Meet anna and elsa from once upon a time subtitulado tupa

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Ingrid urges her to embrace who she truly was by freezing Anna, but Elsa refuses. Anna unseals the urn, to which Elsa is slowly absorbed in as she proclaims love for her despite the circumstances. Ingrid, not anticipating this outcome, is horrified and reacts with outrage towards Anna.

After freezing Anna, Kristoff and all of Arendelle, Ingrid takes the urn and erases Elsa's most recent memories so she won't remember anything that transpired.

Rumplestiltskin appears, requesting the hat, but Ingrid claims she doesn't know where it is. As a result, he steals the urn and only vows to give it back when she hands over the hat. However, Ingrid later backs out of the deal and instead gives the hat to the sorcerer's apprentice in exchange for finding another sister besides Elsa to complete her family. The urn, in Rumplestiltskin's possession, is stored in his vault, which contains magic beyond his control.

The urn in a cabinet catches Hook's eye, and he casually pulls it out. When Emma regains her magic and re-opens the time portal to return to present time, the urn is also pulled through. They land in Zelena 's barn and depart. After they are gone, Elsa breaks free of the urn, destroying the source of her imprisonment, and then she walks out of the barn while creating a walkway of frost.

A passing car spirals almost right into her, after the driver falls asleep at the wheel, but she freezes the vehicle just before it collides into her. The morning after, Elsa is startled by a motorcycle as she wanders the town streets. At one storefront window, she sees a wedding dress, which reminds her of her sister, Anna. Later, when pursued by two of the town's residents, Emma and Hooka frightened Elsa seeks cover in a warehouse. Before they can close in on her, she conjures a snow monster to chase them away.

While still in hiding, a newspaper is blown in by the wind. In the written article, she learns of a nearby pawnshop and sneaks in by nightfall. After breaking in, Elsa retrieves the snowflake necklace she once gave Anna, and she tearfully swears to find her.

Thus, she forms an ice wall at the town line, which also knocks down a power line and causes a blackout. Inside the frozen barrier, Elsa feels threatened by Emma's sudden entrance. A passive Emma tries to find out what is going on as Elsa, still distrustful, responds curtly.

David and Hook advance towards Elsa, despite Emma's insistence that they stay back. Frightened by David's gun, she erects icicles and causes an avalanche that walls herself and Emma on the other side. When David radios Emma on a walkie-talkie, Elsa orders her to tell him to find Anna.

As Emma explains the situation to him, Elsa warns that she will freeze everyone in town unless her sister is found. While they wait for David and Hook to figure things out, Emma notices Elsa dropped the pendant, which has fallen into the ground below. Emma, realizing Elsa cannot control her powers, relates her own troubles with using magic. Elsa admits that Anna helps calm her ice powers, and she agrees to undo everything, but only if her sister is present.

However, the chill is freezing Emma, who talks in order to stay awake. They bond over having powers they can't control and figuring out who they are beyond their titles; Elsa as Queen and Emma as the Savior. David communicates with Elsa via the walkie-talkie; persuading her that survival is not enough, and that she must live. Elsa recalls these words as something Anna once said as he reveals her sister once saved his life, so now she must save Emma. With his persuasion, she melts the ice.

Returning to a loft with her new allies, Elsa assists as everyone helps warm up a weakened Emma. To find Anna, David gives Elsa a shepherd's crook, which someone once branded her sister with. Seeing nothing within the crook, she then hears Anna's heartbeat. When Mary Margaret arrives home, David introduces them. He promises to find Anna, proclaiming that their family never likes to abandon hope, which strengthens Elsa's resolve.

Later, she goes to the town line with Emma where she tries to remove the ice wall, but nothing happens. Believing she is the only one in existence with ice powers, Elsa cannot understand why it didn't work. As Emma recalls, he once possessed the urn, which Elsa was trapped within, in the past. As proof of innocence, Mr. Gold allows his wife, Belleto wield the Dark One Dagger and command him into telling the truth.

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Seemingly bent to the dagger's will, Mr. Gold professes that he knows nothing about Elsa or Anna, and had no idea there was someone in the urn. The trio then head to the mayoral office where Robin Hood 's wife, Marianis afflicted with a freezing spell. Elsa confirms it wasn't her magic, and that true love can break the spell. Robin Hood attempts, and fails, to cure Marian with true love's kiss. Emma tasks Hook with bringing Elsa to the sheriff's office while she looks for the spell caster.

The King asks his wife if she's sure they're doing the right thing, and she answers positively, saying that Anna and Elsa must know the truth; it's the only thing that will save them.

With that, the King hurls the message in a bottle out at sea and the royal couple look on as their ship is enveloped by water.

The waves eventually push the ship up and the boat capsizes into the water. Then they go to an attic in which Elsa shows Anna her mother's dress and suggests she wear it for her wedding but then finds a diary which reads the real reason why their parents left on the ship.

