Oth clay and quinn meet

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oth clay and quinn meet

Discover ideas about One Tree Hill Seasons. Quinn & Clay first meeting wallpaper probably with a bather in The Clay and Quinn Club. One Tree Hill. Katie began to stalk Clay and later shot both him and his girlfriend Quinn James. However, upon meeting Katie after her game, he is taken aback by her. Brooke and Julian want to keep Angie, Clay and Quinn get shot by Katie Clay and Quinn meet in a heaven like place after being shot and.

But if you insist Haley: Oh, come on, are you gonna say something? Girl behind the brown door. Hey Brooke how are you doing? Oh this must bring back a lot of memories for you. I feel bad, man, 'cause I love bacon. And I love ham, you know? But then I met you.

oth clay and quinn meet

Look, I know you're planning On falling insanely in love with that pig, but can we please talk about something else? You have a lot of fun with Junk and Fergie. The two of them equal one adult. His movies were about the struggle that every teenager goes through. Talk about clear vision.

Too many girls at our house, not enough cereal. You working hard, or hardly working?

oth clay and quinn meet

I like Shrek 2. Well, for what it's worth, I think you're doing great. Coming from you, that Coming from you, that means everything, too. You're taking good care of my daughter. I remember the day you came to ask our permission to marry her.

You were so nervous. But I looked into your eyes and I just knew What did you know? That you were going to change my daughters life. And I was right. You are responsible for raising the woman who changed my entire world. I'll never forget that Lydia. Thank you for saying "yes". Do you guys mind if I play third wheel for a little while? I'm not ready to go home yet.

Yeah, you just missed my Millie rant. I want to hear the Millie rant. Oh, we've moved on to the Julian rant. Can you at least start from the beginning? You didn't miss much. I was just saying that sometimes our relationship seems so simple and easy. But no matter what, it just turns into a big mess. And there are days that I want to dive into that mess, but then, other days, I can't help but wonder if maybe we're just two people who don't work as a couple. But you love him, right?

Like you don't even know. Life's too short to play games. If you love somebody and you want to be with them, then go get them. Deal with the mess later. We don't know what tomorrow will bring. My lead actor looks like a cross between Richard Simmons and one of the Village People.

How am I gonna get through this? Graciously and courageously, the way you always do, with me by at your side. Every step of the way. You know what's good on a black eye? If you say, "raw meat," I will tear out your tonsils, tie off your weiner bag, and castrate you like a bull. I'm the donkey in a big, stupid shakespearean mixup. You're not making any sense. Alex slept with Alexander, not Julian. So, I ruined wardrobe Bitched out the one man who makes my world turn And clocked an interloping hoochie whose only mistake was boning Crocodile Dundee.

You realize you're overlooking the best part of this Julian didn't sleep with Alex. And as far as that shakespearean play, as I recall, the donkey gets turned back into a person once he realizes what an ass he's been. Didn't know your own strength, did you Bam Bam? All of my siblings are talented or smart or both. And I'm just Taylor. You have to say that.

That nobody else knows. Of all of my kids, you are the one who reminds me the most of myself. I don't believe it. Well, that's because you've only known Lydia the mom.

One Tree Hill (season 7) - Wikipedia

But there was a very Taylor-ish Lydia before that. And that's why I have never had any doubt that you will find your way, because I did. And you can fight this all you want, but you are going to end up happy. I've been so awful. How can you still love me? My love for you has never been in question. The only question here is, how long is it going to take for you to love yourself?

Because wherever I am, wherever I go from here I will never, ever let go of you. I know I'm banned from the set, But I need to clear something up. Well, this better be good. That black eye's gonna cost us about grand. If it helps, it cost me my dignity. Brooke, what the hell happened today? I thought you slept with alex. So, basically, you still don't trust me. Basically I got jealous.

Because I'm in love with you, julian, And I always will be. And that's gonna make me do stupid things sometimes Because love is crazy. And I've been crazy. First, I thought you were falling for alex, And then, last night, I went to your hotel, And I thought you fell for alex. You think too much, brooke davis. Is this how you got mom? It took a lot more than a close shave to get your mom to fall for me. I was a bit selfish and I fought a lot.

But you're not like that now. Being with your mom made me better person. And you know what, now that I think of it. Your mom and your Uncle Lucas did. And the important part is we became more like real brothers once we got a little bit older, but you're right, having a brother is like having a best friend.

It helped make the man I am today. How you holding up?

One Tree Hill (Season 7)

I know it must be hard. Your mom played a big part in this night. Yeah, it is, but, you know, I think Jamie really helps. It's kind of life's little plan, you know? You have kids so you have something to hold onto when you lose your parents I can't have kids.

Have you seen a specialist or Yeah, no, I did everything, and You cannot give up, Brooke. Can I ask you a favor? Can you do that for me? You remember what you said to me our first night here? Every night I spent away from you,I dreamed about being back here I dreamed about us, Brooke. And now we're here. And you look even more beautiful than in my dreams. I never stopped loving you And I never will.

Nothing can ruin us, Brooke Davis. Welcome to Brooke's spa. We hope you enjoy your stay. Trust me, it's great for the skin. That thing has been ringing nonstop. Didn't the shoot just end? Yeah, but editing just started. You just did the thing. Whenever you're passionate about something, your eyebrows tighten up I saw it a lot on set. And even though I think it's kind of sexy, I'm worried about you.

Because I'll never win the world poker championship? Because when you're passionate about something, you put everything you have into it. Have you stopped for one second to relax? For about five hours every night. I need you to take care of yourself because I want you to live for a long, long time.

Well, I will as long as I have you. Life seems to be getting crazier and crazier. Will the gang stay together? She thinks as she starts walking closer to the car. Logan starts to fall behind when Quinn sees Clay scoop him up in one arm laughing the whole way to the door. As she climbs the stairs she hears her phone ringing inside. Man, who could that be this early? My name is Bevin Mirsky. We met last year at Tree Hill City Hall.

So what is the matter? Here is his number. Have a good day. But first why are you home so early? I thought you weren't getting back till Monday? I'm going to the park with Chuck and Chase, okay? Be safe and thank you, for feeding Lydia, so we could sleep in today. So you can have the morning to yourselves too. Clay and Quinn meet on the beach outside of the beach house. Quinn stares out at the ocean and Clay comes up behind her.

Clay says "do you wanna go for a swim? In the blink of an eye they appeared inside the beach house. They walked upstairs to find their bodies lying on the carpet cold and lifeless.

Next thing I know I am standing on the beach. Nathan comes outside "Nathan I have been trying to call Quinn all day and she still hasn't answered… I'm starting to get really worried…" "Hales you know Quinn and Clay are probably just at the beach house doing what Clay and Quinn do…" "I just want to tell her that I'm pregnant and I was going to ask her to be the god mother… This isn't like Quinn not to call me back hours later…" "Just give her a little time Haley" said Nathan.

Haley disapproving of Nathans response to Quinn decided to head over the beach house to make sure that everything was all right. Haley Knocking on the front door with no response headed around to the back… As she walked up the stairs she saw the curtains blowing outside the door.

Haley walked over to the open door… She couldn't believe what she was looking at. Clay and Quinn lying on the ground unconscious covered in a pool of blood.