Mias and elle meet again soon

mias and elle meet again soon

Read Chapter 2: After all we meet again from the story Mias and Elle ((UNDER COMPLETE REWRITE)) by Wiccachick (Wicca chick) with reads. mias, fair. 1: Mias and Elle Meet Again. Elle glanced around the wide expanse of the ballroom, suppressing a yawn with the back of her hand. It was just after eleven. As soon as he told her the news, tears swelled in her eyes and slid down her cheeks. This reminded Mias . 1: Mias and Elle Meet Again. Elle glanced around .

The rain had stopped and the cloud cover had lessened, allowing more friendly light into the wood, but Elle could tell sunset would soon be upon her. She didn't want to leave the safety of the knothole, but she needed to keep her strength up. Cautiously she climb out of the knothole and looped her way down the trunk, her eyes and ears attentive for anything out of the ordinary. There was some peace of mind knowing Aterias would also alert her if he spotted anything.

She didn't want to think he'd left her, but that certainly appeared to be the case. Or maybe she had just imagined him given her exhaustion. Which ever it was, there was no use in fretting over it. She needed to get some food and then go back into hiding. She'd wait until the magic was ready before trying to venture back to Mias' manor. It'd be what Nicodemus would expect her to do, so she couldn't risk it.

Granted, she didn't know the way back, but wandering in the forest as a mouse was dangerous even without him on her trail.

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A snapping twig instantly sent Elle ducking for cover under a bush. She peered out from her hiding place with the greatest of caution and noticed a pair of black boots walking through past her: She slowly crawled out to get a better look and aside from his boots, he covered himself in a dark cloak. He looked more ominous than friendly, so Elle decided not to approach him for help. However much to her surprise it was he that stopped, turned around, and tilted his head downward to look straight at her.

Mathias has sent him to rescue you! Her connection with Aterias broke for some strange reason and Elle found herself staring up into his hood, trying to discern his face only to realize a mask covered most of his features which only made her more curious. A rustle in the near by bush alerted both of them to another's presence and Elle found herself being hastily tucked into a satchel on the man's belt as she eyed Nicodemus leaping out from the brush to pounce the two of them.

The cloaked man remained silent, but evaded the attack successfully. The cloaked man took off running, one hand protectively covering the satchel to keep Elle steady as he zigzagged through the trees with Nicodemus in hot pursuit.

Elle braced herself again the leather interior of the bag and wondered with horror if this man too would become another victim of Nicodemus' and her rescue would be in vain. All at once, she felt him stop. The chase ended with the cloaked man being trapped between a cliff that dropped fifty yards into a lower section of forest and Nicodemus.

It'd be just Elle's luck that such a stereotypical end had befallen her. The cloaked man slowly removed his belt and held it up for Nicodemus to see Elle's movements in the satchel. A smirk on the man's face changed the atmosphere entirely when he held the belt over the edge, clearly threatening to drop it. The smirk remained and he released the belt. However that rash decision on his part gave the cloaked man the opportunity he needed. He threw his cloak off and threw it over Nicodemus' face to blind him, jumped out of the way, gave him a swift kick in the back, grabbed the edge of the cloak and watched with some delight as the beast tumbled off the cliff and into the brush below.

Pleased with himself, he threw his cloak back over himself in a dramatic fashion and allowed Elle to crawl out of his glove. He'd switched her with a collection of fat earthworms he found at the surface due to the rain and during their running, made said switch. It'd take a lot more than that to kill Nicodemus.

mias and elle meet again soon

To Elle's delight, there was a small bit of bread, dried meat, cheese, and a couple grapes in the bag — enough to silence her stomach for a little while without upsetting it too greatly.

She crawled inside the bag for warmth and began eating as he began walking. In the back of Elle's mind, she wondered why she couldn't communicate with Aterias at the moment, and why this man could, but at present, she just wanted to eat, sleep, and get cozy. When next the bag open, he reached inside and carefully extracted her. Elle quickly made stock of their new surroundings. They appeared to be in an inn of some sort. There were two beds, a wardrobe, a roaring fireplace, a wooden table with two chairs, a vanity with wash basin, and a few vases of flowers and decorative paintings to give the room more of a homey feel.

He set her onto the rug and watched Elle quickly scurry to the fireplace. He chuckled and motioned for her attention, which she gave him after a few tries. He held up a man's tunic, the only bit of spare clothing he had, but warm cotton clothing that would preserve the remnants of her dignity. He set it on one of the beds and stepped out of the room for privacy's sake. The cloaked man stood out in the hallway, leaning up against the wall.

