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The Meet-Cute Chapter 1, a rizzoli & isles fanfic | FanFiction

Another short, I am enjoying writing these and they are great practice! This show is amazing and here is a take on how Jane and Maura met. Jane and Maura meet late at night at the precinct, shortly after Jane's Rated: Fiction T - English - Hurt/Comfort/Drama - J. Rizzoli, M. Isles. Jane and Maura meet for the first time and have to deal with some But what she knew was that Dr. Isles' clothes were riduculous for a crime.

She didn't know how she felt about that. But what she knew was that Dr. Isles' clothes were riduculous for a crime scene. Jane's look went down to Maura's shoes.

Isles, not a catwalk. Maura looked at Jane up and down and slowly stood so that she gained height to the taller woman. Jane Rizzoli had a powerfully strong presence and Maura could feel it. It made her want to be around the woman, even if she wasn't quite sure she cared for her. Her look was fixated on the victim.

rizzoli and isles fanfiction jane maura meet

She just couldn't believe the new M. Jane herself, wore black slacks, a white blouse and a dark grey blazer over it. Jane didn't care if her clothes matched - she just wanted to be taken seriously. Her look went back to Maura for a moment.

rizzoli and isles fanfiction jane maura meet

She'll probably never get along with her Maura looked from Jane to the body and back again. She cleared her throat and leveled her gaze to the hard detective. Her jaw was slightly tight as she spoke. Signs of a struggle on the wrists and hands Jane Rizzoli was beautiful and what puzzled Maura was why she dressed so manly and plain.

The brunette let a hand ran through her dark hair and listened to the Doctor talk. She stepped away from Maura and walked over to him; talking to him for two minutes before she walked back to the Doctor. Maura's lips parted as she started to answer the detective Maura huffed and sighed, looking back to the body for a moment as Jane was talking with the other detective named Korsak. She felt sympathy for the dead and that was where her passion lied Jane's one word of 'so' got her attention once again.

She blinked once, "It just depends on when I get to the lab and are able to start the examination. Usually a couple of hours, but again Jane placed one hand in her hip. She slipped a hand into her blazer pocket and fished out a card; handing it to Maura.

The card had all her contact information on. As she handed the card to the blonde, she eyed her again. Jane would guess from the way Maura looked, that she had choosen the wrong profession. Maura smiled slightly and nodded, taking the card from Jane. She cleared her throat and tilted her head. I know my job and I do it very well," she said firmly and offered the woman a knowing smile. You could see a sign of shock in Jane's face for a brief moment.

How did Maura figure out what she was thinking? Isles seemed odd in a way but at the same time Jane was very intrigued by her. I know," she said a little less flat before she turned to one of her staff members to give them instructions on the body before she turned back toward Jane.

I just like nice things," she said right before she started to walk back toward the media on the other side of the yellow tape.

When I met Her Chapter 1, a rizzoli & isles fanfic | FanFiction

Jane looked after her; fascinated by the woman who just managed to analyze her within seconds. She had always assumed that she was hard to read but Dr. Isles didn't seem to have problems with that - Jane didn't like that at all.

Jane kept standing there for a while; thinking about the new M. As he did, she drove back to the Boston Police Department with him. Jane waited for Maura to contact her to continue with her investigation.

Until now they didn't even had an ID on 'John Doe'. Several hours later the air in the bullpen changed as Maura Isles walked in. She held a presence about her that was undeniably addicting. She offered a smile to Korsak as she passed. Korsak watched after the doctor with great interest. Maura wore the lavender dress from earlier that day, black ankle strapped heels and her white lab coat with ID badge pinned to it. She walked right up to Jane's desk and lightly dropped the file folder to it.

She didn't notice how her colleagues suddenly turned quiet and paid full attention to the attractive doctor. The brunette shrugged together as a folder was dropped down on her desk and startled her out of her thoughts. She looked up at the Doctor for a brief moment and then opened the folder. She didn't know why but she felt somehow uncomfortable now in Maura's presence. Actually she knew why she felt uncomfortable in her presence - because she could obviously read her.

She placed her hands in her lap and stroke with her thumb over her scar on the back of her hand. The murder weapon was very thin about three inches in width The heart was pierced As soon as the blonde mentioned the nervous twitch, Jane stopped.

