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First, when he accidently meet the escape convict who treating his Miss Havisham also give an expression that Pip have opportunity to by the help of Herbert Pocket – son of Miss Havisham's relatives, And the result, Pip will accompany Estella back to London, where she will attend her first debutante. Herbert Pocket is a young London gentleman who becomes Pip's roommate and best friend. Mr. Jaggers, Pip's guardian, has arranged for Pip to live with. Singapore stays ahead in world labour poll Rivals are fast catching up By A meeting was held recently by the Economic Development Board with major oil a study by Charles Handy, a visiting professor at the London Business School. .. page-long recommendation from conductor Herbert von Karajan.

Pip was sure that his secret benefactor was Miss Havisham, and his bringing up to be a gentleman was intended to match him with Estella. Wemmick, meet the ever more elegant and beautiful Estella on many occasions, and at length fell into debts.

On the second stage the story gets funnier and not as grimly told as in the first stage. Pip would also learn the history of Miss Havisham. He would desperately fall in love with Estella, and would meet a rival of pursuing Estella in form of a Bentley Drummle, an ill-tempered fellow.

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Pip came to acknowledge what Estella really was, and still he loved her. Was this the effect of some sort of spell Miss Havisham uttered to him?

If she favours you, love her. If she wounds you, love her.


If she tears your heart to pieces—and as it gets older and stonger, it will tear deeper—love her, love her, love her! There would come a time when Pip regretted meeting his convict and Miss Havisham, and there would be times when Pip makes mistakes. From the very first time of my acquaintance to the story of Great Expectations, I have always thought it is some kind of a Cinderella story, with a rather unusual fairy godmother.

I have watched and written a review of the BBC miniseries here in Indonesian language. Well, this is the very first Dickens novel I have read in unabridged version and original language. Written as an autobiography of Pip, this work is a bildungsroman as well as a work of mystery, gothic fiction and social criticism in Victorian England. I think that you will need extra patience to read Dickens, as his works are mostly slowly narrated and could strike you to boredom if you cannot bear it.

And still as usual, in Great Expectations Dickens made a wonderful story consists of colorful characters. From Pip we could learn perseverance, undying love, and the willingness to forgive, from Herbert optimism and cheerfulness, from Joe kindness and fatherly love, from Mr.

Jaggers professionalism, from Miss Havisham the choice she made to avenge her ghastly fate. But when little Pip already hving his dreams higher, she crushing it with offering Joe Gargery quite amount of money to make Pip as his apprentice, as a blacksmith. The lawyer from town, Mr. A mysterious benefactor had give a large amount of fund to makes Pip as an gentleman, with the terms he must immideatly move and living in London, to learn and achieve the accomplishment.

A mysterious benefactor who cannot be reveal until the perfect time, has giving Pip a chance to change his life. Estella already warned him to forgert her and not to come-back in her house, but Pip cannot resist the temptation, showing-off his accomplishment. And the result, Pip will accompany Estella back to London, where she will attend her first debutante. Both Pip and Estella got their success on they first appearing into society, but if Estella playing among man who falling into her looks, Pip keeps his focus only for Estella, despite many young girls also interesting in his.

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When he confront the truth to Miss Havisham, and Mr Jaggers, he lost his spirit of life. But good-fellow Herbert Pocket, give him a warning, the danger that lays upon his life, whether he wanted or not. Now, Pip must find away to pay-back his benefactor, speacially when his life hanging on the thread. Dickens keeps the mystery inside the stories, until the end, and still gave the readers undisclose ending. The main character Pip describe not as the strong character or have good quality as the hero.

Instead Dickens puts him as the victims. When a child giving such impression that there is another way of living, that more honorable, more appropriate to become an important man by living as an gentleman, well I suppose everyone will do it exaclty what they need to achieve it.