Kingdom hearts where to meet donald and goofy

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kingdom hearts where to meet donald and goofy

Head to the Third District when you're set. You meet up with Donald and Goofy to fight off a large group of Soldiers. Once you defeat them the leader that Leon. Here, you meet Donald and Goofy, who end up helping you throughout the duration of the game and becoming main party members. Traverse Town is split into. During the initial cutscene, Donald, Goofy and Pluto are shown walking into Traverse Town, where they notice Destiny Islands's star going out.

However, to move the plot forward, just head back to the Accessory Shop, enter, and leave again.

kingdom hearts where to meet donald and goofy

Hm, who's this fellow? Leon[ edit ] Leon is a bit more difficult but by no means impossible to defeat, netting you 30p and later on, an Elixir. Much like Riku on Destiny Islands it's all about "bee stings" - attack when it's safe then run away before he can retaliate his Fire attack takes a while to charge so wrk in and around that. If you're not bothered about the experience, luckily for us, it doesn't matter whether Sora wins or loses.

Either way, it's cutscene time, where Leon, Yuffie, and Aerith explain a little more about what's going on in the worlds today. Once that's over, talk to Leon.

Walkthrough:Kingdom Hearts/Traverse Town

The Heartless invade, and it's time for a climactic fight. Go to the District 3, which is accessible via a door in one of the alleys connected to District 2's main square.

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Sora meets Donald and Goofy there, and it's time for the final boss battle. After one is down collect all the HP balls. Dodge its kicks and shoves during this so as to not lose and HP.

Retaliate by taking off its other hand. Then move onto the feet The torso won't do any hard-hitting attacks but it will spin around which is easily cured by Cure.

Walkthrough:Kingdom Hearts/Traverse Town - Kingdom Hearts Wiki, the Kingdom Hearts encyclopedia

Keep attacking during this phase. After defeating the bosses, Sora will then be able to seal the Keyhole for Traverse Town. You'll get another Navigational gummi, so speak to Cid about that, he'll also give you a free Comet-G.

You'll also now be able to head towards Agrabah. Third Visit[ edit ] Once returned from Neverlanddrop down to the 1st District and go talk to Cid beside the Accessory Shop to install the Navi-G Piecesoon in a cutscene Sora will complain about Donald and Goofy being so cheerful when their King is nowhere to be found, but Goofy says that they just believe they'll find him eventually, and Sora remembers Kairi 's words and in a vision is flying towards a bright light and ends up in the library of Hollow Bastion where an old woman is telling a story to young Kairi.

She speaks of the people bathing in the warmth of the light and that soon people fought for it, and that Darkness was born in their hearts and it spread swallowing their hearts along with the world. But some fragments of light survived in the hearts of children and the children then rebuilt the world and true light hides deep in the Darkness and soon a door will open to the innermost Darkness revealing the true light.

Believing in light will push away the Darkness. And then the old woman disappears. Onto the Second District[ edit ] Behind Cid's accessory shop will be the doors to the second district. Walk into them for a cutscene.

kingdom hearts where to meet donald and goofy

Second District[ edit ] When Sora arrives, the first thing he sees is a man's heart being taken away by a Heartless. After the cutscene, you must battle them. After the battle, turn right to the corner of the railing. Jump on the lantern on the corner. From there, jump across on the roof and open the treasure chest to obtain your third post card. Walk back to the entrance and go left, opposite of where you were before. Go through the door to enter the hotel.

At the moment Sora enters the hotel, Donald and Goofy will come wandering into the district, still searching for Leon and the wielder of the keyblade. The two will dismiss the area to look elsewhere. Exit the hotel to battle another group of Heartless.

At the end of the path will be the Gizmo Shop. Enter to see Donald and Goofy come out of the hotel just as Sora enters, still looking.

Battle the multiple groups of Heartless that attack you inside the shop for EXP. Exit the Gizmo Shop and then go into the Alleyway, located inside the double doors at the end of the path opposite the front of the Gizmo Shop. Another scene shows Donald and Goofy entering the area just as Sora leaves, again with wrong timing. A treasure chest containing a Potion will be to the left from where you entered, hiding behind crates.

Lift the box with the star design and set it down next to the view of the hotel you have from the Alleyway. Use it as a step up to the small roof next to the porch. A treasure chest will be there, containing a Pretty Stone. Jump across the porches to the other end of the Alleyway for another treasure chest with a Potion.

kingdom hearts where to meet donald and goofy

Jump down and enter the tall double doors. This is the Dalmatian house. You will be told the 99 puppies are scattered around various worlds. Find them for rewards.

Leave through the other side of the Dalmatian house to be taken back to the main area of the district.

How do you find Donald and Goofy in Traverse Town

Go back to the entrance and return to the First District. First District[ edit ] Enter the accessory shop and exit through the other side leading to the main area of the district for a cutscene. Sora will meet Leon, who asks him to hand over the keyblade.

Sora refuses, and the two battle instead. He also has the ability to use Firaga, throwing it in the form of fireballs. Dodge them, as they do a lot of damage to Sora. A positive side of the battle is that you can use the whole first district as a battlefield. Try to fend off Leon's fireballs by hitting them with your Keyblade. This will temporarily stun him, giving you the chance to perform a combo.