Meet dash and dot robot

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meet dash and dot robot

Please see the Dash & Dot Robot Pack, or standalone Dash robot instead!? Discover a new world of play, learning and adventure Meet Dash, the explorer and. The Xylophone is a great addition to your Dash Robot - there is a free app for iOS with our turnkey activities and lesson plans, designed to meet CSTA, ISTE-S, Dot. Unique for Dot. Dash. Unique for Dash. Cue. Customizable. Bluetooth-. Dash & Dot have been designed to teach coding concepts to children aged between 5 and 12 through a Meet Dash & Dot, toy robots that teach kids code.

Dash & Dot Robots

Dot is a one-ball robot who is stationary but can talk, light up, and communicate with Dash. Here's a short summary of each of the five apps: Kids draw paths for Dash, and set the colors and patterns of both robots' lights. There is a pictorial grid of sounds to select from, but you can also record what each robot says. Path for Dash Robot Players draw a path for Dash to follow and then add nodes to give it special abilities such as making sounds or doing specific behaviors.

New abilities unlock the longer you play.

meet dash and dot robot

While kids can figure it out by experimenting, I think the app could use a more kid-friendly interface. Wonder This app provides kids with a picture-based programming language to use for both robots. At first, kids learn how to write code for these robots by going on structured Scroll Quests. These quests teach kids how to program their robots while scaffolding their learning with hints and help.

As they complete quests, players unlock new abilities for the robots that they can use in a Free Play area of the app. One quest for Dot involves stringing a series of commands together so that Dot turns into a scanner. By programming the robot's 12 lights surrounding its "eye" to turn on and off in sequence, it appears as if Dot is sending out a circular beacon. With Dash, a sample quest has kids programing the robot to go in a circle saying "Hi" to friends.

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After kids complete a program they like, they can transfer their coding to the robots to change their standard behavior. Wonder is my favorite of the apps, because it does a good job of systematically teaching kids how to program these robots, and then sets them free to apply what they have learned to new ways of programming and playing with the robots. Kids snap blocks of commands together to create programs. The app comes with a set of structured coding puzzles which serve as a tutorial for kids who want to practice before starting their own coding project from scratch.

Part of the fun is how Dash celebrates by dancing and flashing its lights every time the player completes a puzzle correctly. These robots make you feel good! Children can also play this xylophone independently. Toy Analysis While expensive, these tech toys deliver a lot of charm and learning. Start by sending simple commands, learn programming concepts as you play, and progress to creating more complex algorithms.

Watch this video of a classroom using Dash and Dot "They have been instrumental in teaching students empathy, cooperative play, teamwork, patience, resilience, persistence, and taking risks. Analyze problems and design algorithms to program robot actions and reactions using Blockly, a visual drag-and-drop coding tool.

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Explore concepts like the number line, geometry, angles, distance, time, and variables. Learn about the scientific method, or program Dash to mimic behavior in the natural world. Creative writing and the arts. Explore storytelling, drawing, and even music.

Use along with the Xylo App to compose your own musical masterpiece! Bulldozer Bar Get some serious work done with Dash's bulldozer bar.

meet dash and dot robot

Our cross-curricular lessons cover math, science, ELA, coding, and more. All lessons include detailed lesson procedures, guiding questions, evaluation rubrics. Go, Path, Blockly and Xylo. These apps are for moving Dash and Dot, setting paths, programming by snapping together puzzle pieces and creating.

Wonder Magazine and classroom activities included You'll receive the informative Wonder Magazine along with a getting started guide and a collection of classroom activities.

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