He nodded and returned into the room. He paused after closing the door behind him and looked at her for a moment, or at least Elle assumed that's what he was doing — she couldn't see his eyes. He nodded his head. Is your voice funny sounding or something? He simply stood there, unwilling to answer.

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His attire under the cloak consisted of a tunic, trousers, and a series of belts and holsters for supplies and weaponry that included every length of blade as well as some sort of slingshot type weapon strapped around his right forearm.

All the accessories took a while for him to remove and place in the wardrobe, but when he finished, the only mysterious thing about him remained the mask he wore to cover his defining features. His mouth was exposed, but hell of Elle could identify anyone by that. His hair was dark in color and pulled back tightly into a short ponytail, definitely not a style she recognized, but the dark hair and dark clothing clearly meant he had some association to the Dormaeus family. Aterias seemed to know him, but that theory didn't quite make sense.

Aside from Mias and his sister, there weren't supposed to be any other living Dormaeus' at least to Elle's knowledge.

She knew Mias was infamous for keeping secrets, so she reasoned this man was probably another family secret he neglected to mention to her. Elle watched him as she sat near the fireplace to continue warming herself. After giving her one last nod to recognize her gaze, she watched him crawl into bed. She thought nothing of it until she felt warm enough to leave the fireside and crawl into bed as well. She knew she should respect his privacy as he'd done for her, but Elle's curiosity was very difficult to restrain.

He was soundly asleep. All she need to was untie the string holding his mask, get a quick glance of his face, retie it, and then head to bed. She loomed over him, her mind wondering if he perhaps was disfigured like the Phantom of the Opera. It was the only reason she could think of for why any man would want to wear a mask, but she knew of no one who was disfigured and the added secrecy of the sound of his voice made Elle suspicious that he imust be someone she knew.

Yet that made no sense either as she knew very few people in this world. She had to know. She needed a face; a name; something to give him an identity and thank him properly. Her hand floated downward towards the strings binding the mask to his face when suddenly he flipped over, snatched her wrist, and violently pinned her to the bed while drawing a concealed weapon from under his pillow.

He stopped the attack once he realized it was her, but his breathing had quickened due to the adrenaline rush and shock of almost being discovered. Elle's eyes were wide, not entirely due to his startled reflex, but because she knew who this man might be. He gave himself away the moment he drew a knife as his weapon of choice.

He sheathed the knife and placed it on the table beside the bed before heaving a frustrated sigh. She remained flabbergasted at the revelation and suddenly her mind flooded with further questions.

He reached behind his head and untied the mask, its removal becoming dramatically slow in Elle's opinion, but when he set it aside and faced her, there was no doubting those dark markings around his equally dark eyes. Let's not make a production out of this little reunion," he said as he freed his hair from the tie and ruffled it into his usual wild style. He lifted her gaze up and examined her face.

mias and elle meet again soon

What all did that beast do to you? It's been too long since my mind has been clear. You have my empathy, but I don't know how I should appropriately express it.

Whether I like it or not, I owe him my life and my freedom.

mias and elle meet again soon

Although… I suppose ravishing you wouldn't lengthen my list of sins too greatly and I can always repent in the morning. We can play with Mias' feelings when this ordeal is over. The dark cloud that once possessed Elias had lifted, leaving him a slightly jaded version of Mias with messier hair.

She still had so many questions, but decided to leave them until later. For now, as weird as it was, it was good to see a friendly face; Elle just never assumed that face would have belonged to Elias. Flashback to 4 months ago right after Mias destroyed the Dormaeus Crypt Elias gasped sharply as his soul was forced back into his body and life returned to it. He struggled to breathe, though having been dead for only a few minutes, his body seemed to have forgotten how to function.

He coughed and writhed in pain from his wounds and the almost unbearable weight of his conscious — something he hadn't felt in years. Slowly his lungs returned to his control and Elias slowly sat up. He recognized his surroundings as Mias' manor, but clearly recalled being in a castle when last his eyes were open.

His right hand came to the wound on his chest, or what should have been a wound. The flesh had healed somewhat, but there was a new scar he didn't recall having before. He looked to Mias in hopes his brother would have the answer to his questions when his memory returned to him and flooded his mind. He saw blood, heard screaming, tasted tears, smelled death, and felt fear pricking up the hairs on the back of his neck.

His body began trembling and all at once he screamed at the top of his lungs and grabbed his head, hoping he could somehow rid himself of the imagery, but he couldn't. He screamed for the better part of an hour before his strength finally left him a sniveling man in the arms of his brother, clinging to him for comfort like he often did when they were boys.

