Meet us we are engineers and can prove

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meet us we are engineers and can prove

Interesting Engineering is a cutting edge, leading community designed for all Biomimicry: This Search And Rescue Drone Can Change Shapes During Just enter your email and we'll take care of the rest: SUBSCRIBE. Videos. See All Videos . CFO Released on $10 Million Bail, Faces Possible Extradition to the US. How can we ensure that accreditation is done in a manner that brings greatest benefit . Visit About Engineers for more information on the steps that engineering The following links show all the licences issued by the engineering Can a licensed engineer in the U.S. get licensed in Canada while still working in the U.S.?. Despite progress, the engineering workplace can still be a very trying experience in May by NSPE's American Engineer is a stark reminder of the barriers that for bringing about universal equality of opportunity for women in engineering felt that they had to prove themselves more in the workplace,” says Williams.

The next stage would be applying to university to get onto an accredited civil engineering course, which is recognised by the Institution of Civil Engineers ICE. After university, most graduates join a graduate programme — at a small or large firm — and work their way up the ladder. The application process varies from company to company, but it generally pays to apply early.

Many courses offer the opportunity to spend a year in industry, and this may lead to the offer of a graduate role. If not, it's possible to find a summer placement or a work-shadowing opportunity.

meet us we are engineers and can prove

Some students decide to follow vocational courses after GCSEs. BTec qualifications in civil engineering are a tried and tested route to becoming a civil engineer, and can be taken either as part of an apprenticeship scheme or as a full-time college course. From BTec level 3, you can progress to a higher national diploma, a foundation degree in civil engineering or a university degree.

meet us we are engineers and can prove

Students interested in an apprenticeship can train as a civil engineering technician; usually on an advanced technical apprenticeship. From here, there's also progression to a level 5 higher apprenticeship and then a degree. Unfortunately, since the result of engineering is the one that fetches money, people have a craze for engineering.

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It is disheartening to see a Ph. It should have been the other way round. Any nation that ignores the role of science cannot survive in the long run.

Management studies goes with engineering A degree in engineering followed by a degree in Management is the much sought-after combination. Engineering with science as the basis has nothing to do with management which does not involve science.

A lucrative salary is what attracts people to management studies. Furthermore, most institutes do not introduce engineering in a proper way, leaving students without confidence to pursue higher education.

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Truly speaking, we have enough of engineers. Design, the work of engineers, requires just a few people. The dearth is not in the number but in the quality of engineers we produce.

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It is enough if we are able to improve and maintain the quality of our institutes and retain the people graduating from them by creating ample opportunities for them to work in India with a good salary.

It is better to improve and maintain the standards of the NITs, the IITs and other government institutes than creating newer ones and diluting the existing standards.

meet us we are engineers and can prove

Here again, the salary is what attracts people thanks to the dollar-rupee conversion. Visit the International Mobility page of this website for more information. I received my education in a foreign country that is not a signatory to the Washington Accord.

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Subsequently, my qualifications were accepted by a Washington Accord economy and I was licensed there. What must I do to be licensed as an engineer in Canada? Can I claim a waiver of written academic exemption? While one Washington Accord signatory may have accepted your education as adequate for licensure in their country, others may not. The Washington Accord recognizes the equivalency of education accreditation systems from programs only within the signatory countries, and from the year that the signatory was first recognized by the accord.

For detailed information, contact the engineering regulatory body in the province or territory where you would like to practise.

I am a licensed engineer in a Washington Accord signatory with many years of professional experience. Do I have to start over again in my career to be licensed in Canada? No, you will not have to start over again.

As a first step, accredited education is accepted by all provincial and territorial engineering regulatory bodies through the Washington Accord.

Many engineering regulatory bodies will accept signed proof of previous acceptable work experience to meet the experience requirements for registration. However, most engineering regulatory bodies require one year of experience in Canada supervised by a licensed Canadian engineer before you can be licensed. For that year, applicants are called members-in-training. For specific details, contact the provincial or territorial engineering regulatory body where you intend to register.

Do some foreign applicants for licensure in Canada receive preferential treatment based on international agreements?

meet us we are engineers and can prove

No one receives preferential treatment. Everyone who applies to become an engineer in Canada must meet the same criteria.