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meet and more usch nauheimer jeanette

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It also works to enhance the credibility of social-responsibility reports by promoting terminology to establish a common lingo across the various frameworks. Consider, for example, Restricted S ub s t an c e s L i s t s an d s imilar measures that have been adopted by manufacturers retailers especially to mandate exclusion of certain chemical ingredients from their supply chains. Widely available software that screens for a given substance was developed relatively quickly due to market pressure, making the use of RSLs easy to implement.

Using ESG-oriented guidelines, such as requiring suppliers to abide by the kind of Restricted Substance Lists mentioned above, enables businesses to point to concrete examples of change in action.

Companies with ESG programs and a track record of positive influence on their supply chain can then rely on specific, measurable action should questions later arise about their commitment. What comes next seems far from certain. Frustrated by years of stagnation, Italian voters this spring ushered in an antiestablishment government that threatens the very stability of the European Union.

The new ruling party itself comprises two odd bedfellows: Italy has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, at 11 percent. Businesses are strangled by taxes and bureaucracy, so many young people must emigrate to find work.

As a result, the number of Italians registered as living abroad skyrocketed 60 percent, to nearly 5 million, between and For those who remain, the future looks grim: This economic stagnation has sparked virulent anger at the European Union that unites the League and Five Star. Both parties, along with a sizable chunk of Italians, believe their country has been abandoned by the EU. That distrustful attitude is pervasive among young voters, many of whom must continue living with their parents well into their 30s due to limited job opportunities.

The League advocates dramatic reductions in personal income tax and protectionist measures against global trade, while the Five Star Movement wants to increase public spending and boost benefits for the poor and unemployed. The combination, he says, would lead to a budget deficit of as much as 9 percent, from just 3 percent today.

meet and more usch nauheimer jeanette

In addition to hiking spending and cutting taxes, the new coalition also wants to reverse the pro-growth reforms approved under the past four governments, Bastasin says: Since the coalition took control, observers have worried that it might abandon the euro in order to regain control of interest and exchange rates in Italy.

Moreover, a populist Italian regime makes it difficult for French President Emmanuel Macron and other EU leaders to move forward with plans to further integrate and strengthen the nation bloc. In the past four years, the country has absorbedpeople fleeing Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Tunisia, and Libya. Salvini, the League leader, has emerged as the Donald Trump of Europe regarding immigration.

Though the new government has already backed down on its early threats to exit the euro, onlookers say it may well have to make good on some of its campaign promises. Does it want to be the populist government that it was elected as, or does it want to morph into something more traditional?

Does your client expect you to act as a quarterback of sorts, leading that interaction, or will your client engage directly with local counsel? When it comes to working with local counsel, beware the laissez-faire approach.

Know Your Local Counsel Like you, your local counsel has a number of demands competing for his or her time. For example, is your local counsel a fellow partner at your firm who has an independent book of business and is just helping you out? The incentives look quite different for these two hypothetical local counsels.

meet and more usch nauheimer jeanette

The challenge is to navigate those incentives so you can move quickly to provide world-class work and advice on your deal.

Tools at your disposal for this task range from frequent light-touch phone calls for updates to helping your local counsel build up his or her professional network after the deal is done.

Picking up the phone, whether for a fiveminute chat or a substantive discussion, often leads to further insights that will inform your advice to your client. Some pointers to ensure good communication: We find that regular calls or meetings with local counsel help keep him or her involved in the deal, identify hiccups early, and, in general, boost the relationship. After all, reputation is everything. Yet the sentiment applies equally to legal translation and interpreting, where a single word awry can completely change the outcome of a case.

In addition to owning a translation company, she has interpreted for multiple Israeli prime ministers and in countless international trials. Finding that team can be difficult. The American Bar Association offers limited insight on translation best practices, publishing a stand-alone blog post or ABA Journal article every few years. The translation industry itself often communicates less than clearly: The problem translation solves is elemental: You need to understand something in a language you do not speak.

How can an attorney wade through it all? What does a firm really need to know so translation can transform, but not change, the case? For starters, translating and interpreting are different things. Translation is written, interpretation is verbal. Asking a medical translator to translate your legal documents is like asking your lawyer to take out your appendix. This project is just one example of many.

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Scientists will analyze these samples with the help of high-throughput technologies, looking for individual alterations in genetic material, enzymes, proteins or metabolites and comparing these with samples from healthy subjects.

This will allow researchers to filter out all the molecular determinants biomarkers that suggest the occurrence of abnormal processes in the body. These biomarkers not only identify where in the organism something has gone wrong; they can also provide information on the course of the disease or indicate where new targeted medication could be used. The centerpiece of the building is a room that houses two cooling tanks, both containing 2.

Blood and urine samples, for example, sit here in minus degrees Celsius, and are continually supplemented over the course of long-term studies. This room has become a treasure chamber for researchers.

For 20 years these individuals will undergo regular medical examinations and answer questions on their living conditions and habits, in order to help scientists better research the emergence of widespread diseases. MDC is responsible for all these MRI scans, as well as for coordinating the Berlin-Brandenburg Cluster and the decentralized storage of biological samples.

It is clear that cooperative research provides a better approach for investigating widespread diseases, including cardiovascular diseases and their risk factors. A total of 28 institutions are working together at seven locations in an effort to improve the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases. An intermediary review in attested that the DZHK was off to an impressive start, displaying fantastic development and excellent preclinical research.

Reviewers were very impressed with the central infrastructure for clinical studies that the DZHK had set up in such a short period of time.

However, some projects require a great deal of patience on the side of the researcher before the molecular cause of a disease is found.

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One example of such a case is the unusual story of a Turkish family who lived from a village by the Black Sea. If they appeared to not be growing normally and the hands remained small, the child would be expected to die young. Researchers led by Friedrich Luft hoped they could identify this suspicious gene. Little did they know this family would be the focus of a study that was to last over 20 years.

It was only in that the researchers announced in Nature Genetics that they had found the guilty suspect: This enzyme not only regulates blood pressure, but also bone growth. Luft believed at this point that the genetic sequence had been cracked and the problem was solved.

Full text of "World War Two Historical Review"

In addition, several other families with similar symptoms came forward. The scientists decoded their genetic material, too. And rather than only looking at the gene sequence, they also want to work together with structural biologists to work out the three-dimensional form of the protein and uncover the mechanism that leads to the problems.

This question has vexed biologists for decades. In an automated screening process the researchers also investigated which of the genes are responsible for the swellingactivated chloride flux across the cell membrane.

meet and more usch nauheimer jeanette

The approximatelytime-dependent measurements were statistically analyzed with help from the Bioinformatics Group led by Miguel Andrade until April at the MDC; now at the University of Mainz. This condition is marked by an enlarged, weakened heart and is responsible for about a third of deaths from congestive heart failure. They provided a detailed account of the operation of RBM20, which is preferentially present in the heart and orchestrates a large number of target molecules.

But the defective RBM20 version fails to remove the exon and instead creates RNA with extra segments, resulting in proteins that are too long. Ultimately, the heart is forced to work harder and becomes enlarged.

Further study will show if these findings are clinically relevant. Journal of Clinical Investigation 8: Nat Biotechnol 24 Mar Ever since researchers began using high-throughput sequencing technology to precisely investigate gene expression patterns, they have believed that a large percentage of promoters are not unidirectional.

Using high-throughput experiments and various analytical procedures, the researchers determined that in fact about 40 percent of the genes have two opposite core promoters at variable distances. Since reverse-directed core promoters are common but not universal, the researchers presume that these at least partially help to regulate gene transcription.