To take joy in the simplest of things… to love someone… are all great things that we too are capable of if we're willing to bear a conscious… and for Elle's sake, I will. It surprised him at how at ease she was around him with little explanation of events, but he also would admit he was glad she accepted him with so little fuss. Of course she'd been through enough, so what more was his sudden rebirth to her? Perhaps it would have been better if she had remained wary. He retained a strong urge to break Mias' trust and take advantage of his precious Elle, but thankfully his mind wasn't so weak anymore that he'd give in to carnal desire so easily.

She'd refuse him in all likelihood if he confessed his attraction and that was how it should be. He didn't want reasons to hope she'd forgive him. Yes, Mias was more worthy of her affection. He'd worked harder to win it. He'd have to settle with his feelings remaining unrequited, but for now, she was his to protect. Tonight the full moon would rise, and Elle and Mias' magic would be returned.

All he had to do was see to it such events took place. Nicodemus picked himself up from the forest floor and casually brushed off the dirt from his tattered clothing. He held the belt in hand and checked the squirming pouch only to find it packed full with earthworms. His head turned up to the ledge from which he'd leapt and growled. He knew he'd been had and he wasn't pleased.

He'd have to adjust his plans, a mild inconvenience given his genius, but still cause for annoyance. The cloaked man would pay for inferring and the little mouse would have to be punished as well. The lock clicked shut and Elle slowly sunk to her knees, having no idea what to do once again. The stars faded into the sky quietly, allowing the first rays of the dawn sun to creep over the hills. Birds began their morning song and fluttered through the gardens below Elle's open window.

The honey blond lay awake in bed, her eyes staring dully at the canopy. Sleep had come and gone numerous times, teasing her tired mind and body. She felt heavy as she lay listening to the awakening day, her clothes clinging to her form due to perspiration. She longed for a bath and a change of underwear, but did not yet have the strength to get up to seek them.

Languidly, she raised a hand up over her eyes and sighed. She realized she was hungry as well. Knowing she wouldn't be able to sleep on an empty stomach, she forced herself upright and slowly slid her legs off the side of the bed. She pushed herself to her feet and decided to investigate the contents of the wardrobe. Elle opened the door and had her eyes awakened by bright, richly colored dresses in materials of both silk and velvet.

While pleasing to the eye, the idea of walking around in anything lavish made her reconsider changing. Closing the wardrobe's door, she turned her attention to the trunk at the foot of the bed. Kneeling down, she flicked the latch open and lifted the heavy lid. More dresses, and a few light cotton nightgowns decorated with detailed lacework. Elle shut the lid and dropped her head on top of the trunk, discouraged by her findings.

However, Elle knew her mind couldn't afford to remain depressed. Forcing herself upright once again, she turned to the window to see the world in light. The garden's many flowers were still asleep, the sun's rays not yet bright enough for the blooms to open. The forest wrapping around the property's perimeter still seemed dark, no doubt an indication of its density. The scenery provided her with temporary comfort before it reminded her she was being held hostage in what she could only assume was the middle of no where.

So much for trying not to get depressed, she thought. As Elle retreated from the window, she felt yet another unpleasant bodily urge. Of course she'd have to go to the bathroom on top of everything else. Given her string of luck, she'd probably start her period early too. Things simply weren't inclined to work in her favor it seemed and she groaned out loud in frustration.

When she looked up, she noticed something towards the corner that she hadn't seen in the dimness of the night before. She rushed over to it and turned it with ease, opening up to spacious bath and lavatory. In the center of the room stood a cast iron tub with clawed feet and a porcelain interior. Tucked in the corner was a toilet that oddly enough looked as modern as she was leaving Elle to wonder if she really was in a land far from home.

This certainly wasn't the sort of building she expected to have advanced plumbing, but for her sake, she was grateful it did. After relieving herself, she drew a bath and stripped out of her clothes. The warm water was a welcome feel on her skin and Elle was all too happy to submerge herself once the tub was filled to the brim. She popped her head up just enough so her nose could breath and pulled her legs up to her chest to rest her chin on her knees.

She wondered if anyone had noticed she was missing. Today would have been her only day off of work in a while and she wasn't particularly close with her neighbors in her apartment complex. Her family certainly wouldn't think it unusual to not hear from her for a while either. Would that mean no one would look for her? Elle sighed, causing the water near her mouth to bubble a little.

Trying to be optimistic, she made the decision to enjoy the bath. A collection of different colored bottles sat on a table on the side wall. Elle leaned out of the tub, her arm reach just long enough to grab a light purple colored bottle.

She sunk back into the tub and unplugged the corked top, the scent of lavender and orchids filling the enclosed room. As good a scent as any, Elle poured a bit of the mixture into the water and swirled it around until soap bubble appeared. After setting the bottle on the floor, she stretched her body out and inhaled the sweet aroma of the flowery bath. She decided for what it was worth, she'd forget she had been kidnapped until she got out and got dressed.

