One piece strong world luffy and nami meet

one piece strong world luffy and nami meet

Nami being Nami and escapes (THATS MY GIRL) with a upgraded Carue hehe. Then they both meet Luffy and once Luffy seen Nami he was. Summary- The Straw Hat Pirates are one of their biggest adventures, yet! Luffy, Zoro, Nami, Usopp, and Sanji's hometowns in the East Blue are. Luffy spoke up. "Your homes just been destroyed but your worried about Nami. I'll make sure to beat the crap outta Shiki for every one of you!.

In the beginning I Knew for sure Shiki was going to be an enemy and I was wondering why he had Nami captive.

one piece strong world luffy and nami meet

But once Nami told Shiki about the Cycone and saved him I was like nooooo Nammmmiiiii why do you gottaaaa be sooo good!!! And then And then Shiki took herrr!!!!! And Meet Straw Hats!!! I was laughing so much when Sanji kept yelling at Nami swannnnnn I was also feeling sorry for Usopp: Brook, Franky and Robin got me dyingggg when those bugs came and ignored Brook because he had no substance to eat. I also like how Franky and Robin just walked by the little bugs because they trusted Brooks attack.

one piece strong world luffy and nami meet

However, his most interesting features of all was that he had what appeared to be a steering wheel lodged in his head and two katana for feet. Suddenly, the battleships came crashing down from the sky, plummeting into the ocean below and exploding as they did, due to holding gunpowder and other explosives. Some Marines were unfortunate to be submerged by the resulting wave.

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Several other Marines fired cannons and rifles, hoping to shoot the landmass down, but it was all for not, for the target was too far out of range.

Garp seethed as he watched such a humiliating defeat. Stick around for the fun! Read and review, please! They soon decide to search for the others, using Billy to fly.

Robin's group, meanwhile, find a large building where many pirates are gathering, similarly protected by poison plants. They learn there that Shiki is planning to let loose the animals on the island into East Blue in a gambit to force the surrender of the World Government. They also learn that to prove the power of the animals he is planning a demonstration using a village on the floating island.

Luffy and Nami join the others at the village, and they too learn of the plan from the village residents, who, not knowing where the Straw Hats originate, are relieved to be rid of the monsters. Shiki confronting the Straw Hats.

one piece strong world luffy and nami meet

Nami is seen by a den den mushi camera, and Shiki decides to personally head over to retrieve her. He arrives sometime later and confronts the Straw Hats who are there.

Despite some initial success in fending him off, the Straw Hats are defeated, and Nami is coerced into rejoining Shiki by him agreeing to leave them, and her home town be. Usopp, the only remaining crew member conscious tries to stop her, but Shiki knocks him out. Nami records a message, using the Tone Dialwhich is supposed to be a farewell message.

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After leaving it, Shiki's men remove the poisonous plants around the village, and cause the animals to destroy it. Xiao and the other villagers took shelter in an underground bunker. Nami watches this from Shiki's palace, apparently uncaring. Robin's group arrives shortly after, revive, and rejoin the rest of the crew. Xiao reappears and gives them the Dial.

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Her mother, who earlier had expressed relief about the animals being sent to East Blue, apologizes for saying how happy she was for Shiki leaving for East Blue. They then play the message, and after hearing only the first bit of it, Luffy is angered to the point that he will not listen to the rest the rest of the crew does, however.

The Straw Hats return to take back Nami. Back at Shiki's place, Nami is found to have in fact been attempting to blow up the plants protecting his palace, but was overcome by the poison. Shiki traps her near the plants and heads off to meet the pirate captains gathering.

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While preparing a toast to the commencement of the operation, the Straw Hats burst into the palace using Sunny, then march into the main meeting room brandishing various firearms. After a short confrontation, where Shiki calls them simply a suicide squad, and reveals hundreds of men around them. Luffy says that Nami was simply the vanguard and that they are the main force.

one piece strong world luffy and nami meet

They unload their firearms in the room, defeating most those gathered, then split up to defeat the rest. Luffy chases after Shiki, telling Chopper and Usopp to find Nami. Nami is found by Billy who helps her ignite the explosives just as Chopper and Usopp find her. Shiki While all escape harm from the explosion, animals from outside storm the palace adding to the chaos within.

Chopper realizes the only way to save Nami is to find the IQ medicine, but Shiki attempts to stop them.

However, Luffy appears, in Gear Secondand starts fighting him, with the help of Billy. Usopp and Chopper find the IQ plant, but find the medicine is being held by Dr.

one piece strong world luffy and nami meet

Zoro fights him, and using Asura defeats him and retrieves the medicine.