Worried, Anna takes her to see the rock trolls in hopes to find an answer. Grand Pabbie then tells them that their parents were going to a land called Misthaven but didn't know why.

Anna decides to go to that land and tells Kristoff to distract Elsa while she embarks on a ship.

meet anna and elsa from once upon a time subtitulado tupa

In Storybrooke[ edit ] A scared and confused Elsa finds herself in Storybrooke and, fearful of the intentions of its residents, creates a powerful snow monster for protection.

Gold finds an intriguing object that makes him question whether or not he should officially give Belle control over the dagger that makes him The Dark One, and Hook is dismayed to discover that Emma seems to be avoiding him while she tries to help comfort Regina after being the one responsible for bringing Marian back from the past and into Storybrooke.

The snow monster created by Elsa resembles Marshmallow from the original Frozen film. Akin to the story, Ingrid intends to cast it one day, but she'll need to gather many mirror pieces. With one shard, she places Anna under the spell. This brings out Anna's anger towards Elsa for letting her believe, for all those years, that she was to blame for her sister's unhappiness. Under the spell's influence, Anna throws the necklace that Elsa gifted her into a fire. Ingrid orders Elsa to freeze Anna to prevent her from trapping her inside of the urn, however, the latter refuses.

Anna, unsealing the urn, absorbs Elsa in. Before disappearing into the urn, Elsa declares that no matter what Anna does, she will always love her.

After Anna reverts to normal, Ingrid instigates her until Kristoff intervenes. Angered that they are looking at her like a monster, Ingrid freezes them into ice statues. The pair quickly find themselves threatened by Hanswho declares himself as the kingdom's new ruler and sentences them to imprisonment. Anna and Kristoff fight their way out and escape. As they figure out a plan, Anna recalls reading in her mother 's diary about a wishing starwhich is used to grant a wish.

She remembers the journal stated her parents tracked the item to a man named Black Beardso they go to the Enchanted Forest to bargain with him for the wishing star, which they hope to use to find Elsa. Once the deal is sealed, the couple become surrounded by Hans and his brothers; revealing Black Beard has been working with them.

Black Beard tell her about his past encounter with her parents who sought the wishing star, but they were unable to use it since the item needs someone with a pure heart. Anna and Kristoff, with their hands tied, are sentenced to death by Hans and dumped into an coffer. She insists that Elsa will escape from the urn and reclaim the throne from him, but Hans reveals Arendelle was frozen for thirty years.

meet anna and elsa from once upon a time subtitulado tupa

The coffer is then shut and thrown into the sea, which sinks and fills with water. Kristoff frees himself and Anna from the binds, but she, out of fear they will die, begins reciting her marriage vows to him.

He insists they won't be married until they are out of danger. Due to the power of Elsa's belief in finding her sister, and her possession of the wishing star, the coffer is transported to the shores of Storybrooke where the siblings reunite. Anna is led to the diner so the nuns can make a spell with her hair to counter Ingrid 's imminent curse. However, they find the nuns gone. At the sheriff stationAnna, Elsa and Emma brace for impact, though the three are immune to the spell.

While hugging Elsa, Anna helplessly watches as Kristoff's eyes are infiltrated by mirror shards. Emma leaves Anna in charge of Neal and the others while she and Elsa take out Ingrid. David and Mary Margaret argue with each other, so Anna proposes they remember their relationship before the curse. However, when Mary Margaret reveals her capacity for murder, Anna backs off.

Instead, Regina returns her and Kristoff to "where they came from", which puts them at the beach where they arrived due to the wishing star.

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Kristoff proclaims he is swimming home while Anna suggests it's unlikely since they came through a portal. Kristoff then complains about his complicated life such as a sister-in-law who can set off eternal winter and Anna's aunt who wants to kill everyone. He is also peeved Anna caused their wedding to be delayed by thirty years while she contends it was due to Ingrid freezing Arendelle. As Kristoff takes off his boots to dive into the ocean, she trips over a bottle and then uses it to knock him out.

Anna finds a scroll inside and discovers it's a note from her mother.

Once Upon A Time 4x06 "Family Business" Anna and Elsa reunite Anna meets Ingrid

Rushing into the snow lairshe reads the letter to Elsa, Emma and Ingrid. They learn Gerda, remorseful about wiping people's memories of her sisters, wants Anna and Elsa to use a crystal to restore the kingdom's memories of Ingrid and Helga. Additionally, Gerda requests that Ingrid be freed from the urn and states she truly loved her sister and regretted trapping her away. Convinced those words are lies, Ingrid throws Elsa and Emma backwards and chokes Anna, who desperately talks her out of it.

Though she hasn't lived with magic as her aunt has, Anna reasons that if Gerda loved her, it means they too are family, and family never gives up on each other. After releasing Anna, Ingrid touches the scroll crystal and receives Gerda's happy memories with her and Helga. Realizing she always had her sisters' love, Ingrid destroys herself to ensure the curse is lifted.

With her demise, the spell of shattered sight comes to an end.