Feeling refreshed, but still in need of nourishment, Elle decided to see if any good fortune still remained with her. She tried the handle just to see if by some miracle it was open. Strangely enough, it was. She stepped out into the corridor and paused to look around. Painted portraits hung neatly spaced down the wall, relatives of Mias no doubt given their dark features and arrogant smiles.

Elle slowly walked down the hall, figuring sooner or later she'd encounter a stairwell. Her eyes glanced every now and then to the side, a part of her paranoid that the eyes of each painting were following her.

The whole building gave her that sensation now that she thought about it. At last she reached the first step of a grand, Y-shaped staircase. Putting her hand on the rail, she began her descent to the landing. A large portrait center cased itself on the wall, and it didn't surprise Elle that this was Mias' portrait. She had to turn and go down the remaining stairs before she could see the entire work.

It was him alright, clad in fine dress and smiling like the confident devil he was. While she would admit he wasn't an entirely unattractive man, the malcontent she had for him made him the most horrid creature she had ever beheld. Elle looked up and saw him standing at the other top of the stairwell, grinning down at her.

How is it he always appeared without making any sound, she wondered. He laughed as he trotted down the stairs and made his way over to her. Elle changed the subject. I was on my way to invite you to breakfast in fact. A clear indication she already had gone without long enough. She cursed her body for being weak while Mias chuckled. You're skin and bones to begin with. You'll remain here with me. Elle set down her silverware and crossed her arms.

If I see something I like, I take it and make it mine. Have you no consideration for my own wants? If that's what it takes, then tell me! I don't want to stay here!

mias and elle meet again soon

It takes so much energy in fact I don't think I'll be able to summon that level of power for a month at least. So you have no choice my dear. Both by the revelation of sorcery being the means that brought her here and the fact she was stuck here for at least a month.

She was so distracted by thoughts, she didn't notice Mias had stood up and was now standing in front of her. I'll take care of you. I want to take care of you. Elle gasped and used all her strength to push him away.

She slammed the door as hard as she could and threw herself on top of the bed, tears welling in her eyes. She didn't want to remain here with the likes of him. Maybe she couldn't back home, but she certainly thought it feasible to escape from Mias. The clear morning transitioned into a cloudy grey afternoon with a chill wind that held a distant promise of rain.

Elle sat in a chair looking out the window, her thoughts focused on just how she should make her escape. While it would be in her advantage to wait until nightfall, she didn't know these lands and not being able to see properly would surely get her lost. Instead, she'd wait until it started raining so any tracks she made would be washed away.

She'd repel down the side of the building using the bed sheets tied together and then run as fast as she could away from this place. Not an entirely complicated plan, but simplicity often proved to be far more useful. Now all Elle needed was nature's cooperation. Mias frowned and leaned down in front of her, placing both his hands on the chair's arms to box her in.

The freedom that lay beyond the glass was far more alluring. Besides, talking back to him gave her some satisfaction, but was ultimately useless since Mias didn't seem to care. The best way to deal with Mias and his ego was to ignore his very existence. If she did that, maybe he'd give up on her. Mias was indeed bothered by the fact Elle wasn't paying him any attention, but it didn't detour his determination from getting it. He slipped a hand into her hair and tilted her head to face his.

No more holding back, he decided. To Mias, silence meant she had resigned herself to the fate he had chosen for her. Not about to give in, Elle stretched her arms out nonchalantly and just so happened to push Mias' off of her. She stretched out her legs as well and pushed the rest of him away. This time Mias was offended. What more do I need to do to before you give yourself to me? All I ask for in return is to have you. You can't buy affection! And even if you could, I'd never ever sell myself, especially to a scoundrel like you!

Elle was squeezing her fists tightly, the pain of her nails were digging into her skin keeping her from assaulting him. Mias adjusted his posture and turned his back on her without another word. After he left the room, Elle took a few deep breaths to calm herself. Raindrops now fell against the window panes and Elle remembered her plan.

She quickly stripped the bed of its sheets and twisted and tied them together into a makeshift rope. She tied one end to one of the bed posts and opened up the window. Wind and rain blew in on her, but their cold sting only fueled Elle's desire to escape. She flung the sheets out the window and looked down to see how far it went. She'd have to jump about a yard and a half, but it wasn't a drop that concerned her. She tugged the line to make sure it was tied tightly, and then crawled out the window clinging to the white sheets.

She repelled down the side of the manor hastily, the rain quickly causing the sheets to slicken. She reached the end and let go without hesitation. The instant her feet touched the grass, she broke out into a run.