She leaned back in her chair as Maura sat on the edge of her desk; trying to keep some distance between them. Jane looked up, meeting Maura's eyes, before she took the autopsy file in her hands and opened it; scanning over it. Could it be some sort of screwdriver or ice pick? I did find some particles around the entrance wound site. I am waiting on those results as we speak. She seemed to be little affected by Jane brashness or hard words. She just kept on working and talking.

Jane was seeing just the edge of Maura's intelligence. It didn't even come to her mind at this moment, that Maua meant something completely different with 'coffee'. She wasn't used to the whole girly-thing like going to the cafeteria together and talk over a cup of steaming coffee.

When she was talking about the case with Frost and Korsak, one of them usually got mugs of coffee and they discussed their findings while they kept sitting on their desks. Nothing fancy or spectacular about that.

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Maura folded her arms across her chest, blinking a few times with a cute smile. I don't bring it to you," she said with a odd expression at the other woman. Maura at this distance didn't even smell like death. In fact, she smelled like a goddess of rich soft flowers. Jane turned her head as the M. Jane stood up straight and stepped back from the car.

I've never seen a car this nice up close," she said, grinning until she realized that the woman was looking at her nervously. She cocked her head to the side and regarded the very attractive, very nicely dressed woman standing in front of her.

Maura now noticed the way the police officer was looking at her and she took a moment to make her own observations. The woman was tall and thin, all straight lines and angles in her dark blue uniform. Long brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail under her hat. Even with the amused grin on her face, she was gorgeous. I even took a course. I took a driving course," Maura explained.

It included parallel parking. I never had to drive much before moving to Boston and this is my first car, so I thought the course would be helpful. My first car was barely one step above having a hole in the floor for my feet," Jane joked.

Maura shook her head. I was just admiring your car," Jane said.

Maura reached into her purse for her keys and pushed the buttons to unlock the car and open the trunk. Moving to put her shopping bag in the trunk she said, "I've been thinking of trading it in for something more fuel efficient. That would be criminal," Jane protested. Maura's eyebrows shot up. You can call me Maura though.

You can call me Jane. It's nice to meet you Maura," Jane said, holding out her hand, which Maura took hold of and shook. Jane smiled and then sighed.

I'm supposed to be patrolling the street, you know, serving and protecting. Give me a call. Maura walked around to the driver's side door.

Before getting into her car she said, "Jane, studies have found that you should limit your caffeine intake to milligrams per day.

Jane snorted a laugh. Undeniably intrigued by the woman, Jane texted Maura that night and they made plans to get coffee when they next both had the day off, which ended up being the following Saturday afternoon, and they agreed on a coffee shop near Boston Common.

Jane arrived early and grabbed a table by the window in the front corner. She saw Maura walk by and come inside and she stood up to wave her over. Jane looked down at her outfit of jeans and a thin cotton sweater. A lot of people seem to prefer the uniform. But all of that polyester," Maura said with a small shudder. Jane laughed again and said, "You sit. I'll get us drinks. What do you want? Okay," Jane said skeptically, but went up to the counter to order.

She returned a few minutes later, set two mugs on the table, and said, "One chai latte with organic soy milk for the lady. I like to stick with the basics. I don't even know what chai is. But in the United States, chai usually refers to black tea mixed with a variety of spices such as cardamom and cinnamon.

Maura kind of shimmied her shoulders as she replied, "I like to be well-informed. Some people find my information sharing boring though. I think it's sexy," Jane said easily before taking a sip of coffee and enjoying the blush on Maura's cheeks. That's like autopsies and stuff right? So does that mean you want to solve crimes too? Maybe someday we'll be working together," Jane said. There are openings in the drug unit, so that may be where I start out, but I hope to make it to Homicide someday.

Why do you want to work in Homicide? But also because I want to make a real difference in people's lives. I mean, it's cool to catch stupid criminals, but bringing justice to murder victims and their families is why I wanted to become a cop.

How does a woman like you decide she wants to perform autopsies? Jane laughed but when she saw that Maura wasn't laughing too she said, "Wait, are you being serious? I tend to be overly clinical in a way that patients find off-putting," Maura said, scrunching her nose at her own description.