord Dread's origins. She learns that she herself had corrupted him according to the Villain League's rite-of-passage on having a right-hand man. And if Cynder is corrupted again, every villain ever known in the united universes will join the Villain League, and nothing, not even the Lodge, can stop them. So the Lodge can get back to the business at hand, the Chronticler quickly explains that Shenzi descended from a race of pure hyenas, which explains the awesome move she performed to defeat Cobra the second time.

Then he explains that Kaa's old son and daughter are still alive. Lola Boa is his daughter, and Savio is his son. Then Iago wonders where the herd is, they discover the actual entrance the herd is taking has collapsed, forming a sheer drop.

At that rate, the herd will be unable to make it. Aladar intends to inform Kron. Spyro intends to help him, but then, Lucky Jack arrives and tells them that he's in the mood for an adventure.

And so, Aladar and the Lodge go to help the herd. But they had to sneak across Lord Dread and his minions. Kron tries to get the herd over the rocks on the other side, but it's getting difficult. Aladar and the Lodge manage to warn them that Lord Dread is heading their way, and that they'll never make it over the rocks. Kron persists, but after being ignored, he tries to kill him. Shifu stops him by kicking him down before he can do any harm.

As Aladar leads the herd around, Lord Dread arrives. Aladar has all the dinosaurs stand together and fight the carnivores in an epic battle. The herd manages to keep the Carnotaurs from attacking by roaring at them all together while passing them. But then, after the dinosaurs completely make it around the carnivores, Lord Dread sees Kron trying to get over the rocks. He leads his army to kill him. Kron tries to make it over the rocks, only to discover that Aladar was right.