Sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

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sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

Besides, I'm only going to one seedy bar to meet a few people I've been It was then that Ace, Sabo and Luffy all commando rolled over tables . Standing up straight again, the man's hood was down to reveal long spikey. Rated: Fiction T - English - Mystery/Family - Luffy, Sabo - Chapters: 15 - Words: One day, when we're all great pirates, we'll meet again. Luffy still with his legs and arms wrapped around Sabo from when he had But Luffy had been the one to enthusiastically invite the Straw Hat Crew to meet his ever elusive brother, and "Wanna say that again you fucker?".

He regained his footing somehow as the fire element of his body desperately tried to piece itself back together again.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

Blood poured from Ace's open mouth, staining his chin. Luffy shook himself into action.

The other Whitebeard pirates fired at will, aiming straight for the murderer who called himself a marine. The Admiral didn't move as he was continuously blasted by rocket launches and guns.

The onslaught didn't appear to affect him one bit. He towered over the two brothers, Luffy desperately trying to keep Ace on his feet. As the Admiral approached, the rubber man looked up, terrified, at his brother's attacker. He raised his fist again, preparing for another attack. When the admiral didn't appear to hear him, he tried again, screaming his lungs out.

I'm sure you know just how strong I am! All he could think of was Ace, who had collapsed to his knees. Luffy kept one hand on Ace's elbow for support, the other pressed against the gaping hole in his brother's back, trying in vain to stop the bleeding. The Straw Hat captain stared without seeing at the ensuing battle, only listening to the ragged breathing of his beloved brother.

Ace… please, save Ace! Even Luffy knew it, but he still wouldn't give up. Isn't there anybody who can save him? Even Ace confirmed it, whispering that his internal organs were completely fried. However, Ivan refused, telling Luffy what he already knew. It was too late. You… you said you'd never die… didn't you!

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

I… probably wouldn't even have wanted to live… if it weren't with that whole deal with Sabo… and having an unruly little brother like you. Oh, right… if you ever see Dadan, give her my regards. For some reason, now that I know I'm gonna die… even her name sounds touching to me.

I only have one regret. That I couldn't see you… fulfill your dream. He didn't speak for several of minutes, in which Zoro's patients were tested. Ace, known as Fire Fist Ace was going to be public executed. Your captain was a part of this war. He was badly wounded even before entering the warzone. How much he remembers, I'm not sure of, but if he doesn't remember everything, then he most likely would believe what the government will tell," said Mihawk.

And Luffy was in the middle? Luffy came to safe his brother and might have failed. I wonder in what stat his mind would be, if he ever wakes up.

He was near death the last time I saw him," said Mihawk and walked away, leaving Zoro behind to his thoughts. However he also saw the grief.

Luffy believed that his brother had died, which concerned Zoro. After all Luffy had Ace's vivre card right? That could tell him if Ace was alive or dead. But if Luffy didn't have it anymore, could that mean Ace truly were dead or had Luffy somehow lost it in the war? You have become so strong and powerful.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

And your determination has also become stronger. To go into a war, which you knew was bigger than yourself for Ace… I'm not sure if I would have been able to make a difference.

I wanted to be there and to safe Ace, but I'm glad I wasn't. Hearing that you thought I was dead, makes me think what a shock it would have been for you and Ace if I suddenly had shown up," said Sabo. The day went on. Soon Luffy played with Usopp and Chopper. Sabo simply smiled as he watched his brother and how close he was to his crew, but he did see that it seem that not all was what it seemed to be.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

Sabo couldn't help to think it had something to do with the day they had disappeared. However he didn't comment it. It wasn't his place to do so. The crew had to grow on their own, and to overcome the struggle without someone pointing out their flaws.

So went three das easily by, without anything special happening. Luffy rocketed himself to his special seat and saw that Usopp was right. In the distance there was indeed and Island. He smiled brightly, as he ordered to sail towards the Island. Despite how much Luffy loved the sea, he also loved adventure and an Island meant adventure in his world. Sabo couldn't help but smile at how childish Luffy seemed. They anchored near a white beach.

The water was crystal blue and seemed like place where many would go on vacation and relax.

sabo and luffy meet again fanfiction

It was like a dream. Jungle, a beach and good weather. Luffy was eager to explore, so he nagged Sanji for a lunchbox. Zoro and Franky would stay behind, while the others would explore the jungle. He looked to his left, where Sabo should be, but said man was also gone. Sanji shook his head and together with the others he went into the jungle. Brothers would always be brothers. As they walked deeper they could hear music, but it was hard to tell from where. After a while, they found Luffy and Sabo, each sitting on a big animal.

Luffy grinned brightly and jumped down, as he saw Sanji and the others. Can we cook it for dinner?

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Sounds like someone are having a party, but I can't figure out from where," said Luffy. Brook, closed his eyes, although he doesn't have any, and listened. After a while, he could hear from where the music came and he guided the group towards it. Luffy voice broke through from behind Sanji. Sanji shifted to look at his Captain, freeing Sabo from the imposing barricade the cook tried to be, until Sabo could finally make out Luffy once more. Luffy's head was turn directly at him, owl-wide eyes locked on to his own.

Even so, Sabo could hear the accusation under each word.

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Those watering eyes of Luffy's did nothing more than twist the spear in his gut, spilling guilt and anguish out from where he'd tried to hide it, when he'd foolishly tried to delude himself that Luffy had been fine without him.

There was an apology first, and then he would wrap the boy up in his arms as they cried together about Ace. He would then distract his baby brother by telling him about his life of adventure, that courageous start of his, and the awe and amazement of the heroic sight of his saviour.

He would tell his brother about the promise Dragon had made against the corrupted world, and then go on and spin a tale of all the places his been, and things he'd been showed. All that died inside, sputtering at the sight of Luffy, until he could force out nothing more than simple sentences.

Luffy blinked soundlessly, before jerking his head away to stare down into clenched fists. His rubbery fingers twisted and pulled and shook in place. Then, Luffy's lip curled downwards. Sabo was the nicer brother, he would've told Ace and me if he were alive! Sabo wouldn't have been surprised if the name 'Ace' had been all but taboo nowadays. And here Sabo was, forcing the two wretched words out of Luffy. The green-haired swordsman tightened his grip on his swords.

The cook adjusted his stance. Still, Sabo had to push forwards. The words stabbed him straight in the heart with every syllable. He took a step away from the railings and towards the teen. Luffy leaned away, far, far back, until he was all but pressed into Law who had been sitting silently beside him. His arms shot out, groping for the nearest person.

They encircled themselves around the Heart Pirate, movement pulling at that damning scar crossed on his chest. Sabo stiffened at his words.

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Sabo heard the rumors of Luffy's escape from the Battle of Marineford. The Revolutionary Army had the sharpest ears for tales that covered the clashes against the legendary Marines Admirals. He'd heard how the Captain of the Heart Pirates had sailed amidst that fiery battle, escaped with Luffy, and saved him from certain death. And where had he been?

Law did have every right to be Luffy's older brother — he did a much better job than Sabo ever had. Sabo looked at the two, distinctly reminded of their childhood on Dawn Island. Law was a substitute for the memory of Ace in his mind.

He could remember the cold nights Luffy sat holding his brother, crying into the lapel of his shirt. He would cry from pain, or hunger, or silly nightmares.

But Sabo himself had never done — and thought he would never do — anything to make Luffy hurt like this. Law awkwardly patted Luffy's back, looking uncertain of himself. The words stung, but that didn't make them any less true. Sabo turned sharply on his heel.