Meet the team pages examples and trends in education

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meet the team pages examples and trends in education

​​​​​​Six principles that can be used by schools, teams of teachers and individuals to and learning is the recommended approach for schools and will replace PoLT. focus teaching to meet the diverse needs of students; strengthen learning Contact us · Report a website issue · Twitter · Linkedin · Vimeo · Youtube. A decade ago in e-commerce, nobody really cared what a team, that make products to consume, actually looks like. However, with the rise of. A wellbeing programme to support staff in education. Welcome to the Māori medium website of CORE Tātai Aho Rau, a portal which showcases all our Māori .

Building a makerspace begins with the learning space. These spaces look more like workshops than classrooms. These spaces tend to have long rows of tables with only enough chairs for each student to have one.

By working at long rows of tables, students can see the work being done by others and communicate freely. Also, keeping the number of chairs to a minimum helps by giving students room to get up and move around. In makerspaces, it is critical for students to be able to move freely around the room, so teachers should avoid requiring students to stay in their seats for long periods of time.

meet the team pages examples and trends in education

Many makerspaces begin as an after-school club that meets once or twice a week. These less formal after-school clubs can be a great way to discover what makerspace ideas work best for your teaching context.

If you provide the space, students will provide the creativity. Next, a makerspace needs tools for students to build and create. These tools can be physical or digital. It is important to have materials that are widely available to you and your students.

Some examples of materials to include in a makerspace are: Physical Materials Paper and Cardboard — cheap and easy to find, these two materials should be in every makerspace. Students can use these two products to begin rapid prototyping. In rapid prototyping, the goal is to go from idea to product quickly. The first build can be messy and rough, but it should help students focus their ideas.

Paper and cardboard are great for this. Two liter bottles — plastic bottles are another great makerspace resource. They can be used to make bottle gardensor the plastic can be used to make new projects. Glue, string, and tape — makerspaces always need basic tools to help students build their projects. Digital Materials Audio Recording — If you have musical students, have them use the makerspace to write and record their own songs. Students looking to make music can use tools such as Audacityan open-source audio recording and editing tool.

Open-source tools are software that can be downloaded and installed for free by users. Users of open-source tools can then change the software code to make changes or improvements to the original software. Game Design Tools — Encourage students who love video games to stop playing them and start making them.

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A variety of online tools can teach students how to make their own video games. In your makerspace, include such tools as Gamestar MechanicKoduand Scratch.

Programming — The 21st Century Skills are designed to prepare students for the jobs of the future and many of those jobs will require coding skills. Students can learn the basics of computer coding through a variety of websites such as Code. How can a makerspace be used for english language learning?

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Makerspaces give students an opportunity to build and create. In the process of building and creating, students develop an ownership of their created materials and generate something they can talk about. This ownership of the materials invests students into the projects and can lead them to communicate more because they want to share their ideas with the makerspace community.

As instructors, we can use this desire to share by creating opportunities for the students to use English. Makerspace activities in English can include: Project Instructions — Students can create written instructions on how to use their creation. For example, the makerspace could have as its focus student teams building a device or project that helps the environment.

Once they complete their project, the teams must write instructions in English on how to use their device.

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Advertisements — For a fun writing and speaking activity, teams of students can create commercial advertisements for their project. Haskins worked for the Atlanta Public Schools for 12 years as an English Language Arts teacher in both the middle school and high school levels where she focused on developing the writing skills of her students.

While working with her own students, Mrs. Haskins offered professional development for pre-service and novice teachers in the areas of writing and using complex texts for the Common Core Standards implementation. Because of her work, she has also been recognized by several civil organizations for her service to the students of Atlanta.

Haskins desires to stay on the cutting edge of education. She believes that parents are the underdeveloped force that can change education for the better. Haskins lives in Ellenwood with her husband and 3 beautiful children. In the fall ofDr. Georgia Trend Magazine named her to their Top 40 Under 40 List for her contributions to education, and Mental Floss magazine highlighted her for her commitment to her students. For over 16 years, Dr. Jones has served her country and the people of metropolitan Atlanta.

Jones is national board certified and also a certified industry studio teacher. Jones is greatly respected for her creative approach in making the most difficult subjects accessible and tangible to her students.

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Jones teaches her students how to effectively use mathematical models as communication tools. In the classroom, she develops art and video game simulations to connect students to math and coordinates field trips to provide real-life examples of the influence of math.

Jones is a champion of promoting math esteem in general. InHope was awarded the Debra Peebles Golden Deeds Excellence in Teaching Award by her district, an award selected by district administration and peer teachers.

After teaching for five years in various grade levels, Hope had a desire to begin transforming teaching and instruction outside of her own classroom.

meet the team pages examples and trends in education

She began developing resources for teachers that break the traditional mold of instruction and facilitates new ways of planning to bring passion and energy into the classroom. At the Academy, Hope serves also as the sponsor for the cheerleading, dance, and track teams. She resides in East Atlanta with her husband and their dog. Wade King serves as the director of curriculum and instruction and teaches social studies at the Ron Clark Academy.

He has served as a delegate for the United Nations for Sustainable Development. Prior to teaching at RCA, Mr.