Jiraiya and naruto meet his father

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jiraiya and naruto meet his father

Masashi Kishimoto's legendary Naruto franchise contained a huge number Their bond was put on full display when Kakashi sought to deliver a fatal . day of his life, Naruto wouldn't have expected to ever see his parents. They didn't meet by chance, he already knew about Naruto and the seal, Naruto and his dad Minato look so much alike, as Jiraiya said. Spoilers obviously In the Pain arc, Naruto loses control of the nine tails (Kurama) acknowledged him, later leading to him joining team 7, and meeting Jiraiya.

However, thanks to the power of anime logic, he was actually able to encounter both in two highly emotional scenes. Upon meeting his father for the first time, Naruto initially unleashes over a decade of pent-up rage towards his old man but this quickly fades into father and son love.

The scene where Naruto meets his mother is arguably even more emotional, with the protagonist quickly breaking into tears. Fittingly, both parents managed to help Naruto deal with the Nine Tailed Fox that they were responsible for sealing within him and although the meetings were brief, they packed a heavy emotional punch.

Subsequently, Gaara needed a strong backstory to explain to viewers why he was originally so dastardly and to help them understand why he'd now aligned himself with Naruto.

jiraiya and naruto meet his father

After Gaara was born prematurely, his mother tragically passed away. Although he survived, Gaara was mentally scarred by the events and began his descent into evil. Thanks to the Edo Tensei reanimation technique, Naruto had been given a chance to fight alongside his father, Minato. Inevitably, the time arrived for that Jutsu to end and for Minato to return to the afterlife and the exchange between father and son in these final moments is nothing short of heart-breaking.

The fact that viewers were fully aware this scene was coming doesn't soften the blow one bit.

jiraiya and naruto meet his father

Being as timid as she was, Hinata never mustered the courage to tell Naruto her feelings but this all changed during his fight against Pain. With Naruto being soundly and brutally beaten, a hopelessly outmatched Hinata made a brave stand, declaring her love for Naruto as she attempted to protect him. Happily, the couple would eventually get together in the Naruto: Famed as a hermit and pervert of stupendous ninja skill, Jiraiya travelled the world in search of knowledge that would help his friends, the various novels he wrote, and, posthumously, the world in its entirety — knowledge that would be passed on to his godson and final student, Naruto Uzumaki.

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Hiruzen gave them a bell test for the team's first exercise, during which Jiraiya repeatedly fell for Hiruzen's tricks, and for failing to acquire a bell, he was tied to a stump as punishment. Hiruzen encouraged Jiraiya to be more like Orochimaru, but Jiraiya countered that his Transparent Escape Technique was a fair testament to his skills, as he could spy on bathing women without getting caught: Hiruzen offered to accompany him to see if this was true.

jiraiya and naruto meet his father

She nearly killed him when she caught him on one occasion, forcing him to be more discreet about his interests. Although their team under Hiruzen's leadership had disbanded, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, and Tsunade continued fighting together during the Second Shinobi World War.


Jiraiya, guilty for his involvement in the war, decided to stay in Ame for a time in order to look after them. Jiraiya decided that Nagato was the Child of the Prophecy, and as such agreed to teach the orphans ninjutsu so that he might guide Nagato towards the world's salvation. Nagato was a kind child, torn between his desire to not hurt others and his wish to protect Yahiko and Konan.

jiraiya and naruto meet his father

Jiraiya comforted Nagato that it was enough to want to protect people one holds to be important, as the world is plagued with seemingly endless conflict. Nagato decided that it was possible to end the constant bloodshed and, though he didn't know how, that he would someday find the path to peace.

jiraiya and naruto meet his father

After three years of training the orphans, Jiraiya decided they were ready to forge out on their own and he returned to Konoha; he left them a finished copy of Gutsy Shinobi, dedicated to Nagato.